The XXXL Festival at Light House Cafe, Worli

“Life should be larger than life. Size is important to escape normalization.” – Karl Lagerfeld


Light house cafe is the brainchild of three partners (belonging to three different professions) who surprisingly have absolutely no F&B background; all courtesy their vision of having their own bar in the city, crafted with a difference! Apart from the more than a year old Worli outlet and the 6 month old Khar outlet, the owners now also have their own copyrighted Cocktail Pre-Mixes which they deliver anywhere between Juhu to south Bombay at no extra cost.

The XXXL Festival that was celebrated here (and in their Khar outlet) during the month of November was all about ‘King-size’ meals at unbelievably reasonable pricing; a perfect treat for large groups, especially the ones with tremendous appetite! While the menu comprised of humongous portions of sliders, pizzas, desserts, cocktails and mocktails, all available in three different sizes –XL, XXL and XXXL, the sliders were served with an indianized twist where the slider buns were replaced by Indian pavs and the pizzas were also available in rectangular and round shapes.



The decor stands out as a very unique one with plenty of light bulbs all over the walls and the ceiling, plenty of other props like wheels and glass jars enclosing small light bulbs hung around, interesting cocktail jars& containers and other apparatus displayed along the long bar counter on the other side of the hall, etc. The music is upbeat and this restaurant exudes charm and amazing party vibes!



Amongst the vegetarian varieties that we tried, the sweet and sour vegetarian sliders called Caponata Between Breads (containing stir-fried veggies in tangy tomato sauce with mozzarella, aged red cheddar and parmesan parsley butter) with a vivid sweet aftertaste, courtesy, the abundance of caramelized onions also stuffed within and the sliders with a creamy, smooth and vibrant looking filling called If PBM Was English (containing Paneer butter masala with roasted papad and kachumber) were both strictly nothing to rave about while the Samosa Pav (containing mini samosas made in the house, kachumber, spicy mint chutney, ketchup and cheese) captured the essence of the chaat preparation really well and struck a perfect balance between spicy, sweet, tangy and sour notes while the crispy sev imparted a wonderful crunch to every bite.


Amongst the Non-Veg varieties, Aatanki (containing shami kebabs, fried eggs, hot sauce, mayonnaise, cabbage and onion slaw) stood out as the CLEAR WINNER, all courtesy the succulent, flavourful and delicately spiced kebabs with the fried eggs and the other elements accentuating the moistness of the filling further. On the other hand, Texas Cowboy (containing juicy chunks of barbeque chicken, hot barbeque sauce, gherkins, grilled onions, fried potato sticks and aged red cheddar) and You Know Who (containing slow cooked buffallo steak, grilled onions, mustard, mozzarella and cheddar sauce) were quite average. I didn’t taste Chicken Ham And Mushroom since I’m allergic to mushrooms, but my pals seemed to enjoy it.



The 21 Inch long, rectangular XXXL pizza that we sampled next comprised of an assortment of six different pizzas together. I’m Dope was quite easily my TOP PICK amongst them, all courtesy the smoky notes of firm and chewy scamorza, faintly bitter notes of black olives, sweet and tangy notes of sundried tomatoes, the bitter crunch imparted by arugula and fennel salad; followed by There Had To Be Some Mexican (comprising of chicken fajita, jalepenos, cheese sauce and tortilla chips) owing to the crunchy delight that the combination turned out to be! Paneer Bhurji Wala (spicy paneer bhurji, kachumber, lasuni chutney and cheese) tasted just fine but it’s safe to say that it would have been a better treat had they melted the cheese and blended it well with the other toppings instead of simply topping the pizza with plenty of grated cheese in the end. Let’s Have Salami (consisting of roasted cherry tomato based sauce, chicken salami, buffalo mozzarella, arugula and chilly oil) and Please Add Some Seafood (consisting of white wine with buttered sea food) on the other hand were ruined by abundant use of tomato sauce that completely overpowered the tastes of the other ingredients present. I Roasted A Chicken was yet another preparation that I skipped since it contained finely diced mushrooms.


United States Of PB& J comprised of alternative layers of grilled bread smeared generously with peanut butter and jam stacked upon one another with some creamy smooth and sweet whipped cream and garnished with dark chocolate shavings. But the SHOW STOPPER was undoubtedly the uber rich, soft, perfectly moist and creamy Chocolate and Hazelnut Swiss roll called Rolled Up For Tripping garnished with some crunchy slivers of nuts and chocolate, that so effortlessly melted in the mouth!


The sweet Coffee And Violin (Irish stout + chocolate milkshake) and the tangy, sour and sweet Death By Cocktail (8 different spirits + red bull + kokam) with a relatively sharp flavor were both equally lip smacking concoctions if only had they been more potent. The Beer Sangria (a variety of beer pints inverted into a bucket full of fruits and veggies like pomegranate, olives, cucumber and spring onions) though an interesting concept, only made it evident that nothing matches the goodness of wine when it comes to crafting sangrias.


Both Italiano and MH 44 Kokam Mojito were absolutely refreshing to taste! While the former was more of a fruity, sweet and citrusy blend the latter was a kokam based drink as the name suggests that struck the right balance between tangy and sweet notes.


Chef Prasad was an absolutely warm, welcoming, friendly and kind host. The service was reasonably fast too!


Mocktails – 4/5

Cocktails – 3/5

Sliders – 3/5

Pizzas – 3.5/5

Desserts – 4/5

Food Quantity – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
Light House Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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