Asia Kitchen & Bar, Saki Naka

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” – Anna Thomas

Asia Kitchen & Bar, located in Saki Naka, is yet another restaurant by Mainland China serving East Asian and South-east Asian cuisine in Mumbai. While ‘Mainland China’ and ‘Asia Kitchen By Mainland China’ are more formal-styled and elegant diners, ‘Asia Kitchen & Bar’ has a more casual touch to it.




The black wooden door at the entrance open into a vast dining area with predominantly wooden interiors mostly in black with occasional shades of red. The ambience and decor is absolutely enchanting with dimly lit interiors, comfortable couches, well cushioned chairs and an artfully styled large bar counter on the other end of the hall.The upbeat music, adds a casual and youthful touch to the elegant and classy decor.




Master Lee Chee


This (comprising Bacardi limon, lemongrass, lychee and cranberry juice) was an overall sweet cocktail with a mesmerizing musky aroma and hint of zesty, mildly spicy and lemon-y flavour. It’s needless to say that this was clearly the WINNER amongst all the cocktails that we tasted!


Yuzu Sour


This (comprising Jim beam, yuzu lime, sweet and sour) was a sweet and tart concoction with vivid overtones of mandarin orange like sweetness.


Oriental Synthesis


This (comprising Smirnoff, absinthe, pineapple juice) had a vibrant tropical and earthy flavor and a well balanced sweet and tart taste.The burnt kaffir lime leaves let out a richly perfumed citrusy aroma that gave immense olfactory pleasure.


Sake Sangria


This (comprising Tequila, sake, passion puree, apple juice and lemongrass) had a sweet and clean flavour with faint zesty, lemon-y and tart notes.


White Asian


This (comprising Jim Beam, absinthe, yuzu lime and lychee) was a tangy concoction with overtones of sweetness that somewhat resembled that of the combination of pear and grapes.




Californian Rolls


This delicious combination of savoury crab stick, creamy avocado and crunchy and fresh cucumber,  enveloped in sweet and tangy sushi rice was garnished with a red-orange tobiko (roe of the flying fish) on top, that imparted the sushi rolls a mild smoky taste and a crunchy texture.


Philadelphia Rolls


The combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado constituted a creamy and smoky fusion of flavours that was well balanced by the sweet and tangy sticky rice that they were enveloped in followed by the outer layer of edible seaweed sheet, I.e., nori sheet. These rolls were served on a platter drizzled with creamy and spicy mayo.


Prawn Tempura Rolls


The crunchy and juicy prawn tempura, savoury crab stick and the creamy avocado were rolled in thin layers of nori sheet followed by an outer layer of tangy and sweet sticky rice. These were served on a platter drizzled with a spicy and sweet sauce.


OPEN BAOS: 2.5/5


Beijing Pork Belly


While the kimchi imparted a hint of spice and the thick hoisin sauce that the pork chunks were cooked in revealed wonderful pungent, sweet and salty notes; the pork meat was UNDERCOOKED and CHEWY. The soft steamed buns were also unfortunately tearing apart easily.


Crispy Chilli Chicken


The juicy chunks of chicken coated in sweet and spicy chilli soya glaze were a tad too sweet for my liking. The bread again was way too delicate and easily tearing apart, instead of being supple and pillow-like.




Barbequed Chicken Bao


These closed steamed baos revealed flavourful and juicy chicken meat with a faint tangy taste, mildly smoky flavour and a strong sweet aftertaste.




Chicken Basil Dumplings


These delicate and dainty, steamed translucent dumplings had an artistically pleated yet smooth wanton sheet covering which was thin yet sturdy enough to not break apart. The generous amounts of juicy chicken and basil mixture that these parcels contained, revealed a minty and slightly peppery flavour with a touch of sweetness and juicy freshness in every bite.




Boneless Chicken Wings With Ginger Glaze


These juicy cubes of boneless chicken with a crispy and flaky exterior had a faint spicy-sweet and slightly citrusy flavour of ginger. The Spicy Gochujang sauce drizzled atop added a deep and piquant flavour to the boneless chicken wings.




Khao Suey


This was their take on the traditional Burmese one-pot meal. A mildly flavourful and delicately spiced, coconut milk based broth with juicy and tender chunks of chicken in it was served with springy and supple flat noodles having an appealing chewy texture along with accompaniments like fried onions, garlic, finely chopped peanuts, crispy fried noodles, finely chopped green chillies, spring onion greens and slices of lemon. This turned out to be a mildly spicy yet a  soothing, heart-warming and flavourful dish!


Mee Goreng


This Indonesian styled preparation of thin, fried noodles was moderately spicy and flavourful, BUT,  not only did it miss out on the characteristic flavours of sweet soy and sambal, but also the spices used in the preparation were reminiscent of the spice mix accompanying the instant noodles by Maggi, hence was DISAPPOINTING.


Soft Shell Crab In Singapore Chilli Sauce


While the soft shell crab was a delightful combination of juicy tenderness and crispiness, the sauce was overly tangy and completely missed out on the flavourful balance of spicy and tart notes, thereby indicating the excess of vinegar in it.


Braised Udon Noodle With Asian Greens & Truffle Oil


I couldn’t try this preparation since I’m allergic to mushrooms and had to avoid anything cooked in truffle oil. But, everyone else seemed to love this amongst the mains, apart from the Khao Suey.




The manager, Mr. Yogesh, was kind and hospitable. The service was warm, welcoming, fast and fairly attentive. Although, the attendants need to work a bit more on their confidence and communication skills.




Beverages – 4/5


Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – 3.5/5


VFM – NA (The meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
Asia Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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