Garage Inc. Public House, Colaba


Garage Inc, a 6 year old family-run Delhi-based brand by Chef Anisha Maker (in partnership with her husband, father and brother) recently opened up in Mumbai on the 24th of August this year with an idea of offering a place ideal for unwinding after work over a few drinks and some food. They offer a few favourites from a variety of cuisines like Asian, Continental and Indian, as well as Pizzas to go with the drinks.



While the 28 year old fresco, ceiling and flooring is left untouched to retain the old world charm, the ambience speaks loud and clear about this being a relaxing place but with an industrial theme. The numerous framed images of the noteworthy and life-changing inventions and discoveries made in the past that are hung all over the place call out attention to the fact that how all great ideas start either in a garage or a workshop. It’s therefore safe to say that Garage Inc is a watering hole celebrating such creative and innovative minds and places of work. The restaurant is spread across a vast area and houses plenty of wooden tables and comfortable wooden chair and couches strategically placed in, while ensuring enough space to move around with ease – a good example of well executed space management. The dim lighting further adds to the charm and oozes out relaxing vibes.




Even a dish as simple as Pigs In A Blanket turned out to be a disaster as the bacon was burnt in so many areas and the sausages were way too oily.



The fact that their Hummus had way too much garlic was very unappealing to me while their Pita triangles turned out to be a crispy-crunchy treat. Overall, their Hummus turned out to be a slightly better treat nevertheless, but, still had plenty of scope for improvement.



The Vietnamese Chilli King Prawns offered some redemption, all courtesy the thin battered crust that revealed springy and juicy prawns within and the spicy-tangy sauce that they were all dunked in.



Pesto Cheese Chicken Tikka completely lacked the characteristic minty, nutty and fresh flavour of basil pesto so as to make its mark as a hit, in my opinion; was otherwise quite an interesting idea of a non-spicy variant of kebab, only it lacked perfect execution.



Using crispy flat puris instead of the good old Warqi paratha discs as the base for their Mutton Galouti Kebabs was a very interesting twist indeed, as it successfully rendered the dish a complexity of textures (softness of the kebabs and crunchiness of the puris), in the end. However, their Galouti Kebabs revealed a very sharp unappealing flavour in each bite which I didn’t quite appreciate. Hence, overall, this dish failed to please me taste-wise.



Their take on the English classic Fish And Chips was a much better treat owing to the crispy-crunchy, albeit a bit too oily crust that revealed firm and springy Rawas that effortlessly separated out into tender and juicy flakes. The French fries served as an accompaniment were a disaster though as they were completely soggy and unpalatable.



I couldn’t sample the Jimmy’s Jerk Chicken as the preparation contained mushrooms (and I’m allergic to mushrooms). However, my friend did and thankfully it didn’t turn out to be yet another disaster.


Their signature food preparations reportedly include Kashundi Fish Tikka, Khowsuey, Kebabs, Vietnamese King Chilli Prawns and Galouti Kebabs. However, we tried two of their signature dishes and only one of them managed to make a positive impression.


Their menu doesn’t include any desserts. However, a small rectangular blackboard on one the pillars inside the restaurant did mention a brief list of desserts available for the day. However, on enquiry, the attendant mentioned that no desserts were available that night. So, I suggest that you enquire regarding the available desserts and the day’s specials if you ever happen to be here.




The Ori-gin (comprising of Gin, Elderflower syrup, Earl Grey tea and lime) turned out to be a refreshingly tart-sweet drink with mesmerizing floral undertones in every sip.



The Deconstructed Pesto Bloody Mary was a very unique house-special comprising of vodka, tomato juice and basil and finished off with garlic-parmesan croutons and finely powdered nuts. It tasted somewhat similar to a spiked tomato soup, only was a bit too runny consistency-wise when compared to a soup and I could appreciate hardly any flavour of basil pesto in it. It sure was an interesting cocktail but was quite an acquired taste and may not be well appreciated by all.



Our attendant for the evening was very warm, welcoming and courteous. Chef Anisha was a cheerful and friendly host who answered all our queries patiently and was all ears to our feedback and suggestions.



Food Quality – 1.5/5

Food Quantity – 4/5 (good enough portion sizes)

Beverages – 3/5

Ambience – 4/5

Service – 4/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).

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