Butter Chicken Factory, Bandra

“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living.” – Dione Lucas

Good quality food is the key to any restaurant’s success always! Neither the stylish decor and the  mesmerizing ambience of a high-end restaurant nor the thoughts and efforts put into neat and hassle-free packaging and delivery of food from a predominantly takeaway and delivery restaurant, will ever please a gourmand if their food doesn’t taste good enough! This restaurant located in Pali hill specializing in delivery and takeaways, evidently needs to understand this thumb rule and work on implementation of the same!





Kali Mirch Chicken Tikka (INR 245) were creamy, succulent, juicy and melting in the mouth kebabs having a warm and zesty flavour with a soothing peppery spicy kick and faint smoky notes. Much to our dismay, this was the ONLY dish that we thoroughly enjoyed feasting on!



Butter Chicken (INR 310 x 2) was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT as it tasted totally blandand completely missed out on the subtle spicy, sweet and aromatic flavours and the creamy and rich texture that this dish is supposed to have, the tender shreds of chicken albeit their bland taste, being the only saving grace!



House Special Dal Makhani (INR 275) was a comparatively better treat owing to the optimally cooked dal in a smooth and buttery, even if a tad too runny gravy. Although, It’s safe to say that I have had way better Dal Makhani elsewhere.



The Tandoori Roti (INR 40 x 2)with it’s tad bit tough and chewy texture, the Lacha Paratha (INR 50 x 5) and the Aloo Amritsari Kulcha (INR 95) stuffed with a thin layer of mashed and delicately spiced potato filling with relatively thicker and unpalatable edges, all turned out to be decent accompaniments for the butter chicken but definitely had scope for improvement.



Their thoughtful, neat and spill-proof packaging is their USP in my opinion. Our food arrived in a bright orange coloured paper box which  contained individual dishes tightly packed in spill-proof plastic containers that weren’t displaced within the box during transit. Delivery took almost an hour.




Their kind hospitality made up for their average quality of food, even if they messed up our order, to begin with! The parcel delivered to us contained only one butter chicken while we had ordered and were billed for two portions of the same. And when we realised that on opening the packaging hours later when we decided to have our dinner, we tried calling them but in vain! The next morning upon notifying them about this error, they decided to send us the other portion of butter chicken. Since we had a not-so-good experience with the butter chicken that we had the previous night, we requested them to send the chicken tikkas instead and they agreed.




Our elaborate meal here cost us around 1890 INR inclusive of taxes and delivery charges (20 INR). The food quality was strictly average though, only the kebabs standing out as delectable stuff. To make it worse, even the portion size of their food suffers as is it very less compared to most other restaurants in the city. Hence, the value for money quotient for this place definitely goes down.




Food quality – 2.5/5


Food quantity – 3/5


Ambience – NA


Service – 3.5/5


Packaging & Delivery – 4/5


VFM – 2.5/5
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