Genuine Broaster Chicken, Bandra

“Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary, except CHICKEN WINGS!” – Anonymous

Genuine Broaster Chicken (GBC) is a 60 year old U.S. brand using their patented technology called Broasting to dish out crispy fried chicken while reducing the consumption of oil by 50 percent! Broasting involves pressure frying the chicken which enables retention of moisture and tender juiciness of the meat by allowing it to cook well in it’s own juices.


GBC teamed up with celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi last year to open  12 outlets so far all over India (2 in Mumbai). After winning an award from Franchise India for being the fastest growing chain (11 outlets all over India in 7 months) and launching their newest outlet in ONGC colony in Bandra Reclamation on 19th march 2017, GBC is all set to launch another one in Vashi by the end of this month!




The decor and ambience is similar to that of their outlet in Versova with minimalistic and rustic interiors, halogen bulbs lighting up the place, gunny bags styling the ceiling and plenty of colourfully painted wooden stools and chairs thrown into the dining area around circular or rectangular wooden tables. This outlet also boasts a sturdy bar counter on the other end of the dining hall, now that GBC has a license to serve liquor too.




Broaster Platter


While the patented Legendary Broaster chicken had a crunchy and flaky crust revealing juicy tenderness of the meat within, the Happy Fried Chicken was succulent, mildly spicy and flavourful chicken coated in Chef Harpal’s secret marinade and the Hot Masala Chicken was the spiciest crispy fried treat amongst them all. The sweet Thai Sweet Chilli dip with a faint spicy kick, the aromatic, spicy and sharp mayo based Curry Mango dip and the mildly spicy Cheesy Jalapeño dip, all turned out to be very good accompaniments for the broaster platter.


Assorted Wings Platter


This platter comprised of succulent chicken wings tossed in a variety of sauces and flavours. The Kung Pao wings were tossed in a rich, thick and brown oyster flavoured sauce also letting out a hint of sweetness of cooked bell peppers. The sharp tangy, spicy and sour flavour of Kashundi in the Kasundi Mustard wings was simply spot on and a squeeze of lemon juice further accentuated it’s flavour. The Curried BBQ wings revealed a smoky-sweet flavour of smoked BBQ coupled by the nutty and peppery punch of cumin seeds and sweetness of curry leaves. The Narangi Sriracha revealed a mellow heat along with faint citrusy tones owing to the addition of orange juice. The Butter Garlic wings were covered in a rich, creamy and buttery sauce revealing spicy-sweet and mellowed down pungent tones of cooked garlic. I skipped the Smoked BBQ & Mushroom Sauce wings since I’m allergic to mushrooms.


Firangi Palak Chicken Dip


This was a thick, rich and creamy spinach and cheese dip also consisting of tender chicken chunks. The adequately light, soft and lightly grilled pita bread with well puffed up layers of the baked dough slightly separated from one another teamed up very well with the piping hot and flavourful dip.


Begum Fries


This tender, juicy, piping hot and moderately spicy yet flavourful chicken kheema served along with crispy french fries with a light golden brown exterior and garnished with finely diced tomatoes and chopped onions could have been a hit, had it not been for the tad bit excess of salt in the kheema.


Butter Chicken Burger


The flavour of the Butter chicken patty with a crispy fried exterior was nowhere close to the characteristic faintly sweet, thick, flavourful, subtly spiced, creamy smooth and rich butter chicken. The Makhani gravy smeared onto the burger buns along with some mint mayo with an attempt to make it taste similar to butter chicken couldn’t help either as the mint mayo effectively overpowered the mellow flavour of Makhani.


Lamb Rogan Josh Burger


While the name was suggestive of a messy burger with succulent, spicy and robust Lamb rogun josh preparation, the patty was reminiscent of that of the mutton whopper served at Burger King merely spiced with Chef Harpal’s secret Rogan josh spice mix and topped with some caramelized onions imparting borderline sweetness. The only highlight of this burger was the bright red coloured cushiony soft burger buns owing to the use of beetroot juice to naturally colour the dough.


Cheese & Lemon Peppery Flavoured Chicken


While the marinade imparted the grilled chicken a wonderful peppery spicy flavour, the boneless chicken chunks were too tough and dry (indicating that they were OVERCOOKED), the creamy and thick butter garlic sauce poured onto the grilled chicken being the only saving grace. The rice served alongside was very subtly seasoned but tasted good in all it’s simplicity.


Ghotala Khichdi


This khichdi was a comforting combination of mildly spicy rice, succulent chunks of boneless lamb meat, flavourful chicken kheema and the profound egg-y savouriness of the fluffy bits of fried egg. Sadly, it was low on salt. It’s needless to say that otherwise it had complete potential to be a soulful and wholesome treat.




Oreo Phirni


While consistency-wise this uber smooth textured dessert wasn’t even close to a classic phirni; this was an adequately thick, creamy and smooth dessert letting out a vivid bitter-sweet flavour of chocolate also consisting chunks of Oreo biscuits imparting an occasional crunch in every bite.


Brick Shake


A cup made of edible chocolate filled with milk and white chocolate mousse, oodles of cream and a countable few chocolate bricks with a crispy exterior and simply melting-in-the-mouth centre on top that this was; we gobbled it all up within few minutes!




While the Caramel Mojito with it’s refreshingly cool minty freshness and a faint sweetness of caramel was a soothing concoction, the creamy and thick Irish Martini sprinkled with plenty of grated chocolate on top, had large pieces of ice in it (instead of crushed ice) that hindered the otherwise pleasant experience.




The service was warm, welcoming and reasonably fast. The attendants were well groomed, confident and fairly attentive. However, I would really appreciate it if the attendants also worked on explaining the dishes served to their guests.




Beverages – 3.5/5


Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 3.5/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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