Satkar Rice Plate House, Goregaon

“Seafood makes you live 10 years more.” – Kevin Steele

Malvani cuisine, an overlap between Maharashtrian and Goan cuisines, is quite a distinct cuisine in itself comprising of aromatic, flavourful as well as many fiery hot food preparations that are sure to tantalize one’s taste buds! While fiery seafood dishes dominate this particular cuisine, it also includes plenty of relatively bland as well as some subtly spiced and aromatic food preparations often coupled with a liberal use of coconut and coconut milk.




This restaurant is located bang opposite Goregaon railway station east exit. The entrance to the building that it is located in, seems to be hidden and can be confusing at first. The decor is minimalistic with adequately lit, clean and tidy interiors divided into non-a/c and a/c dining sections; clearly the emphasis being on the quality of food served.




Kokam Kadhi


This was a tangy, sour and refreshing drink with a tad bit overpowering gingery-spicy and faint citrus-y notes of ginger. While the ones served to us in glasses were a tad too gingery for my liking, the ones accompanying the thalis had well balanced flavours. (INR 80 x 3)


Boneless Chicken Fry



This was a dry preparation of succulent and tender boneless chicken meat in a thick, uniquely flavoured, rich, hot and spicy gravy which was slightly reminiscent of the south Indian styled dry preparation of chicken. (INR 210)


Surmai Fry



While I was expecting a fiery hot preparation of fried kingfish coated thoroughly in a lip smacking spicy blend of hot spices, the one served here had a moderately spicy and crispy batter fried exterior enclosing tender and juicy fish within. (INR 170)


Bombil Fry



The uber soft, delicate, moist and juicy lizard-fish was enclosed in a lightly spicy, crispy and crunchy fried exterior, courtesy the blend of subtle, simple spices and rava batter that it was thoroughly coated in. (INR 140 x 2)


Mandeli Fry



These cute little, mildly spicy anchovies with a crispy golden fried exterior were simply a delight to chew onto from head to tail; all courtesy the blend of simple spices, rava and rice flour thoroughly coating the fish and the tiny edible bones that added to the crunchiness of the batter, more as I progressed towards the tail. (INR 120)


Prawns Fry



Again, I was expecting tawa fried prawns coated in a spicy masala paste, instead these turned out to be crispy and crunchy batter fried preparation of prawns. While some revealed juicy prawns within with their springiness well retained, a few others were slightly overdone. (INR 270)


Pomfret Thali


This was a heart warming, buttery, spicy, tangy and melting in the mouth fish dunked in a spicy and tangy curry with a mesmerizing aroma, a hint of sweetness and faint smoky notes. The bhakri served along side was a very good accompaniment too, courtesy it’s  suppleness and ease of manipulation into bite sized morsels. (INR 410)


Chicken Thali


This mildly spiced curry comprising of boneless chunks of chicken was quite average to taste and can be skipped. (INR 230)


Kheema Fry


This was a mind-bogglingly delicious preparation of minced mutton doused in a variety of aromatics and spices that resulted into a surprisingly superb treat for the taste buds thereby striking a good balance between all the flavours and spices. (INR 210)




This is certainly not a place where you’ll be pampered with top notch hospitality but, the service here is warm and welcoming nevertheless. The attendants are friendly, kind, attentive, efficient and well versed with their menu. The service is as fast as it could possibly get.




Our elaborate meal here cost us around 2140 INR.




Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 2.5/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – 4/5
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