Trick or Treats

“Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, no, thank you, to dessert that night. And for what!” – Erma Bombeck

Last December I received a box full of desserts that included cookies, mousse, cakes and bakes from Trick or Treats (TOT), an online dessert subscription service founded by Ms. Deblina Banerjee on 24th September.




Ms. Deblina tied up with various local bakers to curate a unique dessert box every month with the help of her team and deliver the same at people’s doorstep.  While doing so, they try to have few products aligned with the ongoing theme for that particular month including festivals or current affairs and latest trends while being in sync with the surroundings and the weather. Moreover, one can choose between 1, 3 and 6 month subscription plans. This is reportedly very different from the Zomato dessert subscription – where one has to compulsorily order food from the partnered restaurants to avail free desserts.




The box that I received contained goodies from Batter Half and Sugarwish.



Nutella Cookie Cup from Batter Half comprised an appealingly chewy cookie-cup filled generously with nutty, smooth and thick Nutella in the centre.



Hazelnut Square from Batter Half comprising hazelnuts, chocolate and caramel was a wonderfully crunchy-crumbly and nutty-sweet dessert with just a hint of salty flavour.



Double Chocolate Cookie from Batter Half was a slightly crisp, slightly chewy and deliciously bitter-sweet cookie that’s sure to please all the chocolate aficionados in the city.



Dessert Shot from Sugarwish was a rich, bitter-sweet chocolate mousse with an amazingly dense, gooey and melt-in-the-mouth consistency that was served in a shot glass.



Mudpie Brownie from Sugarwish was again a chocolate brownie having a cake-y consistency, finished off in style with strings of chocolate ganache and plenty of chocolate chips.



Given how I like coconut in only select preparations and combinations, the Coconut Truffle from Sugarwish was the only dessert in the box that I didn’t quite like.




The subscription is priced at 950 INR for 1 month i.e. one box; 2275 INR for 3 months (i.e. 3 boxes at 925 INR per box) and 5400 INR for 6 months (i.e. 6 boxes at 90 INR per box).




Founder: Deblina Banerjee



Mobile: +91 7400164570


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