Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra

“Drinking beer doesn’t make you fat; it makes you lean… against bars, tables, chairs and poles.” – Anonymous

Beer is largely gaining popularity lately with the youth, one of the key reasons being the relatively new concept of micro-breweries in the F&B industry that has effectively revolutionized the beer-world today. In India, the micro-brewing culture came into limelight when Doolally first opened in Pune in the year 2009. In 2011, the passionate brewers and founders of the Gateway Brewing Co., had no choice but to modify their vision of starting a microbrewery owing to all the issues they faced in acquiring licenses to do so, and started a production brewery instead. Their brews were soon made available in many restaurants and PYOB (pour your own beer) chains like The Beer Cafe, etc. While in the last two years, microbreweries like The Barking Deer, Doolally, BrewBot, etc have been sprouting up in Mumbai and gradually gaining fame, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is all set to establish itself as a restaurant offering a variety of such craft beers on tap in Bandra since May 2016.


Located on the second floor, Kaitlyn’s beer garden has a laid-back ambience with rustic and dimly lit interiors, wooden tables, well-cushioned chairs and artificial trees strategically placed all over the dining area. A bar counter  occupies a vast space on the other side of the hall and a small  blackboard with a list of available craft beers chalked out on it is hung on the wall beside it. The neon lights and the upbeat music energize the ambience and give out  party vibes.


Amongst the 5-6 varieties of beers on tap that they offer, the Orange and coriander flavoured Belgian Wit had crispy notes; the milder Kolsch wasn’t that impressive as I couldn’t really appreciate the flavours that it’s supposed to have; the Banana and clove flavoured HefeWeizen had an strong clove flavour that totally masked the sweetness of bananas; the Ginger Jaggery Ale was a sweet brew with a vivid aroma of ginger; and the Outcider was a crisp apple flavoured beer. Amongst the cocktails, I tried the Carribean Shake which would have been a super hit had it not been too coconut-y to taste!

FOOD: 2/5

Hummus & Pita Bread


The parsley flavoured hummus, was not only a tad too green for the hint of parsley that it’s supposed to have but was also strictly average to taste. The pita bread on the other hand, was light and soft.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips


The fact that almost every restaurant nowadays makes this dish using frozen Basa is a huge turn-off! The one served here tasted good though, all courtesy it’s crispy, crunchy and flaky batter-fried exterior. While the fries served here were good even if nothing to rave about, the tartar sauce grossly missed out on the characteristic coarse consistency being more creamy instead and had an overpowering sweet taste of mayonnaise.

Kaitlyn’s Special Pizza


The 9″ half and half pizza with mildly spiced peri peri chicken chunks on a tangy tomato sauce base on one half and veggies like bell peppers, etc on a white sauce base on the other failed to qualify as a delicious treat as the crust was a tad bit undercooked and the toppings weren’t anything extraordinary either!

Chicken Lasooni Kebab


This one easily stood out as the ONLY DISH that was WELL DONE! These were succulent, juicy and spicy chicken chunks with a hint of characteristic pungent undertones, also revealing faint smoky notes, courtesy the few charred specks on the well-grilled meat.

Herb Crusted Chicken With Pesto Risotto


The herb crusted chicken breasts completely missed out on salt and were way too tough to even enable us to cut them into bite-sized morsels with ease. The risotto accompanying the chicken had again horribly gone wrong, completely missing out on the moisture and creamy consistency as it was way too dry and grainy instead.

Triple Schezwan Rice


This Indo-Chinese preparation was again a disaster, all courtesy the overcooked rice with some unappetizing fried noodles served in an absolutely tasteless gravy that grossly missed out on the well-balanced tangy, sweet and mildly spicy flavours that it’s supposed to have, the sunny side up preparation of egg on top being the only saving grace!

Pesto Pasta


The penne pasta in pesto sauce with chicken could have been a better treat if not for the alarmingly abundant use of cream and the overly greasy texture (way too much oil) that effectively overpowered even the otherwise strong and sharp flavours of pesto!


The service is extremely warm and welcoming. The attendants are cheerful, friendly and quite attentive even if a tad bit slow. Although, getting the wait-staff’s attention is a little bit of an issue as it demands shouting at the top of the music at times when they do not seem to notice the waving of the hands in the dark. The manager Ms. Shraddha was a gracious host.


Beverages – 3.5/5

Food Quality – 2/5

Food Quantity – 3/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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2 thoughts on “Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra

  1. This joint turned out to be pretty sad and lame honestly. I’m not sure why this place has been reviewed elsewhere as some sort of a classy restaurant or pub. The crowd that hangs out here are usually all male twenty year olds from college; the tacky, dingy ambiance suits the clientele and average ticket spend. Certainly uncomfortable and a let-down for ladies or anyone with more mature tastes.
    0.5 / 10 in case you are looking for style, substance and a classy ambiance, staff, kitchen-ability. Avoid this joint. Suggest explore the several other placesnext to it or in Pali Naka if you are looking for a elegant evening out. Food here is for uninitiated first timers without a point of reference
    8 / 10 in case you are a All MALE bunch of college students looking for selfies. You’ll also love the food and the ambaince
    0 / 10 in case you drive down, the valet are rash and managements reaction to your car getting dented by the valet is that of utter detachment – it seems problems with the valet is a regular occurrence here (because of these issues most of the crowd hanging out here are the ones who walk over directly from the Bandra Local


    1. I agree.. the ambience seemed to be good (thinking in terms of appealing to the ones in their mid or early twenties, yes) when we had visited.. the food was bad (hence, the rating that I gave for the same) and service was thankfully good (probably because we were invited to sample their menu).. never even thought of visiting them again after that (not even for their craft beers)..


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