Three Chicks And A Bear, Lower Parel

“Most people want a perfect relationship… I just want a hamburger that looks like the ones in commercials.” – Anonymous

Another venture serving delicious burgers started by the dessert haven ‘Theobroma’ that this is, it’s located inside the Theo’s outlet in Lower Parel as an extension of the same on the other end of the dining hall, sharing a single entrance. As confusing as it may seem, it’s equally rewarding and convenient at the same time, as one could simply indulge into some delish desserts from Theo’s, post their hunger satisfying burger-meal at Three Chicks & A Bear.



The white brick walls give this restaurant a rustic appearance. Their white circular logo of a bear and three chicks on one of the walls, is sure to mesmerize both kids and adults alike! The interiors are brightly lit and colourful with comfortable seating arrangements made in a vast and spacious dining area with enough space between the tables to comfortably move around. They seem to truly live by their bold and bright red tag line on one the walls, which is ‘real good burgers’.




Mac & Cheese (INR 220)



These crunchy fritters with a crispy fried exterior dusted with spices revealed a creamy, thick, gooey and melting in the mouth combination of macaroni and cheese in the centre. The spicy hot sauce served alongside, added a subtle depth of spice and flavours to this creamy and crunchy dish.





Classic Bacon, Cheese & Egg (INR 380)



This one consisted of juicy and succulent tenderloin, tender and sweet caramelized balsamic onions with a hint of tangy flavour, crispy strips of bacon, generous amounts of supple cheese and a fried egg which imparted some more moisture to the burger; all resting on a bed of crunchy and fresh lettuce over soft and lightly toasted burger buns.


Thai Pork Belly (INR 400)



While I was expecting a well balanced sweet and spicy flavour, the tender and juicy slices of pork belly cooked in an Asian barbeque sauce were a TAD TOO SWEET for my liking which effectively masked the mild tangy and spicy oriental touch imparted by the red chilli vinegar. On the other hand, the hearty, fresh and savoy purple cabbage slaw further accentuated the crunch in every bite imparted by the lettuce, the crushed peanuts let out faint nutty notes and the spring onion greens gave the burger a faintly sweet and grassy flavour at intervals. The same sauce based dip served alongside was TOO SWEET again.


Israeli Salted Tenderloin (INR 395)



The combination of home cured juicy strips of tenderloin, the slightly sour notes of sauerkraut, sour cream and the sweet-sour gherkins over a bed of crunchy lettuce, was again a hit! The whole grain mustard dip with a grainy texture and a zippy, tangy and pungent flavour stood out as a clear winner amongst all the dips that we tasted that evening!


The hand-cut French Fries accompanying the burgers were an absolute delight for the taste buds, all courtesy their crispy fried exterior and perfectly soft core. The  retained potato skins took them to another level of awesomeness as they not only gave them a more rustic look but also imparted them  faint earthy tones.




Red (INR 240)


The abundance of cream cheese in this rich, heavy, creamy and sweet red velvet shake made with red velvet cake bits, yogurt and cream cheese and garnished with a red velvet pastry on top, made it too milky-sweet and too heavy to consume.


Brown (INR 210)


This rich, dense, bitter-sweet and thick chocolate fudge brownie shake consisting of brownie bits, chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows was simply yummmmazing a treat for the taste buds! A MUST have for all the chocolate aficionados out there!




The service is warm and welcoming. The attendants are polite, kind, fairly attentive and reasonably fast. They need to work on not mixing up orders though, as for the mac & cheese fritters that we ordered they initially gave us chicken meatballs instead which we realised only after one of us mouthed it. That being their error, they didn’t charge us for the meatballs in the food bill, which was thoughtful.




The total bill amount including taxes came upto 2425 INR.




F & B quality – 4/5


F & B quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 3.5/5


VFM – 3.5/5

Three Chicks and A Bear Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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