Jamie’s Pizzeria By Jamie Oliver, Lower Parel

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.” – Henry Rollins

To be courageous enough to risk competing with the well established and much loved pizza chains like PizzaExpress, Domino’s, etc in India and serving relatively healthier, less greasier and lighter pizzas crafted using fresh and simple organic ingredients of premium quality is something that one could expect from the British celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, alone! Challenging as it is, it still does seem to effectively make it’s mark in the Mumbai’s restaurant scene today.





The decor is minimalistic and casual yet classy with adequately lit interiors, books by Jamie Oliver displayed on one the walls, a television screen with some old episodes of the celebrity chef in action in his kitchen running on loop, good music and an open kitchen that allows you a sneak peak into the various dishes being patiently crafted by the kitchen staff.




Hand-Stretched Garlic Bread


These soft and light garlic bread loaves with crunchy edges were neither too greasy, nor too dry with a  delicate nutty flavour and mellowed down pungency of the garlic coupled by bitter and astringent taste of the needle-like sprigs of rosemary drizzled atop. On our request, very minimal or almost negligible amount of melted cheese was added on top. The Olive Tapenade served alongside was a well blended paste with a mild tangy kick that went really well with the garlic bread as a dip. (INR 149)


Fritto Misto



These batter fried delectables had a wonderfully thin crispy coat of the light batter sans much greasiness that enclosed flavourful and juicy fish, prawns and squid within. The Chunky Italian Tartare sauce made in the house had finely diced olives, jalapeños and cucumber in it that imparted it a mild spicy and sour kick and an appealing chewy texture but it didn’t quite compliment the fried seafood snack like a traditional tartare sauce would have. It was a delight to taste on it’s own nevertheless. (INR 269)





The Tuscan



This freshly baked goodness comprised of dry-cured pork ham, finely crushed tomatoes having a thick and almost paste-like consistency smeared generously onto the moderately thick base that struck a right balance between sweet and tangy flavours, some creamy cheddar having a nutty aroma and sharp savoury flavour and even lesser amount of stringy and supple mozzarella having a fresh milky aroma and milky sweet flavour. The fresh rocket leaves that were added atop also imparted a characteristic nutty, bitter and peppery flavour. (INR 529)


Chicken Peperonata


Juicy and tender shreds of roast chicken with wonderfully smoky notes, charred yellow and green bell peppers with amplified sweetness that further accentuated the smoky notes, the mild bitterness imparted by black olives, the springy, milky-sweet, fruity, nutty and aromatic combination of buffalo mozzarella and vegetarian parmesan and the mildly peppery notes of rocket leaves on a moderately thin crust with relatively crisp edges generously smeared with sweet, tangy and thick paste of crushed tomatoes, was yet another freshly baked goodness straight out of the oven! The warm and hearty signature fragrance of baked oregano also gave it a flavourful boost! (INR 449)




Proper Tiramisu



The delicate, spongy layers of the cake, fine shavings of bittersweet cocoa and coffee and the sweet, lighter, thick and foamy combination of whipped cream and mascarpone made this an absolutely irresistible delight! The generous amount of orange zest added to it, not only enhanced the colour and appearance but also added a mild bitterness and bright citrus flavour that well complemented the flavour of coffee and chocolate. (INR 299)


Epic Chocolate Brownie


A fudgy, warm, gooey, moist and dense brownie with a relatively dry flaky and cracked up upper thin layer that this was, it so effortlessly melted in the mouth oozing out thick bittersweet chocolate sauce! The Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled atop didn’t disappoint either! (INR 299)




When we had visited this newly opened restaurant, they served a limited variety of mocktails but our attendant mentioned that they were soon to start serving wine and beer once they acquire the licenses to do so.  One of us thoroughly enjoyed the Fresh Lime Soda (INR 110) that he tried.




The service is warm, welcoming and attentive. The fact that they managed all the crowd constantly pouring in pretty well, needs to be appreciated. Our attendant for the evening was a kind host who had thorough knowledge about the food listed on their menu and also gave us good food suggestions.




Our elaborate meal here comprising 1 beverage, 2 appetizers, 2 pizzas and 2 desserts, came approximately around INR 2800, I.e. around 950 INR per head, which is indeed value for money!



Food quality – 4.5/5

Food quantity – 4/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – 4/5

VFM – 4/5
Jamie's Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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