Ferry Wharf, Bandra Reclamation

“In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight.” – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826)

The coastal cuisine of Mangalore is largely influenced by the South Indian Cuisine and is similar to Konkani and Malwani cuisine, only known to be relatively subtle on the spices. It is predominantly pesco-vegetarian and comprises of the cuisines like Udipi and that of the various Mangalorean communities – Tuluvas, Rajapur Saraswat Brahmins, Goud Saraswat Brahmins, Mangalorean Catholics, etc.



Mr. Prakash Rai started this restaurant on November 12, 2017 with a vision to offer Bandra-ites an authentic seafood restaurant that specializes in Mangalorean Coastal cuisine and offers a fine-dining experience without burning deep holes into their wallets. Not only does the name ‘Ferry Wharf’ have a coastal ring to it, but it also denotes that this ‘wharf’ is a meeting place for Seafooders – all those who are seafood aficionados, and that it is all set to ferry them around the extensive coastal cuisine of Mangalore! Reportedly, their signature dishes include Kori Roti, Clams Sukka, Bangda Pulimunchi, Prawns Gassi, Tandoori Crab and Tandoori Pomfret, to name a few. Also, they do have plans to expand their menu in the near future based on the response they get and they also plan on opening more branches in Mumbai and other Metros in the near future.



The interiors of this spacious 76-seater are all done in blue and deep beige – colours denoting water and sand, which indeed goes well with the theme of the restaurant. There are several cold-blast hurricane lanterns lined up on one of the walls, a variety of oars of various sizes as well as ring buoys at multiple places which further add a cutesy touch to the decor. The restaurant simply oozes out calm and soothing seashore vibes and simply offers an ambience like no other seafood restaurant in Mumbai does! We were equally captivated by the neat, clean and spotless kitchen which was more than half the size of their indoor dining area.




They serve a Sampler Tray on every single table as soon as the guests arrive. The sampler tray enables the patrons to get familiar with the cuisine that they have on offer, appreciate the flavours of the individual dishes and accordingly choose the dishes that they wish to order. Our Sampler Tray had the following (Clockwise from top): Prawns PickleClams SukkhaChicken Masala, Prawns GassiChicken Sukkha and Fish Curry.



Currently, they are offering 15 % off on reservations made through Dineout and 10% off on Takeaways. Moreover, they also give you a 15% off if you give a missed call on 7666627442 to make reservations!



Sol Kadi 

The Sol Kadi served here was a light bodied and smooth blend revealing a well balanced tangy-sour flavour with no individual ingredient overpowering the taste of the drink.


Squids Butter Garlic 


The squid rings were tough and appealingly chewy, but definitely not overcooked. The buttery and creamy gravy was thick enough to coat the squid rings lightly and packed in wonderful nutty and pungent undertones of garlic in every bite.


Prawns Butter Garlic 


These were springy, juicy (not overcooked) and fresh prawns with a subtle earthy flavour and well retained natural taste in a pool of thick and buttery gravy again aptly letting out the nutty and mild pungent tones of garlic.


Clams Sukkha 


Unfortunately, the flavour of coconut in this one quite effortlessly overpowered the flavour of the rest of the ingredients; hence failing to please me.


Stuffed Pomfret 


The copious amounts of green chutney that was stuffed into the moist and juicy Pomfret with a crispy fried exterior rendered it a mildly spicy, tangy and sweet-ish taste with just a hint of coconut-y flavour.


Prawns Ghee Roast 


These springy, juicy and supple prawns were thoroughly marinated and roasted in a wonderfully spicy and tart masala that aptly let out a distinct lip-smacking flavour and the wafting aroma of ghee. The fact that even a “ghee-hater” like me enjoyed this preparation is reason enough for you to not miss it.


Chicken Curry 


This spicy and moderately thick curry revealed a well balanced blend of coconut milk and spices and contained absolutely succulent deboned chicken chunks in it.


Kori Roti 


These crispy dry rice flakes softened up when dipped in the Chicken Curry and turned out to be an absolutely delightful accompaniment.


Pomfret Kalimiri 


This large Pomfret was aptly firm, meaty yet moist with a mesmerizingly hot and zesty flavour and easily separated into tender bite sized flakes.


Prawns Gassi 


This rich, spicy and tangy coconut based curry containing juicy and springy Prawns, revealed a mesmerizing aroma, heat of the chillies and a hint of characteristic spicy-sweet and slight citrus flavour of ginger.


Neer Dosa 


These warm, large, soft, thin and almost translucent neer dosas were again a perfect accompaniment for the Prawns Gassi, all courtesy their suppleness and ease of manipulation into bite sized morsels.



One of us even tried the Fish Thali With Surmai. I just couldn’t resist tasting a few perfectly firm yet moist and flaky bite sized morsels of Surmai dunked in a pool of spicy and tangy curry!



One must try the Payassam made of palm jaggery, split pulses & coconut milk served here, as it is said to be a regional delicacy of Mangalore. Unlike most desserts, this one just had mild but adequate amount of sweetness and the flavours of the individual ingredients could be well appreciated in it. The Mango and Sitafal Kulfis were good too.



Serious Seafood lovers in our city have always been dealing with lack of dining options, as there have been a countable few restaurants in Mumbai that specialize in seafood; most of them priced exorbitantly for the ambience and service they have to offer.  Moreover, even the food quality in most iconic seafood restaurants in Mumbai today has deteriorated and simply doesn’t justify their pricing. That’s where Ferry Wharf steps in as a promising venture that offers not only good quality seafood but also a fine-dining experience at a reasonable and competitive pricing. Ferry Wharf will thus essentially fill the gap for fine-dining seafood restaurants that’s so badly needed in the city.

Food Quality – 4.5/5

Food Quantity – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5 (Extremely courteous, attentive and personalized service for each table).

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).

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6 thoughts on “Ferry Wharf, Bandra Reclamation

  1. It must be noted with peculiar interest:
    Chandrakant Shetty (a director at Gajalee) has been barred from performing daily role at Gajalee since being found by management to be in breach of ethical code of conduct at Gajalee by brazenly luring/ poaching past and even present staff (stewards, captains, managers and chefs included) and vendors of Gajalee to Ferry Wharf for his own selfish needs.

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      1. Mr Chandrakant Shetty had been a caretaker of brand Gajalee since it’s inception days. He had been plotting Ferry Wharf despite having full control over Gajalee operations over the past one to two years. He kept other directors (own brothers) in complete darkness over his hidden intentions to start FW + destablize and debilitate Gajalee intentionally and completely. What can I say about myself… am only a conniving friend of Mr Shetty and namesake owner at FW.


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