230°Celsius, BKC

 “Classics can be phenomenal when done right. A simple roast chicken dish could be the best thing you ever eat.” – Joe Bastianich


Ashwin Yesodharan, the Chief Roasting Officer and head chef who is in-charge of the operations and Shruti Kande, the Co- founder who looks after the creatives, packaging and marketing – together run the brand. The name signifies that they specialize in slow-spinning, oven roasted chicken at 230°Celsius (the highest possible temperature which is ideal only for roasting chicken). Reportedly, conceptualisation of the brand began in May 2017. Operations in their cloud kitchen in Chembur began in June 2017 and somewhere in Feb- March 2018 they started another delivery-only branch in BKC. By the end of the coming year, they further have plans to expand to 3-4 more locations in Mumbai.



They have some season based offers listed for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving apart from other Weekday loyalty offers for their regular clientele.



They claim to offer healthy, natural and nourishing chicken roasts with no artificial colours, flavours, hormones or added MSG, in their signature 24-hour marination. They also offer a variety of marinades for their roasts to cater to varied taste preferences – the North Indian roast spiced with 28 different spices, Thai roast, Italian roast, etc. to name a few. They also seem to offer a few more experimental seasonal combinations like the Jamaican Jerk and also cater to the requests for varied meat roasts like pork or mutton.  Moreover, one can also choose between whole, half or quarter portions of their roasts, based on their appetite. I sampled their Piri Piri Wood Smoked Roast (Whole) and the Italian Herb Roast.


Piri Piri Wood Smoked Roast


The Golden brown, sticky crust glazed with piri piri rub gave out a mesmerizing spicy and smoky flavour with a hint caramelization caused by the browning (by Maillard reaction) which further took the flavour quotient to yet another level of awesomeness! The chicken was undoubtedly cooked evenly from all the sides and throughout; the moisture of the meat being intact in the layers within, rendering it a juicy succulence in every bite. The jus further made the overall preparation a greasy, juicier and spicier feast. I just couldn’t resist pouring some of the jus even over the vegetables that accompanied the Italian Herb roast.



Italian Herb Roast


The woodsy-citrus and fresh aroma of this one was very inviting to begin with. The combination of aromatic herbs, lemon and garlic generously rubbed over the crust imparted a lingering citrus-y and flavourful boost with faint pungent garlic-y undertones to the succulent meat which was again roasted to perfection with adequately retained moisture. Roasted vegetables like julienned carrots, potato slices and corn accompanied this roast.



Their food arrived in a plastic-free and environment-friendly packaging of aluminium foil and paper but, was very neat nevertheless with absolutely no spillage. So, their packaging does meet the requirements to keep the roasts, veggies and jus (gravy) safe and warm. However, they forgot to ship the 5-lettuce salad that generally accompanies the whole roast, which was packed separately in a small plastic container. Also, since both the varieties of roasts and the veggies that accompanied the second roast were all packed together, I presumed that the veggies were an accompaniment for the whole roast instead. In order to avoid such confusions in future, I would suggest that they pack different varieties of roasts and their accompaniments (even if they aren’t whole portions) separately. On the other hand,  what I really appreciated is that their packaging had carving instructions inside – which can come in handy for people who are not well-versed with the technique.



They deliver all over Mumbai currently by ‘Uber Pool’; only the clientele have to bear the uber charges. However, timely delivery plays a key role when it comes to such cloud kitchen concepts and is an equally significant factor for thorough customer satisfaction – something that they still need to work upon. Because, I believe that as consumers, we wouldn’t really mind shelling out a few extra bucks for such good quality food, but, it only gets disappointing when the delivery gets delayed, that too by an hour or more.



Food Quality – 4.5/5

Food Quantity – 4.5/5

Packaging – 3.8/5

Delivery – 3/5

VFM – NA (This meal was delivered complimentary for food tasting and review, and I only had to bear the charges for delivery by Uber).

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