Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, Bandra

“Exercise, ..Ex..er..cise, …Ex…ar…size, …Eggs…are…sides, …for Bacon…, BACON!” (-Anonymous)

That’s how my mind goes while I’m working out and soon exercise makes me hungry. Needless to say that I was as hungry as a wolf after a Sunday morning marathon and a mandatory pitstop for brunch had to be made at Poetry before heading back home, to pacify my ever growing hunger pangs!




The glass door opened into a quaint little area bound by glass windows on the side facing the street and bright coloured walls adorned with minimal art work on the other sides. The café occupied two levels and the dining area on the ground level housed barely three tables and a few seating arrangements surrounded by a large cabinet displaying their desserts and fresh bakes occupying half the area of the dining hall followed by a small yet sturdy wooden counter nestled in the corner just near the flight of stairs where the mesmerizing aroma of coffee wafted out from. The place was neat, classy and adequately lit, giving out homely and cosy vibes. However, the dining area got all crammed up quite easily when the restaurant was at its full capacity with barely any space left to move around with ease.




The Build Your Own Eggs [BYOE] (INR 350 x 2) was an interesting concept enabling us to choose any four ingredients out of the ones enlisted, to go along with two whole eggs prepared the way we preferred. Please note that the eggs were already accompanied by a crispy and toasty hash brown with a wonderfully soft core, one or two crunchy toasted French loaves as well as veggies that included a halved and pan-grilled tomato, some mushrooms, crunchy-fresh lettuce and asparagus further adding its distinct bitter tones to the dish. So, you can accordingly choose four other ingredients as accompaniments for more variety in your platter, unless you prefer having some more of any of the already existing accompaniments.


Scrambled eggs + {bacon + tomatoes + house sausages + brie}


The minutely diced tomatoes occasionally added a juicy crunch to the fluffy, light and creamy-soft scrambled eggs and the brie cheese chunks further imparted it a mild fruity and nutty flavour. I was a bit disappointed that my breakfast platter contained just one strip of uber crispy bacon and just a single (yet tender and succulent) chicken sausage.


Scrambled eggs + {bacon + mushrooms + house sausages + feta}


The scrambled eggs were again a delight to taste owing to its wonderfully soft and fluffy egg-y curds and the soft feta further added a slightly salty and tangy flavour to it. This was sadly again served with just a strip of bacon and a single chicken sausage made in the house. Had we known that mushrooms were already a part of the platter (we weren’t informed about the same when we were placing our order), we could have chosen some other ingredient from the list in their menu instead.


Popeye (INR 300)


The faintly bitter and earthy tones of fresh spinach was very well balanced by the profound egg-y  savouriness of the scrambled eggs and the crispy bacon bits further added a meaty crunch in every bite. The finely chopped onions further added to the crunchy texture imparted by the bacon bits apart from letting out characteristic pungent undertones as well as mild sweetness while the buttery and supple Monterey Jack added a mild aromatic and sweet finish to the preparation. This was again accompanied by a hash brown, French loaves as well as veggies like tomato, mushrooms, lettuce and asparagus.


Blueberry Pancakes (INR 200)


These slightly raised and light pancakes were undoubtedly the highlight of our meal here, owing to their perfectly moist, fluffy and spongy texture. The sweet-tart blueberry compote served on top was again wiped clean within seconds. The sweet maple syrup imparted some more moisture to these delicious pancakes and the whipped cream served alongside was completely forgotten about!


NY Style Cheesecake (INR 160)


The smooth and dense cheesecake that rested on a sturdy and slightly crumbly textured yet adequately moist oreo base, had the right amount of moisture imparting it a lush texture and revealed a sweet taste with a pleasant slight tang. It was a hit, no doubt, but definitely not the best I have had.


The OJ & Carrot (INR 180)


The Valencia orange juice turned out to be a mind-bogglingly sweet and fruity twist to the mild natural sweetness of carrots thereby rendering the combination a marvelously flavourful boost! Feed me carrots in this form everyday and I swear I’ll never complain! Do you hear me mom?




The service was extremely heart-warming, welcoming and reasonably fast as well as attentive, all thanks to the ever courteous lady managing the cafe. The mushrooms (that were already a part of my platter) were promptly separated out by the staff on informing them about my mushroom allergy. However, my only suggestion would be that they inform their patrons about what any ‘make-your-own’ platter would usually contain while they take orders, so that the patrons are able to make better and more varied choices accordingly as well as avoid ingredients that they are allergic to.




Our elaborate meal here cost us 1743 INR in total.




Food Quality – 4/5


Food Quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4.5/5


Pricing – 3.5/5


Visit Date: March 25th, 2017
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