Cafe Trofima, Dadar

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A. Heinlein

A healthy, wholesome and hearty breakfast always marks the beginning of a good day! Being the first meal of the day after the last night’s fasting period post dinner, it’s undoubtedly the most important one that many of us still continue to overlook.




The wood panelled glass doors open into a fairly spacious dining area bound by glass windows on one side of the cafe facing the street and walls on the other sides decorated with art work and wall paper. The colourful ceramic cups hanging from the ceiling on one of the sides, the sturdy wooden counter on the other end of the hall, the wafting aroma of coffee from the coffee maker, the freshly baked goodness displayed in one of the counter shelves and the small black boards hung around the counter with the day’s specials chalked out on them, all attempt to add a little style element and elegance to the decor. Even the pillars in the cafe are artistically styled. Clean wooden tables are strategically placed in the dining hall along with well cushioned wooden chairs and comfortable couches along the walls and the place is adequately lit.




Non Veg Breakfast Platter



While the fluffy, light and creamy Scrambled Eggs with wonderfully soft eggy curds was an absolute delight to taste,the Hash Brown with a crispy fried exterior and a soft core was WAY TOO OILY, hence, DISAPPOINTING. The two slices of Chicken Salami were quite well seasoned slices of ground chicken with a nice speckled appearance of the herbs embedded in the meat and the few vertically sliced Chicken Sausages were tender and again well seasoned meat with a few charred specs. They were served along with a tomato seasoned with crushed black pepper, two lightly toasted Bread loaves, some mixed fruit Jam and Butter. The Masala Tea served along with the breakfast platter was again DISAPPOINTING as it missed out on the right balance between the flavours of the masalas, tea and milk. (INR 245)


Eggs Benedict


This one comprised of sweet, lightly grilled and slightly puffy English muffins topped with a slice of chicken salami each, followed by poached eggs with oodles of perfectly smooth, creamy, buttery and slightly tangy  hollandaise sauce poured on top. Though the yolk tried to ooze out as we sliced through the poached eggs, it was relatively more solid than the way it should be and not as free flowing as it’s expected to be, thereby definitely having more scope for improvement. (INR 215)


Choco Chip Pancakes


These flat, light textured pancakes studded with crunchy and bitter-sweet chocolate chips were hearty, moist, fluffy and spongy with crispier edges having a buttery golden crunch. The sweet maple syrup and the thick and bitter-sweet chocolate syrup imparted some more moisture to these delicious pancakes. (INR 135)


Chocolate Croissant



This flat bottomed pastry with a fluffy, layered and flaky texture WASN’T crescent shaped to begin with. While it is supposed to be simultaneously crispy and soft with golden baked folds that are crispy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside, it was TOO CHEWY and difficult to manipulate instead and I couldn’t even visually appreciate the alveoli within when we cut it into halves. Sadly, the warm, gooey, rich and bitter-sweet chocolate that was filled in and drizzled over it was the only saving grace! (INR 45)


Spiced Mocha With Hazelnut



This bitter-sweet, rich and chocolate-y brew had a robust aroma and a very fine yet consistent nutty flavour and faint toasty notes that came in waves. The mild natural sweetness imparted by the hazelnuts and chocolate was adequate enough, without me requiring to add any more sugar to it. (INR 120 + 30)


One of my pals thoroughly enjoyed their Irish Hot Chocolate (INR 135) too.





The service was very warm, welcoming, friendly but lacked attentiveness. While one of the attendants was confident with effective communication skills, the other one clearly needed to work on it. We thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely breakfast nevertheless.




Our elaborate meal here cost us 1017 INR in total.




Food quality – 3.5/5


Food quantity – 3.5/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – 3.5/5


VFM – 3.5/5


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