Crave, Prabhadevi

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap” – Kevin James

We are all victims of sudden fast-food cravings most often. “What do you crave today?”, enquires this small eatery located in Prabhadevi, with much concern and an intention to put those cravings to rest by offering a variety of pizzas, burgers, paninis and desserts apart from a few sides and beverages. This humble restaurant opened in April 2015 and has been standing tall ever since!



This is a small yet cutely styled eatery with adequately lit interiors, white and bright yellow coloured walls with witty food quotes, merely 3-4 tables, comfortable chairs and couches along one of the walls that are further adorned with cute little pillows, a billing and take away counter followed by the open kitchen on the other end of the air conditioned dining room and the cabinets along the sides of the counter with empty pizza boxes stacked up in style amidst other decoratives.




Masala Fries


French fries with light golden crispy fried exterior and a perfectly soft core were dusted with a spice mix made in the house, thereby adding some spice element to it. The dips served along with the fries were all equally good. While the creamy and mildly spicy chilli garlic mayo and the light onion-y flavoured cheese n’ chives mayo could have been even better had their overall flavours not been overpowered by the sweetness of mayo, the sharp pungent and citrusy tones of lemon pepper wasabi jalapeno mayo and the smoky, sharp and mildly sweet tones of smoked BBQ mayo could be vividly appreciated.


Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings


The moderately spiced, tender and juicy chicken meat with a faint sweet aftertaste, easily separated from the bone; making it a lip-smacking delicious treat!


Garlic Bread


These light, neither too greasy nor too dry loaves of garlic bread with crunchy edges had a wonderfully soft and cushiony centre, all courtesy the copious amounts of melted cheese brilliantly stretching out with every bite. The addition of Red Paprika imparted some more spice to it.


Awesome Foursome + Finding Frank Pizza


The Awesome Foursome pizza on one half of the pizza base was an irresistible combination of four different cheeses. While the combination of creamy cheddar rand the springy and stringy mozzarella made it supple and the ricotta imparted some moisture and fluffiness, sadly the mild smoky notes of scamorza were effectively masked by the nutty and sweet notes of the other cheeses in the combination. Finding Frank, on the other hand, revealed vivid smoky flavour of scamorza apart from the mildly spicy combination of chicken sausage, chicken salami and sautéed onions.


Pesto Gusto Pizza


This regular sized pizza with a strong nutty aroma revealed a wonderful balance between the minty, peppery and nutty flavour of the pesto sauce base, the juicy chunks of chicken, the faint bitterness of brocolli, salty and tangy notes of the creamy feta and the mellowed down pungent tones of roasted garlic.


Ganglamb Style Burger


The tad bit chewy texture of the shredded lamb, too much of mayonnaise in the coleslaw, barely any yellow cheddar and the not-so-soft burger buns combined to result in quite an average burger experience.


Bacon Of Hope Pizza


This regular sized pizza was a meaty delight, owing to the generous amount of bacon and ham along with slices of onion and paprika. The add-on of pepperoni and extra cheese that we requested, took this pizza to yet another level of awesomeness!


Conclusively, I would suggest, that the moderately thin crust pizzas made in their stone based oven could be made a bit more crispy.




Belgian Chocolate Pizza


The combination of hot, gooey and bitter-sweet dark chocolate and the crunchy and nutty slivers of almonds spread all over a regular sized pizza with some Belgian chocolate also stuffed into the thick ends of the crust was undoubtedly the WINNER amongst all the food that we tried!


Flourless Chocolate Cake


This was a warm, rich, luscious, gooey and fudgy bitter-sweet chocolate cake with a crispy and flaky crust that so effortlessly melted in the mouth!



The bitter-sweet Belgian Hot Chocolate would had been an absolutely delish treat if it wasn’t for it’s tad bit runny consistency. The Hazelnut Cold Coffee was refreshing to taste even if nothing novel.




The service, though warm,  welcoming, friendly and kind; needs to improve in terms of speed, attentiveness and efficiency. The staff also needs to work on effective communication skills, confidence and thorough knowledge about their food offerings.




Beverages – 3.5/5

Food quality – 4/5

Food quantity – 4/5

Ambience – 3/5

Service – 3/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)

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