The Third House, Malad

“The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive.” – William Ralph Inge

Necessity is rightly said to be the mother of invention. If it wasn’t for our sudden and unexplainable midnight or 3 AM hunger pangs and cravings, there wouldn’t have been restaurants and delivery kitchens ensuring you availability of satiating and delicious food during those hours! After the success of their Andheri outlet which has been standing tall for more than two years now, The Third House (T3H) opened another one in Malad recently on the 10th of January 2017. Known for catering North Indian, Continental, Chinese & Italian food especially during the late night hours, this delivery kitchen already seems to have made it’s mark in the Mumbai’s restaurant scene. Wondering why the name – The Third House? They claim to be the Mumbaikars’ third home – the place where they’ll find the much needed peace, relaxation and love in the form of delicious food after one’s own house (first home) and a hardworking day at one’s work place (second home).




Chicken Gulabi Seekh


Seekh kebabs comprising a spicy, adequately moist (courtesy the incorporation of cheese) and smooth mixture of minced chicken and Indian spices also revealing faint smoky notes that these were; they were also studded with tiny dices of juicy and tangy tomatoes that added yet another appealingly chewy and juicy element to it.


Lasooni  Fish Tikka


Juicy, tender and springy (fresh) deboned fish was thoroughly cloaked in a creamy, flavourful, thick and aromatic marinade that revealed vivid pungent tones,  characteristic heated taste and a delicate nutty flavour of garlic.


Reshmi Tikka


The creamy marinade based of  yogurt and subtle spices that these juicy and succulent chicken chunks were marinated in, let out wonderfully smoky and aromatic flavours with an overpowering peppery spicy tone. These were served with some cheese grated atop (not necessary in my opinion) that was allowed to melt away in the heat of the kebabs.


Mutton Nawabi Kebab


The rich combination of succulent meat and fiery hot spices and characteristic moist fluffiness and profound egg-y flavour of the egg  covering the mutton together turned out to be a promising treat indeed! Though this one didn’t disappoint even a bit taste-wise, the addition of cheese was again unnecessary as it quite effectively mellowed down the spiciness of the mutton kebabs.


Makke Malai Seekh


These smooth and flavourful kebabs studded with some sweet corn that added some sweet and crunchy element to itand some supple cheese oozing out from the centre could have been a better treat had it not been for the excess of cardamom in it.


I couldn’t taste the Afghani Mushrooms & Tandoori Stuffed Mushrooms since I’m allergic to mushrooms.




These were their version of sliders  where soft and supple naan breads also stuffed with copious amounts of cheese (again!), formed pockets filled with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. I was indeed impressed by this innovative idea of a Desi Slider that would quite easily qualify as a hunger-satisfying, fuss-free and on-the-go meal. Amongst the ones that we sampled, the robust Mutton Kheema slider and the aromatic and moderately spicy Tawa Chicken slider were hits!


On the other hand, the Chicken Bhuna slider could have been a better treat had the excess of cheese not overpowered the subtle flavour of the filling and the Butter Chicken slider was a DISASTER as it tasted bland thereby completely missing out on the subtle spicy, sweet and aromatic flavours and the rich and creamy texture that a butter chicken gravy is supposed to have.




Chicken Peshawari


The well balanced combination of the strong flavor of garam masala, mild tanginess imparted by the tomatoes and borderline sweetness of the onions simply resulted in a masterpiece of a dish revealing a delicious complexity of flavours.


Mutton Kasha


Their version of this famed Bengali preparation wasn’t fiery and spicy but instead revealed a mildly spicy and tangy flavour with mellowed down pungent tones of onions, ginger and garlic.


Cheese Kaju Paneer


This was an absolutely non-spicy, rich, creamy, flavourful and rather sweet yet indulgent preparation courtesy the plenty of milky-sweet and supple cheese and the nutty and earthy flavour of cashews in the gravy. The chunks of cottage cheese used were cushiony soft, smooth and tender yet well held their shape and form letting outtheir natural sweetness and nutty flavour that very well complemented the nuttiness of cashews.


Mutton Kheema


This was a robust and flavourful preparation of juicy and tender minced mutton owing to the well balanced blend of fiery and aromatic spices.


To summarize the dining experience, their predominantly North Indian fare that we sampled was undoubtedly lip-smacking delicious with very few misses. But, my only complaint about their food is the excessive use of cheese in all; (yes! all their dishes, not one was spared) which in some cases turned out to be an overkill as the flavour of cheese quite effectively masked the flavour of subtle spices and aromatics in certain dishes thereby effecting their authenticity.




I can’t comment on their packaging and delivery of food as we were invited to their kitchen to sample their menu. Mr. Khaliq, the owner, was a warm, welcoming and kind host who ensured that we had a good time. The speed and efficacy of the service could be improved though, in my opinion, as we waited for almost 45 minutes before the food finally started arriving on our table. The speed didn’t seem to improve till the end of our meal with a few occasional exceptions.




Food quality – 3.8/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – NA (Delivery-only)


Packaging & Delivery – NA


Service (speed) – 3/5


VFM – NA (Our meal here was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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