The Bagel Shop, Carter Road, Bandra

“Bagel in the morning is the ultimate breakfast for me; they’re just good.” – Lee Dewyze

Bagel, a popular bread shaped in the form of a ring, became a staple of the Polish cuisine in the 16th and first half of 17th centuries. They were later introduced in the U.S. by Polish immigrants and gradually gained global popularity over a period of time. The basic design of this uniquely prepared bread which is first boiled and then baked, is more than hundred years old and hasn’t changed ever since, though lately a large variety of dough types are used to make them.




The name of the restaurant painted on a dull brown wooden board is very easy to miss if you’re in a hurry. This is a very cosy and cutely styled eatery divided into a vast outdoor and a relatively small air conditioned indoor dining area, apt for a peaceful and relaxed meal with good company; courtesy the comfortable seating arrangements in the form of chairs, bar stools and couches,the clean wooden tables, cute lamps and the greenery along the outdoor dining area.




The Classic Club Bagel (INR 399)


wp_20161210_11_14_56_proThe crispiness of the streaky bacon, the juicy chunks of roast chicken, the sweet and moderately sharp flavours of creamy Irish cheddar, the savouriness of fried egg and the fresh crunch let out by lettuce sandwiched between a dense and chewy bagel with a crispy brown exterior turned out to be a delightful combination to taste!



The Fresh Prince (INR 349)



The two thick slices of ham, the tangy and juicy tomatoes and the copious amounts of creamy, smooth, mild and sweet Philly cheese with a faint pleasant tang well complementing the natural tanginess of the tomatoes, spread uniformly over the inner sides of the dense and crispy bagel was yet another delicious combination!





We decided to take away food from here as we were running late on a Sunday morning and it was taking them a little longer than we expected to make the sandwiches. Since we didn’t dine-in here, I can’t really comment on their service overall, but the attendants seemed to be polite, welcoming and reasonably fast.




The total bill amount for two bagel sandwiches, inclusive of all taxes came upto 894 INR.




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – NA


Pricing – 3.5/5
The Bagel Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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