Maffy’s – Pan Arabian Bistro, Colaba

Named after a fictional travel enthusiast Maffy, this pan-Arabian restaurant which opened its doors for the public on February 22, 2019, derives inspiration from the owner, Mufiz Rakhangi’s travels. Chef Nimish Bhatia and his kitchen team offer a cuisine inspired by culinary traditions of the Middle East.


While the outdoor dining area is designed like a souk (an Arab market), the ceiling of the indoor dining area is covered entirely in Moroccan murals, with a few fez hat styled lamps hanging down, to add to the charm. The dimly yet adequately lit interiors house 6-7 wooden tables with comfortable seating arrangements and a well lit and well stocked bar counter standing tall at the other end of the dining area. The restaurant stands out as a very good example of effective space management.


Make sure to taste their Signature Rose Water and Camphor Water made in-house.  The rose water infused with Bulgarian rose, let out a wonderful after taste of rose, in every sip.  Their Leban Shakes made of creamy yoghurt are again a must-have. We tried the mango, doogh (mint), strawberry and saffron Leban shakes.



Spicy Guava Palate Cleanser served in a cutesy miniature bottle was as pleasing to taste, as it was to the eyes.

Signature Smoked Hummus With Spicy Shrimps served in a glass enclosure infused with smoke, comprised of creamy and smooth hummus with a dash of citrus, also letting out a smoky aftertaste in each bite, and was topped with tiny shrimps. The shrimps were adequately springy and supple (fresh and definitely not overcooked). The combination was accompanied by small discs of soft pita sprinkled with sumac, by the side, which were equally a delight to eat, given how they could effortlessly be manipulated into bite-sized morsels, to scoop up the hummus and shrimps, each time.


Maffy’s Signature Salad With Chicken comprised of a colourful and hearty combination of crunchy lettuce, sunflower seeds, shaved carrots and cucumbers, tangy-juicy cherry tomatoes, mildly sweet figs, nutty-sweet and crunchy walnuts, and succulent chunks of herb crusted chicken. The chilli achar dressing added the much needed spice element to the combination and the cherry wood smoke further rendered the dish some faint smoky-sweetness.


Their version of the Egyptian Beyti Kebabs comprised of juicy kebabs wrapped in pita and topped with sweet-sour yoghurt dressing; much unlike the traditional preparation which uses lavash bread to envelope the grilled kebabs, instead of pita. However, the kebabs were adequately tender and moist, and not overly doused in spices to cater to the Indian tastes, thereby standing out as a hit!


Tikka Maffy’s were juicy and tender chicken tikka chunks. The olive, chilli and pepper marinade rendered the meat a mildly spicy and sharp flavour in each bite.


Jujeh Kebabs were boneless chicken kebabs revealing spicy-sweet and faint sour undertones in every bite. The Laban and garlic mayo served as an accompaniment, very well complemented the flavours of the chicken, owing to its mild pungent undertones and creamy smoothness.


Chicken Machboos was a delicately spiced yet wholesome dish comprising rice and tender chicken chunks, served in a multi-coloured pot. It was finished off with cashews and pistachios adding some nutty-sweet crunch, creamy thick Laban, juicy tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions.


Keftaa Tajeen comprised of delicately flavoured saffron rice revealing mild sour undertones, topped with tender, delicately spiced and juicy lamb meat balls, and resting in a tangy-sour tomato based stew, served in a Tajeen (a traditional Moroccan styled earthen pot). It was further finished off in style with a flower, micro-greens, lemon slices, cut tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. The intermittent sour and juicy crunch rendered by the pomegranate seeds, accentuated the flavour quotient of this dish to yet another level!



Umm Ali was a creamy and adequately moist bread pudding made of milk and sugar baked to perfection to render it a golden crust, revealing a sweet and hot flavour of cinnamon in every bite, and was finished off with plenty of crunchy and nutty-sweet dry fruits.


Baklava Lollipops turned out to be an interesting twist to the good old rich and nutty-sweet Baklava, wherein the layers of flaky phyllo pastry formed parcels that enclosed plenty of delicately spiced and adequately sweetened nuts held together with honey. The Baklava parcels were furthered covered in honey, to add to the deliciousness.


Lotus & Almond Mouhalabia was a creamy-smooth and gooey milk and rice pudding topped with lotus petals and nuts, revealing a milky-sweet, nutty flavour and just the right amount of salty and toasty undertones in each bite, owing to the pool of salted caramel sauce that it rested in.


Manager Partha Ghoshal and his team were gracious and kind hosts. They also had precise knowledge about pan-Arabian cuisine. The attendants were well groomed, friendly and helpful; however, they still needed to work on the speed of their service, as it drastically slowed down as our meal progressed towards the main course.


Beverages – 4.5/5

Food Quality – 4.5/5

Food Quantity – 4/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Service – 3.8/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).

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