IMBISS, Colaba

“The smell of roasting meat together with that of burning fruit wood and dried herbs, as voluptuous as incense in a church, is enough to turn anyone into a budding gastronome.” – Claudia Roden, food writer, Picnic (1981)

Enough has been said already about how IMBISS is arguably nothing but a meat lover’s paradise on earth! The large variety of meats on their menu can leave any hardcore carnivore completely spoilt for choice. Having said that, one definitely needs to make multiple visits to this place so as to be able to sample everything that they have to offer!




Hidden away in a quaint little bylane in Colaba, this place can be a bit tricky to find at first. The rather simple and minimalistic decor doesn’t do justice to the culinary masterpieces that this restaurant is all set to offer. While there’s nothing much adding any more character to the decor except for the occasional bricked appearance of the walls in certain areas that add a slight rustic touch to the interiors; the ambience is cosy and neat nevertheless, with clean wooden tables and chairs thrown in with adequate space to move around comfortably and adequate lighting.




Spicy Dried Beef Jerky (INR 175)


These thin and lean dried beef jerky bits were high on salt with a peppery, tangy, spicy and sharp flavour that can turn out to be quite an acquired taste but undoubtedly went well with beer.


Pork Spare Ribs (INR 520)


These weren’t really melting in the mouth as readily as their menu suggested (could have been more tender) yet quite easily separated off the bone. The sticky, sweet and mildly tangy sauce glaze ensured us a finger-licking treat indeed.


Signature Sausage Platter (INR 330)


The platter predominantly comprised of chicken sausages made in-house (while I expected more variety in a platter), grilled and served with a mustard based dip. The sausages were succulent and tender though and didn’t disappoint taste wise.


Pork Schnitzel (INR 330)


The juicy and tender flattened pork steak was lightly breaded with fine breadcrumbs to render it a wonderfully uber thin, crispy fried crust and was served with a runny sauce. It turned out to be a marvellous treat overall.


Steak With Sauerkraut, Bacon & Sausage (INR 390)


The beef steak was absolutely juicy, flavourful and tender. It was served with a jus, some sausages, crispy strips of bacon and sauerkraut (I.e. finely cut pickled cabbage) which further added a distinctive sour element to the dish and accentuated its flavour.


Chorizo Rice (INR 335)


The spicy chorizo imparted a smoky and spicy flavour to the rice and the runny yolk of the duck egg cooked sunny side up, further imparted profound egg-y savouriness and some more moisture to the preparation.


Kassler (INR 360)


The smoked pork loin served in a pool of runny gravy was too fatty for my liking; the tossed vegetables and the perfectly smooth and creamy mashed potatoes being the only saving grace.


Spicy Beef, Bacon & Duck Cakes (INR 310)


These were moderately spicy, flavourful and succulent cutlets of beef, bacon and duck meat with a crunchy crust revealing juicy tenderness within. The sharp pungent tones of the mustard based dip turned out to be a very good accompaniment too.




Perfect Storm (INR 300)


This rum based cocktail containing strawberry, cranberry and orange juices, revealed a wonderful sweet-tart flavour with a distinct lemon-y punch of rosemary.




The service was warm, welcoming, attentive and reasonably fast. The attendants were well groomed, knowledgeable about the food they served and efficient; the only drawback being the fact that some of the items in their F&B menu that we were so keen on trying, happened to be unavailable.




Food quality – 4.3/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3/5


Service – 4/5


Pricing – 4/5


Visit Date: February 5th, 2017
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