Where’s My Cone?, Bandra

“The best time for ice-cream is ALWAYS!” – Anonymous Of course, the soaring temperatures outside these days make it mandatory to treat yourselves to an ice-cream or two. But, I stay away from people who associate ice-cream cravings with summers alone. Come whichever season, Ice-creams never let me down and I definitely don’t need that… Continue reading Where’s My Cone?, Bandra

The Burgery, Bandra

Me, whenever my mom spots me devouring a burger and tries to lecture me about eating healthy – “I’m just having salad served between two buns on a quarter pound of meat.”   ABOUT THE BRAND: The Burgery is the newest burger chain in town owned by Mr. Nishant Joshi (formerly a partner in Zoobar,… Continue reading The Burgery, Bandra

Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, Bandra

“Exercise, ..Ex..er..cise, …Ex…ar…size, …Eggs…are…sides, …for Bacon…, BACON!” (-Anonymous) That’s how my mind goes while I’m working out and soon exercise makes me hungry. Needless to say that I was as hungry as a wolf after a Sunday morning marathon and a mandatory pitstop for brunch had to be made at Poetry before heading back home,… Continue reading Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, Bandra

Umraan, Pali Hill, Bandra

“I love Indian food – it’s my favourite cuisine. I love the mixture of spices and the subtle flavours. It’s really erotic; the spices are so sensuous.” – Joe Perry Umraan, which means prosperity in Arabic is a merely four-month old quick service restaurant (QSR)  serving contemporary Indian cuisine that promises to revive the rich… Continue reading Umraan, Pali Hill, Bandra

Craftbar, Bandra East

“If  the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.” –  Fernand Point Restaurants serving Modern Indian cuisine have been sprouting up in many places in and around Mumbai in the last two years. In… Continue reading Craftbar, Bandra East

The Bagel Shop, Carter Road, Bandra

“Bagel in the morning is the ultimate breakfast for me; they’re just good.” – Lee Dewyze Bagel, a popular bread shaped in the form of a ring, became a staple of the Polish cuisine in the 16th and first half of 17th centuries. They were later introduced in the U.S. by Polish immigrants and gradually… Continue reading The Bagel Shop, Carter Road, Bandra

Hungry Duck At Pali, Bandra

“The cuisine, it is all about putting generosity before rigour and pleasure before lucidity.” – Pierre Gagnaire Goan cuisine predominantly comprising of rice, seafood, coconut, meat, vegetables, pork, kokum and intensely flavoured spices, is largely influenced by Malvani and Konkani cuisines, the Portuguese colonization and the Muslim rule in Goa before the Portuguese colonization. Hungry… Continue reading Hungry Duck At Pali, Bandra