The Burgery, Bandra

Me, whenever my mom spots me devouring a burger and tries to lecture me about eating healthy – “I’m just having salad served between two buns on a quarter pound of meat.”



The Burgery is the newest burger chain in town owned by Mr. Nishant Joshi (formerly a partner in Zoobar, Vile Parle). Their outlet in Pali hill, Bandra is franchised by a final year BMS student, Mr. Ajay.



The bright yellow neon sign board against the completely black background is very easy to spot from a distance. The glass door opens into a cute little dining space enclosed by unpainted walls adding a rustic charm to the place, housing a few wooden dining tables and plenty of yellow stools. The décor is minimalistic yet oozes out youthful vibes, owing to the moderate lighting and upbeat music.


BURGERS: 3.5/5

Their limited burger menu boasts four varieties of non vegetarian burgers and three varieties of vegetarian burgers. Their burger patties are relatively huge when compared to the better known pocket friendly burger-meal chain McDonald’s, but undoubtedly incomparable to the humongous patties served at most other burger joints (think Yorrick’s, Frisbees, Howra, Jimi’s, Burgzooka, etc) in the city. Lastly, much unlike the trendsetting practice of making burger buns in-house, their burger buns are outsourced instead.


The Stuffed Chicken & Cheese burger comprised of a succulent chicken patty resting on crunchy and fresh lettuce sandwiched between cushiony burger buns, with chopped onions adding their characteristic faint pungent undertones and mild sweetness to the combination and the cheese slice further accentuating the moisture imparted by the oodles of creamy and mildly spicy mayo based sauce.


The Tenderloin (Single) burger was yet another meaty, juicy and moist treat owing to the well cooked tenderloin patty, the combination of cheese and mayo based sauce and crunchy lettuce sandwiched between soft burger buns.


The Mince Lamb burger, on the other hand, lacked moisture and definitely had a lot of scope for improvement.

Moreover, what I didn’t really appreciate is the fact that all the burger buns are slathered with the same sauce and contain the same processed cheese slice resting atop the patties. As a result, all the burgers have a strikingly similar aftertaste; the only differentiating factor being the taste of the meat. Please note that all their burgers are usually served with a portion of Beetroot Coleslaw as well as French Fries.


FRIES: 3.5/5


The French fries are said to be made in-house from scratch. While the Pesto Fries revealed a mild spicy flavor and the freshness of Basil in every bite, the combination was a bit too dry on the palate.


The Cheesy Fries, on the other hand, was definitely a hit owing to the oodles of creamy cheese poured generously over crispy fries having a perfectly soft core.



The Frocktails (fruit based non-alcoholic beverages made of fruit pulps, fruit bits and puree) are a MUST HAVE at The Burgery! The Berry Happy Together comprising of lemonade, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and fresh basil was a refreshingly fruity and sweet-tart concoction. The combination of lemonade, passion fruit, peach and fresh mint called Tropical Tango was yet another soothing drink. From the Desi Love section of frocktails, the chatpata combination of lemonade, pink guava, white guava and spices was again a hit.




The service was welcoming, courteous and reasonably fast. The franchise owner, Mr. Ajay, was a kind, friendly and heart-warming host.




The Burgers at The Burgery are definitely a better treat when compared to that of McDonald’s – the burger chain that has grown so famous over the years amongst the high-school and college crowd, predominantly for the reason that they are quite pocket friendly when compared to other gourmet burger joints. However, the pricing at The Burgery is a slightly higher than the latter. To sum it up, a bit more fine tuning in terms of food (using different sauces and different cheeses in each of the burgers, thereby imparting each one a characteristic flavour, for instance), will ensure that their pricing is justified and then this burger chain is sure to make its mark amongst the youth.


Food Quality – 3.5/5


Food Quantity – 3.5/5


Beverages – 4.5/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).
The Burgery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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