The Boston Butt, Fort

“All four elements were happening in equal measure – the cuisine, the wine, the service and the overall ambience. It taught me that dining could happen at a spiritual level.” – Charlie Trotter

Wondering where the restaurant gets its name from? Well, Boston Butt is the name of the shoulder cut of pork commonly used in the U.S. The name is to signify that this place specializes in smoked and barbecued meats. Reportedly, this restaurant will celebrate its first anniversary tomorrow, i.e. on 24th August 2017 and they also have plans to open up another branch in the suburbs really soon.



Located on the first floor of the building, the décor is reminiscent of that of the eateries and watering holes belonging to the pre-prohibition era of the 1930s in the U.S. courtesy the white tiled walls adorned with plenty of brandings, moderately lit interiors, upbeat music which is predominantly jazz, wooden tables, benches and chairs as well as comfortable couches replacing the chairs in certain areas. There’s also plenty of space between every table to comfortably move around; indeed an example of space management well done.



If you thought that a smokery would predominantly focus on smoking varieties of meats, you are surely in for some surprise! Here, at The Boston Butt, they prepare almost everything in the house from scratch, including their barbecue sauces, dips, French fries and even ice creams! They even bake their own bread. The BBQ sauces made in the house include Kentucky black, Carolina mustard, hot red and Alabama white, etc. (see picture below). Chef Siddharth Kashyap (also one of the three restaurant partners), simply deserves an applause! Moreover, their in-house bartender is sure to entice you with his interestingly unique signature cocktail mixes.




St. Louis Style Smoked Peppery Pork Rib


This meaty pork rib was absolutely tender and nearly melted in the mouth revealing a spicy-sweet and mesmerizing smoky flavour. While the distinctly tangy and mild savoury flavour of the simple, old fashioned baked beans and the hearty and crunchy-creamy coleslaw turned out to be a heart-warming delight, the thick-cut and generously buttered toasts made in the house were equally good accompaniments.


Bourbon & Smoked Chilli Glazed Smoked Chicken


The skewered boneless chicken chunks were oh so succulent and the Bourbon BBQ sauce glaze wonderfully imparted sweetness and a smoky caramel-like hint to the meat!  This was again served with baked beans, coleslaw, gherkins and in-house toasts.



The Bourgeois P.I.G.


Mini brioche buns hollowed out and stuffed with a soft, buttery and creamy combination of mascarpone cheese and bacon chilli jam that these were, they were a mind-bogglingly delicious treat owing to the perfect balance between mildly smoked, spicy, sweet and tangy notes.


Jerk Shrimp, Buttermilk Ranch


These springy and juicy (not overcooked) grilled shrimps dusted with jerk spice were beautifully lined up along the rim of the glass containing absolutely appetizing, light and thick buttermilk ranch sauce made in the house. The crispy fried exterior and perfectly soft core of the house-made herbed French fries with retained potato skins in certain areas further accentuating their taste, was really the icing on the cake!


New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp


The shrimps were yet again fresh, springy and juicy, and the sharp tangy and piquant flavour of the pool of curry that they rested in, completely took me by a pleasant surprise!



5 Cheese Pizza


An irresistibly delicious combination of thyme, caramelized onions, confit garlic and five distinctly flavoured cheeses like gongorzola, pecorino, gouda, yellow cheddar and smoked scamorza that this was; this uber-thin crusted, crispy and crunchy pizza completely wooed me with its subtle nutty and pungent aroma and a smoky, nutty, sweet, occasionally salty and slightly minty flavour.



Half Pounder Lamb


The juicy tenderness of the three thin patties of lamb, the oodles of three different cheeses between the patties, tangy juiciness of the sliced tomatoes, faintly sweet and characteristic pungent undertones of sliced onions, crispy strips of bacon as well as crunchy lettuce sandwiched between cushiony soft in-house burger buns, together turned this one into an absolutely meaty, moist and juicy affair! This was again served with their in-house French fries.



Buffalo Tenderloin Steak, Pink Peppercorn Sauce


This medium-well cooked buffalo steak was so perfectly done that it could quite effortlessly be manipulated into bite sized morsels. The peppercorn sauce was again a delight to taste, only ensure that one doesn’t accidently bite into the peppercorns that are added as a whole in it. While feasting on such good meat, I honestly didn’t care much about the wilted spinach and fenugreek leaves as well as in-house French fries that were served as an accompaniment.



Freshly Baked Skillet – Chocolate Chip Cookie, House-made Ice-creams


This was a huge, slightly raised and sweet cookie studded occasionally with choco chips served in a skillet drizzled with oodles of rich and thick chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate, vanilla bean and salted caramel ice creams made in the house. The cookie also paired extremely well with the sharp salty flavour of caramel and the sweet and floral flavour of vanilla, but the rich, bitter-sweet flavour of the chocolate ice cream was the clear winner amongst all three!



Strawberry Beerita


This was an interesting twist to the classic margherita with a pint of beer upturned into the cocktail glass that resulted in an overall sweet-tart and fruity flavour with bitter notes of beer adding to it.


Curry Scented Bitch


This vodka-based cocktail didn’t have the flavour of curry leaves as the name promised, yet was a refreshingly sweet drink owing to the combination of cranberry juice and dates.




The service was extremely warm, welcoming and reasonably fast even when the restaurant was at its full capacity as the evening progressed. The manager Aatish Surve was extremely courteous and his team was very kind, heart-warming, cheerful, efficient and well groomed with good communication skills.




Food Quality – 4.5/5


Food Quantity – 4.5/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).


P.S.: The pictures are of tasting portions of the dishes that we sampled; not to be confused with the actual portion sizes.
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