Hungry Duck At Pali, Bandra

“The cuisine, it is all about putting generosity before rigour and pleasure before lucidity.” – Pierre Gagnaire

Goan cuisine predominantly comprising of rice, seafood, coconut, meat, vegetables, pork, kokum and intensely flavoured spices, is largely influenced by Malvani and Konkani cuisines, the Portuguese colonization and the Muslim rule in Goa before the Portuguese colonization. Hungry Duck At Pali is one of the few restaurants and eateries in Mumbai that specialize in Goan food.




Located in a narrow bylane in Pali Hill, Bandra west; the fact that they have put in some efforts to style even this tiny little eatery with a seating capacity of not more than 10 people, is evident from their quirky paintings and doodles on the walls. The air conditioned dining area is brightly lit and kept clean, followed by the kitchen on the other end of the dining hall.




Minced Beef Potato Chops (INR 235)



These were crispy fried potato patties dusted in bread crumbs having a crunchy, crumbly and golden brown fried exterior and stuffed with spicy, tangy, well cooked and tender beef mince within, which wasn’t too moist or too dry and grainy, but of the appropriate consistency.



Recheado Masala Fish Fry (INR 300)



These were juicy and tender fillets of pan fried fish smeared thoroughly and generously with a bright red, fiery hot, spicy, tangy and thick paste. The tanginess of the vinegar well complemented the fiery hot spices in the masala and this dish was an instant hit!


Goa Sausages (INR 300)



This was their version of the Goan home-styled preparation called Chorizo comprising of deep and richly coloured, hot and spicy pork sausages cooked with potatoes and onions that let out mild basal and starchy sweetness at intervals. This heavily spiced dish had wonderfully sharp flavours and was served with soft and fluffy pav or Indian bread.





As we entered into the restaurant, we were greeted with a smile from the warm and welcoming manager who seemed to be managing the restaurant all by himself along with the chefs back in the kitchen. The service was reasonably fast as well as attentive, two of us being the only people in the restaurant for an early dinner at that given time.




The total bill amount came upto 835 INR.




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – 4/5
Hungry Duck at Pali Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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