Where’s My Cone?, Bandra

“The best time for ice-cream is ALWAYS!” – Anonymous

Of course, the soaring temperatures outside these days make it mandatory to treat yourselves to an ice-cream or two. But, I stay away from people who associate ice-cream cravings with summers alone. Come whichever season, Ice-creams never let me down and I definitely don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. *chuckles*



The name “Where’s My Cone?” symbolizes unconventionality as this quirky Ice-cream brand is all set to revolutionize the concept of ice-creams in India by dishing out ice-cream sandwiches using a variety of premium quality in-house cookies and ice-creams. Apart from their signature ice-cream sandwiches, they also offer frozen shakes, thick shakes and ice-creams in cups and waffle cones. Reportedly, their ice-creams are mainly hand processed in small batches in their central kitchen in Chembur and comprise of 14.6% butterfat content (considerably higher than the minimum recommended percentage by FDA) and 28% air (overrun).  Sharan Goyal and Armaan Malhotra jointly own this 1-year-old brand which currently has just one outlet in Bandra. Their most popular flavours happen to be Super Duper Dark Chocolate, Molten Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Boondi Laddoo and Paan.



Nestled between the famous Karachi bakery and Keventer’s at the junction of two narrow by-lanes off Linking Road in Bandra West, this cutesy ice-cream parlour is quite hard to miss. The brightly lit and colourful interiors, a single large community table in the centre with a few tall stools thrown in, the numerous colourful ice cream scooper shaped lights hanging from the ceiling, a wall with alphabet blocks and the counter with a display freezer on the other end of the hall – all exude youthful, fun and charming vibes.



Banana Caramel Walnut


Innovative as it was, the sweetness of the bananas and sugar, the nuttiness of walnuts and just a slightly (and definitely not overpowering) salty touch imparted by caramel rendered this combination a mind-bogglingly delicious flavour; quite reminiscent of that of a banoffee pie. Using honey as a sweetener, instead of sugar, would have undoubtedly notched the flavour up to an unmatchable level of excellence! For a person like me who’s madly in love with bananas but isn’t that much a fan of caramel, this one was simply perfect!
Super Duper Dark chocolate with Snicker Doodle Cookies


This one was a bit too sweet for a dark chocolate – quite deceptive for the ones who love dark chocolates, like me. The cookies used to sandwich the ice cream were thick, buttery and heavy. They were slightly soft in the middle with just a little bit of a crunch and nicely chewy to bite into, revealing a sweet and warm flavour of cinnamon in every bite.


Mint Dark Chocolate


The combination of smooth, creamy and minty-cool  ice cream and the intermittent bitter-sweet crunch of dark chocolate chips was definitely a hit; a must-have for the ones who love After Eight mint chocolates.


Blueberry Cheesecake


This was again a rich, creamy and smooth ice cream loaded with plenty of pulpy and tangy blueberry chunks and fine graham cracker crumbs further adding a slightly granular and buttery crunch in every bite.



Filter Coffee Shake


This turned out to be a delicious, milky, thick and frothy shake albeit not as strong and robust as a piping hot Filter Kaapi. But it definitely had the right consistency and the right amount of sweetness, I.e., was not too very sweet to completely take away from the faint bitter flavour of coffee. The coffee aficionado in me was pleased for sure, to say the least.



The staff (Mr. Lalit and his associate) at the counter was very patient and friendly. The service was reasonably fast too.



Reportedly, Mr. Sharan doesn’t believe in keeping high margins and then deceiving customers by offering them discounts. However, they do have some free giveaways on some special occasions. For instance, they offer free ice cream to pregnant women on mothers’ day, etc. as a gesture of kindness and gratitude.



Dessert Quality – 4.5/5

Dessert Quantity – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5

VFM – NA (This meal was complimentary, courtesy an invitation by the outlet for food tasting and review).

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