Hungry Head, Powai

“Peace will come to the world when the people have enough noodles to eat.” – Momofuku Ando

Noodles by Maggi, the brand originally from Switzerland, were a instant hit in India when it was acquired by Nestlé in 1947 and have been very popular in our country ever since. Maggi noodles have played a pivotal role in almost  everyone’s life, being the quickest and simplest way to kill the sudden hunger pangs during our childhood, college, hostel days, etc. While the instant noodles suffered a nationwide ban recently for a brief period of time, Maggi lovers still continue to relish their favourite instant meal even today! All the ‘Maggi’ lovers out there, can now gear up for an altogether yummmazing meal experience at Hungry Head in Powai where they can treat themselves to more than 50 differently flavoured varieties of Maggi!




It would be really unfair to judge  this humble, no-nonsense and eat-pay-leave kind of an eatery located right next to the gaming zone behind Powai plaza having a limited outdoor seating arrangement, in terms of ambience as they seem to do really well in executing their prime motto, i.e., serving delicious and hunger satisfying food at affordable prices.




Sizzler Maggi


Maggi drizzled with plenty of shashlik sauce was served along with french fries, veggies like carrots and baby corn that imparted a sweet crunch, some spring onion greens having a characteristic pungency with a tad bit sweetness and veggie balls with a wonderful crispy fried brown exterior. The shashlik sauce, on the contrary, had an unappealing coconut-y aftertaste, which was disappointing.



Picadilla Maggi


Maggi in a rich, creamy, and heavy textured gravy having a tangy and mildly spicy flavor with a faint sweet aftertaste. Some veggies like baby corn, sweet and faintly bitter dices of green bell peppers, etc added a bit of a crunchiness to this preparation.


Thai Curry Maggi


The wafting aroma off this piping hot Maggi preparation seemed very promising and it’s safe to say that the dish totally lived upto the soaring expectations in the end; all courtesy the hint of zesty, slightly spicy and lemon-y flavour imparted by lemongrass coupled by not too overpowering a flavour of coconut.


Khow Suey Maggi


This one captured the essence of the traditional dish very well. Piping hot Maggi was served along with some crispy Maggi bits, slice of lemon, some sweet fried onions and some peanuts. Though we would have personally preferred crushed peanuts instead of whole, garnishing the dish with some crispy Maggi bits on top was indeed a brilliant move!


Farm To Wok Maggi


This was a spicy and tangy preparation of Maggi, reminiscent of a piping hot tawa pulao prepared by the roadside and it’s needless to say that Mumbaikars will definitely love it!


Chinese Magbhel



A crunchy Indo-Chinese preparation of Maggi dressed in oodles of schezuan sauce that this was, it tasted good but wasn’t anything to rave about. People who love Desi-Chinese are sure to be mesmerized by this one!


Spicy Mexicana Magroll


A roll that was stuffed with the veggie balls with a crispy brown fried exterior and soft core. This one can be skipped, in my opinion.


Three Cheese Magizza



This simply comprised of a layer of Maggi followed by another layer of oodles of melted cheese resting over a readymade pizza base finished with rings of olives and jalepenos that let out vivid bitter and characteristic spicy notes. While most of us loved it, I wouldn’t really recommend this myself when you have other much better options available here.


Classic Blooming Bread



A large and soft bread enclosing a mind-boggling combination of stringy, springy and supple cheese, butter and herbs in the centre forming a soft core enveloped by the crunchy exterior of the bread.


Oye Punjabi Blooming Bread



Yet another variety of blooming bread also stuffed with tandoori paneer filling apart from cheese, butter and herbs that this was; it was sadly a tad bit dry to taste as compared to the classic blooming bread and can be skipped.


Pizza Fries



The tanginess of the pizza sauce that these soggy fries were completely covered in coupled by the milky-sweetness of the copious amounts of creamy cheese atop,  was undoubtedly a delightful combination to taste.


Exotic Cheese Garlic Bread



These were soft, light, neither too greasy nor too dry loaves of garlic bread with crunchy edges and strings of abundant creamy melted cheese marvellously stretching out with every bite.The chopped olives and jalepenos imparted faintly bitter and spicy notes.


French Fries With Dips


French fries with a crispy fried light golden brown exterior and a perfectly soft core were served with a variety of thick and creamy mayonnaise based dips out of which, the mustard mayo with it’s faint pungent kick and the chunky mayo with chopped olives and jalepenos, both stood out as brilliant accompaniments while the rest were simply okay as they all tasted somewhat similar.




The Cold Coffee served here was simply nailed to perfection as it was not too sweet and did taste like coffee, unlike the ones served at most other places that I have been to so far. The Kiwi Iced Tea is yet another MUST ORDER here. The others that we tasted were Lemon IcedTea, Lemon Mojito, Persian Pomegranate and Green Apple Mojito. They all tasted fine, the only exception being the Persian Pomegranate that completely missed out on the flavour of pomegranate.




This is strictly a self-service place where one needs to place their order at the counter, pay for it and wait for the food to arrive at the counter so as to collect it from there themselves. Yash, one of the owners who hosted us one fine evening, was a very friendly and heart-warming host who patiently answered all our food related queries and was also up for suggestions and feedback.




Beverages – 3/5


Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 3.5/5


Ambience – NA


Service – NA


VFM – 4/5
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