Pranzi, Khar


Avid travelers at heart, Mr. Junaid AK and Mr. Aftab AK started Pranzi in Khar on 2nd June, 2017 with a vision of bringing the authentic taste of Europe and Italy to Mumbai; European and Italian being two of their favourite cuisines. ‘Pranzi’ derives its name from the Italian word, ‘Pranzo’, which simply means ‘meals’.



They currently have International Tequila Week going on wherein they offer 7 shots based on the theme of the 7 deadly sins, for the entire week, till 30th July.



‘Mesmerizing’ is the word for their ambience and décor. The restaurant is divided into fine dining section and the bar and lounge section – and such that the loud music and youthful vibes of the lounge and bar don’t hinder your peaceful dining experience in the fine dining area. The dining area houses plenty of wooden tables and comfortable seating arrangements in the form of chairs, tall stools and couches. The wall art further renders the décor very modern and ornate vibes.




Their Mezze Platter comprised of absolutely creamy and smooth Hummus that we could scoop up with the help of adequately light and soft Pita. However, I really didn’t appreciate the fact that their Hummus also revealed an unappealingly strong and overpowering lemony flavour. The Falafel bullets having a crispy-crunchy exterior enclosed a flavourful mixture of mashed chickpeas and subtle spices within. The soft and pulpy Baba Ghanoush made of roasted and mashed eggplants aptly revealed a smoky and mild tangy flavour. No complaints about the cous-cous based Tabbouleh served over the hummus.



The long, mildly spiced yet flavourful Lamb Turkish Adana Kebabs were arguably the best amongst all the appetizers that we sampled here, owing to their moist and tender consistency ensuring that they quite effortlessly melted in the mouth. This was again served with some Hummus and grilled Pita lightly dusted with Sumac, by the side.



The Peri Peri Prawns again revealed a mildly spicy flavour with faint smoky notes but could have been a bit more springy and juicy in my opinion; didn’t disappoint taste-wise nevertheless. No complaints about the crunchy-juicy Tomato & Onion Salad served as an accompaniment.



Their version of the traditional Middle Eastern Chicken Shish Taouk was very much an Indianized variation in my opinion. (The traditional preparation uses a yogurt based marinade containing minimal spices and predominantly reveals a strong flavour of garlic. The resultant preparation thus is mildly spiced with characteristic pungent undertones of garlic and has a wonderful golden yellow colour with a moist and succulent core imparted by the yogurt). The one served here was bold red in colour instead and unnecessarily doused in spices to cater to the Indian tastebuds – completely taking away from the authenticity of the preparation.




The Half-&-Half Pizza that we sampled next comprised of Signature Pranzi Non-Veg  (containing Lamb mince, caramelized onions, tomatoes, rocket leaves and smoked cheese) and Chicken Heaven (containing Chicken ham, oven roasted chicken sausages, jalapenos, coriander and smoked mozzarella). I liked the former more than the latter one. The crust of both the varieties was thin and wonderfully crisped out towards the edges.



The Spaghetti Aglo Olio was cooked perfectly Al dente (to the tooth), i.e. neither undercooked (too chewy) nor overcooked (squishy) and the herbs and chilly flakes further added to the flavour quotient of the preparation.



Their Smoked Chicken & Spinach Risotto with just a hint of earthy flavour of cooked spinach tasted good from the flavour perspective, but, could have been a little creamier consistency-wise to be labeled as perfect.



Black Pepper Garlic Chicken Sizzler turned out to be a decent execution, all courtesy the sizzling hot and irresistible combination of succulent chicken chunks, rich and thick creamed spinach, crunchy-fresh veggies and rice. The mashed potatoes, however, were far from being perfectly creamy-smooth (a bit too lumpy instead) and slightly high on salt too.




The Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle turned out to an absolutely rich, dense, moist and semi-sweet indulgence with chocolate and caramel sauces drizzled all over to further make it even more appetizing.



Trilogy Of Panacota comprised of Blueberry, Chocolate and Salted Caramel varieties. They were all perfectly silky-smooth and light consistency-wise. However, I would have appreciated it even more had they infused those flavours into the cream while making them instead of simply topping the Panna Cottas with blueberry compote, thick chocolate sauce and salted caramel respectively – the result of which, they all tasted the same as we gradually wiped the top layers off them all.



The whiskey, green tea, lemon and caramel based S. Square let out appealingly subtle bitter and smoky notes. The white wine Melon Sangria infused with green tea was again a hit. The gin, saffron, pineapple and tabasco salt based Sparkling Gin let out a well balanced sweet-tart flavour. However, the Rasberry And Basil mocktail crafted using Raspberries, lime wedges, basil and sweet and sour mix was too sugary- sweet to taste, hence, average. (L-R in picture)



The staff was welcoming, courteous and efficient. Our attendant for the evening not only answered all our food related queries patiently but was also keen on noting our feedback.

Food Quality – 3.5/5

Food Quantity – 4/5

Beverages – 4/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).
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