The Bao Haus Co., Colaba

“Cuisine is only about making foods taste the way they are supposed to taste.” – Charlie Trotter

Gua Bao (open steamed Bao) is a Chinese and Taiwanese snack comprising of stewed meat and condiments stuffed within circular, flat, soft and fluffy steamed bread neatly folded into a semi-circle. While traditionally the meat filling is pork belly, over the years a wide variety of ingredients and meats have been used. What’s really admirable about the delivery kitchen, The Bao Haus Co. in Colaba is the fact that they try to keep their food preparations as authentic as possible when most other restaurants or delivery kitchens serving similar cuisine are forced to serve their food with an Indian twist to it so as to cater to Indian tastes and to survive the competitive restaurant scene in Mumbai. Baos have been a victim to that too! Their filling is either doused in excess of herbs and spices or the baos are simply stuffed with some native food preparations and labelled as ‘innovative’ – take butter chicken bao or mutton kheema bao for instance (not that they don’t taste good, but they’re no longer the cuisine they’re supposed to be).




Belgian Pork Belly Bao (INR 300)


The interestingly unusual and mind-boggling combination of meaty pork, spicy-sweet and slight citrus flavour of ginger infused into the juicy watermelon slicesand a generous drizzle of soft, velvety and creamy goat cheese resting within fluffy, supple and soft steamed baos was an absolutely delightful treat from the very first bite till the last!


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bao (INR 250)


The succulent chicken breast with a crispy batter fried exterior; the refreshingly unique sweet lemony scent reminiscent of that of Kaffir lime; crunchy, tangy and colourful sesame slaw; and the copious amounts of hot-sweet and creamy honey sriracha cheese drizzled atop, all together ensured that these fluffy and soft steamed baos were a hit, again!




Chocolate Bao (INR 200)


While addition of cocoa powder to the dough rendered the soft, fluffy and supple baos a beautiful brown colour and an appealingly faint bitter-sweet flavour; the sweetness of the bruleed banana slices, the fresh and chewy yet soft marshmallows and the crunchy nuttiness of the hazelnuts well complemented it and added to it’s deliciousness. The use of house-made marshmallows instead of the ones readily available was a very thoughtful move indeed, as the latter is too chewy, tends to have an artificial taste and quite effortlessly overpowers the other ingredients in any given dish. This dessert, on the contrary, struck a good balance of the varied flavours and textures, with not a single element overpowering the rest!




Kaffir Lime Ginger Soda (INR 80)


This one had a vivid mild fragrance and an exotic, rich citrus flavour with characteristic undertones of spice imparted by ginger.




The food was packed neatly in rectangular paper boxes with small plastic containers for the accompanying dips. I cannot comment on their delivery or on the fate of the food inside the packaging post transit, since we enjoyed our meal sitting right there in the small cabin beside the kitchen. The owner and head chef’s mom (who was managing the outlet that day) was a very warm, welcoming, kind, cheerful and friendly host.




Our meal here cost us 942 INR in total.




Food quality – 5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – NA (Delivery only)


Packaging – 4/5


Delivery – NA


VFM – 4/5
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