Meraki, Khar

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” – Sheilah Graham

Given how we Indians love a personalized Indian touch in everything global that we come across, it’s no surprise that Indo-Chinese or ‘Desi Chinese’ as we fondly call it, is a widely loved and accepted cuisine in India as it’s nothing but an adaptation of Chinese cooking to Indian tastes. While there’s a plethora of Indo-Chinese food joints and restaurants here in Mumbai, the brothers Uzair and Ovais started Meraki (meaning – something you create from your soul) in Sanpada almost an year ago with the vision of a reasonably priced chinese joint in new bombay that offered good quality as well as quantity of India’s much loved cuisine. The success of their cosy and small restaurant at Sanpada having a seating capacity of merely 20 people further motivated them to open a take-away kitchen in Khar two months ago; Khar being the central location for delivery to Khar, Bandra, BKC, Kala Nagar, Santacruz west and east.




Chilly Sizzling Paprika Prawns


These springy and juicy prawns with a thin batter fried exterior had a mild, toned down and more smoky chilly flavour with hints of sweetness. The spring onions tossed along with the prawns added characteristic pungent tones with undertones of sweetness and a nice chewy texture to this dish.


Fish Pepper Chilly


This was a relatively hot and zesty preparation with a wonderful peppery kick and the colourful dices of bell peppers added a sweet crunch to every bite. This dish could have been a better treat had it not been for the tasteless Basa chunks; their thin batter fried exterior being an attempt to add some flavourful element to it.




Chicken Nasi Goreng Rice


This one was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT as it grossly missed out on the aroma and the fiery flavour of sambal; tasting completely bland instead. Even the sunny side-up preparation of fried egg that’s traditionally present on top of the rice was missing and this one had some fluffy bits of egg within the rice instead that sadly failed to impart a profound egg-y flavour to the rice.




Prawns Chilly Oyster Noodles


The noodles were absolutely springy and supple with an appealing chewy texture, adequate (neither too much nor too less) amount of sauce flavouring them and most importantly, not overcooked. The tiny bits of batter fried Prawns tossed in the noodles were not only less in quantity but also the thick consistency of the battered crust snatched away the essence and the earthy flavor of prawns enclosed within.




Burnt Chilly Fish


This one was a better treat amongst both the gravies owing to the faint characteristic aroma and deeper colour of the burnt chilly gravy revealing bouts of a faint garlic-y kick at intervals. The firm yet juicy but tasteless chunks of Basa were once again cloaked in a batter fried crust.


Red Chilly Garlic Chicken


While the heated taste, wonderfully mellowed down pungent tones and a delicate nutty flavour imparted by the garlic was very evident in the gravy, there’s nothing worth mentioning about the chunks of deboned chicken enclosed in a thin battered crust except for the fact that the meat was succulent and juicy within.




The food arrived neatly packed in plastic containers without any spillage and on time!




Food quality – 3.7/5


Food quantity – 4.5/5 (The portion sizes are HUGE!!)


Ambience – NA (Delivery only)


Packaging & Delivery – 4.5/5


VFM – NA (This meal was delivered complimentary for food tasting.)
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