World Streat Food, Nariman Point

“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.” – Anthony Bourdain

Just as the name suggests (Streat being a creative collaboration of the words – street and eat), this merely two months old restaurant is all set to offer you street food from 51 different countries around the globe cooked in a healthier and more hygienic manner, served in a better ambience and most importantly without damaging your wallets much!




The decor is minimalistic with white  walls adorned with the world map displaying some of the renown countries around the globe and the variations in their street food culture. The dining area is brightly lit with colourful and comfortable couches and a bar counter on the other end of the dining hall.



Every mocktail that we tried over here was excessively sugary-sweet  to begin with. While the tangy Hot Lemonade and the sweet Raspberry Sparkler with sharp overtones tasted good, the Strawberry Sparkler and the Youzou Mojito were skip-able. The excessively sweet Russian Sparkler was again not anything novel, albeit the faint aroma of vanilla that it let out.


SOUPS: 3/5


Thailand’s Tom Kha


This thick and flavourful soup comprising of galangal, lemongrass, chillies and coconut milk was a CLEAR WINNER owing to the hint of zesty, mildly spicy and lemon-y flavour imparted by lemongrass along with not too overpowering a flavour of coconut.


Shanghai Xiao Long Bao


This light and clear broth revealing delicate yet vivid flavours was absolutely heart-warming to taste and the dainty chicken dumplings (albeit their small size) stuffed with a juicy mixture of ground chicken, that were dunked into the soup, took this soup to yet another level of awesomeness!


Moroccan Harira Soup (veg)


Their version of this traditional chickpeas and green lentils soup seemed to be quite an AMATEUR attempt as the soup was not just relatively runny thereby grossly missing out on it’s silky consistency but also failed to be a rich and comforting treat that it’s supposed to be.


Mexican Tortilla Beans Soup


This was yet another AVERAGE preparation of tomato, beans,  tortilla chips and sour cream that can be skipped.


Canadian Classic Creamed Peas Soup


While the soup had a vivid flavour of green peas, it could have been more creamy and the large pieces of bread that were dunked in, seemingly croutons, were indeed a lazy attempt at it.


Somerset Broccolli And Cheddar Soup


This simple and colourful soup again failed to deliver consistency wise and it’s safe to say that it would have been perfect had it been adequately thick and creamy.




Kung Pao Chicken Cups


These bite-sized delectables comprised of a mixture of juicy, sweet and tangy chicken, finely diced bell peppers and onions served in pastry tarts.


Tokyo’s Rock Corn Tempura


A crispy and crunchy batter-fried preparation of corn that this was, turned out to be a perfect finger food that vanished within seconds! The oodles of spicy and creamy sriracha mayo drizzled atop imparted a mild heat and tang to the dish.


Steamed Chicken Coriander Dumplings


These dainty and appetizing translucent dumplings covered in thin wanton skins were stuffed with an aromatic, juicy and flavourful filling of chicken and herbs.


Mexican Devil Fries


This comprised of crispy fried french fries with a soft core and chunks of mildly spicy chicken covered in copious amounts of creamy cheese sauce and sour cream and the chopped spring onion greens added wonderfully sweet, grassy and characteristic pungent tones.


Balinese Steamed Prawns


While the fact that the prawns were steamed to perfection was clearly evident from it’s subtle earthy flavour, well retained natural taste and springiness and the chopped bell peppers and broccoli on the other hand, added yet another crunch element to the dish; the pool of brown curry with a bold and sharp spicy aftertaste that the assortment rested over, had a tad too overpowering flavour of coconut for my liking.


Satay Ayam


While they need to work a bit more on uniformly grilling the chunks of chicken that were pierced onto wooden skewers (some of the chicken chunks were tough and chewy while the rest were succulent enough), the graininess and earthy flavour of the peanut sauce was well executed and serving the skewered chicken satays inside cutting-chai glasses was an interesting idea of presentation too.




The staff clearly doesn’t understand the significance of warmth in  service in the hospitality industry. Although the manager, Ms. Jigna, was kind enough to step-in as and when we had food related queries, both, the manager and the wait-staff otherwise seemed very indifferent and least interested. To make it worse, the attendants had no idea about the dishes they were serving and lacked effective communication skills as well as confidence. While the speed of the service was good enough with dishes arriving fast on the table, the service sure as hell wasn’t warm and welcoming!



Beverages – 3/5

Food quality – 3.5/5

Food quantity – 3.5/5

Ambience – 3/5

Service – 2.5/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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