Cafe Mangii, Powai

“The joy and satisfaction of a meal is equal to the passion and effort given to it’s preparation.” – Gordon Ramsay

Italian food is synonymous to simplicity as it is all about crafting a hearty meal with simple but good quality ingredients. Much contrary to most people’s beliefs, using premium quality ingredients alone doesn’t constitute a soul-satisfying meal as the ingredients or any given  recipe has no soul, but the chef must have the passion, skills and expertise, apart from thorough knowledge about the cuisine, to be  able to add soul to any given recipe.




The restaurant is spread across a vast area and divided into outdoor open-air and indoor air-conditioned dining areas. The decor is bright and well lit with plenty of lights around, a bar counter at the other end of the air-conditioned dining hall and a variety of seating arrangements in the form of comfortable chairs, wooden benches and couches around wooden tables strategically placed; indeed an example of space management well done! The restaurant was too noisy though owing to a large group of kids around on the Tuesday evening when we went here for dinner.




The Mangii Brownie Twister (INR 255)



This thick, milky and bitter-sweet  milkshake topped with a thin home-made brownie having a fudgy centre and a relatively crispy crust was an absolute delight to taste; albeit the measly quantity of  brownie in it.




Chicken Pancetta Envelope (INR 495)



The copious amounts of gooey and smoky scamorza oozing out of the succulent and juicy deboned chicken wrapped thoroughly in bacon was as mesmerizing a treat for the taste buds as it was for the eyes. The apricot and orange glaze over these delectables further let out fruity, tangy and faintly sweet tones.




Pollotate (INR 755)



The fact that the juicy chicken chunks completely missed out on the woodsy aroma and faint lemony flavour of even a strong herb like rosemary, was a huge disappointment! On the other hand, the combination of starchy potatoes and creamy, milky and buttery burrata imparted some moisture and enhanced the texture of the crust while the onions let out characteristic sweet and mellowed down pungent notes. The resultant pizza was a well textured one but totally bland, hence strictly average!


Carne Misto (INR 755)



This thin crust pizza with a crispy and crunchy edge constituted by generous amounts of tender sausages, spicy and well seasoned pepperoni, bacon, prosciutto and ham along with some sweet roasted bell peppers, had complete potential to be a meaty feast! Sadly, the bacon was floppy; the fatty part of the bacon still being thick, white and lacking translucency, and I had a hard time pushing it down my throat. To make it worse, the edge of the pizza was burnt and overdone in certain areas.


PASTA: 4/5


Fusilli Carne Pepe (INR 545)



Adequately cooked (neither too soft nor too chewy), supple and springy Fusilli pasta was tossed in a thick, creamy, rich, lightly spiced and simple yet hearty pepper cream sauce, along with bacon, ham and smoked sausages. Fusilli replaced Orecchiette in this one as the latter was unavailable.




Apple Crumble (INR 225)



This eggless dessert revealed a nutty, sweet, moist and warm apple filling with hints of cinnamon enclosed within a golden crumbly exterior which was, unfortunately, way too thick and hard instead of being crispy thin, rendering it an unpalatable outer texture.


Tiramisu (INR 255)



This was a bitter-sweet, soft, delicate, light and creamy, dessert made of alternating layers of spongy and moist cake and thick and creamy mascarpone cream revealing robust richness of coffee in every bite!




Though the staff member at the entrance was warm and welcoming and one or two attendants were kind too; most of the staff seemed indifferent and least interested. To make it worse, the speed and efficiency of their service suffered big time! The food took ages to arrive on the table and it was quite a task to even grab the staff’s attention.




The grand total amounted to 1898 INR after a 50% discount on the total bill (their ongoing offer for all Tuesdays) and all applicable taxes. The pricing was quite a steal indeed for our elaborate meal here, but the average quality of food ultimately brought down the ‘value for money’ quotient for this restaurant.




My overall dining experience here turned out to be quite an average one as both the pizzas failed to live upto my expectations and so did one of the desserts; even if the appetizer, pasta and the tiramisu were a hit!


Food quality – 3.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 2.5/5


VFM – 3/5

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