Genuine Broaster Chicken, Versova

“Life itself is the proper binge.” – Julia Child

Pressure frying the chicken can be regarded as a superior cooking method to the traditional open frying method that involves dunking the marinated meat directly into the pool of boiling oil. The former is not only faster but it also uses less oil, enables uniform cooking of the meat and tends to retain the natural juices of the meat thereby locking the flavours effectively. This technique was started somewhere in the 1950s by Broaster Company in the US and it’s safe to say that it’s a boon that this technique is now being adopted here in India.




The dining area is divided into outdoor and air conditioned indoor sections. The decor is very rustic with bricked walls adorned with framed quotes, halogen bulbs lighting up the place, gunny bags placed along the ceiling, old school seating arrangements which comprises of comfortable couches, wooden chairs, bar stools and eccentrically styled table tops. The music is upbeat but can be a bit too loud at times.




While the virgin avatar of Jagerbomb – Palang Tod (INR 180), a mixture of expresso shot and red bull with it’s deep rich aroma had pleasant, fizzy and fruity overtones;  the Bulbul Soda (INR 120) was quite an average tasting, bubbly and fizzy orange flavoured drink with a hint of salted caramel and the Classic Lemon Bubbled (INR 110) was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT as it completely missed out on the lemon flavour.


FOOD: 4/5


Begum Fries



Tender, juicy, moist, hot and moderately spicy yet flavourful chicken kheema bejeweled with green peas, finely diced tomatoes and fresh, crunchy onions was served along with crispy french fries with a light golden brown exterior and a perfectly soft core seasoned adequately with salt. (INR 209)


Make A Platter


This was a platter of three different varieties of fried chicken, all enclosing tender and juicy meat within.The patented preparation of Legendary Genuine Broaster Chicken was crunchy and flaky with juiciness of the meat thoroughly pleasing the taste buds, the Happy Fried Chicken being chicken coated in Chef Harpal’s secret marinade was a mildly spicy yet flavourful treat and the Hot Masala Chicken with a crispy fried and fiery hot marinade was clearly the winner amongst them all. Frankly, I was a BIT DISAPPOINTED with the size of the chicken wings and strips though. The spicy and sharp mayo based Curry Mango Jalapeño dip, the aromatic, hot and spicy mayo based Harrisa dip, and the sweet Thai Sweet Chilli dip with a faint spicy kick, were very good accompaniments with the platter. (INR 349)


Cheese Chicken Pillows



These were cushiony soft balls of chicken with a brown crispy fried exterior enclosing warm and gooey cheese that was wonderfully oozing out as we chewed onto them. (INR 169)


Lucknowi Seekh



These were rich, aromatic, adequately tender and moist kebabs comprising of a spicy and uniformly smooth minced meat seasoned with a plenty of Indian herbs and spices, also having faint smoky notes courtesy the few charred specks on them. (INR 169)


Anna’s Chicken Idly


Just as the name suggests, these were soft, rich, fluffy, delicious and flavourful combination of steamed chicken, rice batter, coriander and other herbs. The fresh and mildly spicy coconut and mint chutney served alongside was a delish treat too. (INR 179)


Smoked BBQ Franchos


Crispy french fries with a light golden brown exterior and a perfectly soft core were served along with succulent chicken chunks with a crunchy, sweet and spicy crust revealing deep flavours with mild smoky notes.This deliciously crispy fried and meaty affair was further tossed with dollops of sour cream, diced onions, tangy tomatoes and jalapenos and finished with coriander. (INR 199)


Lamb Rogun Ghosht Burger


While I expected a messy burger with succulent, juicy, spicy and robust lamb Rogun Josh preparation stuffed within the burger buns, the patty looked and tasted similar to that of the mutton whopper served at burger king with caramelized onions imparting some borderline sweetness; thereby failing to please me. Using beetroot juice to naturally colour the cushiony soft burger buns red, was sadly the ONLY HIGHLIGHT of the dish. (INR 279)




Gulkand Muffin


This soft, spongy, dense and warm muffin with a moist core had a faint aroma of gulkand revealing sweet and aromatic gulkand or rose petal jam stuffed in the centre as we sliced through it. (INR 159)


Chocolate Samosas with Mango Ice Cream


Mini samosas with a crunchy and crispy fried exterior was stuffed with warm and bitter-sweet liquid chocolate that wonderfully oozed out in every bite. The roasted almonds with faint smoky notes and an earthy and nutty flavour that also went into the samosas,  imparted some more nutty crunch in every bite. The cold mango ice cream served along with the warm samosas turned out to be a mind-boggling accompaniment, courtesy it’s amazingly sharp and sweet flavours. (INR 139)




The service was warm, welcoming and reasonably fast. The attendants were well groomed, confident and fairly attentive. Mr. Darshan Jadhav, the manager, also ensured time and again that the guests on each table were having a good time.




Our elaborate meal here comprising of all the above mentioned dishes, cost us 3063 INR in total.




Beverages – 2.5/5


Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 3.5/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – 3.5/5
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