Foodgasm, Bandra

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” – Mark Twain




Very true to it’s name, this restaurant sets an example that health and taste can absolutely go hand in hand. All the gluttons in the city who cringe at the thought of healthy food are sure to be taken by surprise for this place is sure to change their mindset about healthy food not being as tasty as all the junk food that they have been devouring for years!




Located in a quiet bylane in Bandra reclamation, this hole-in-the-wall type of eatery is quite easy to miss if not paid enough attention to. The decor is minimalistic with crisp white interiors with occasional shades of green thrown in at intervals. The restaurant is divided  into outdoor and air conditioned indoor dining area, each bearing 2-3 wooden tables and few comfortable chairs. The interiors are adequately lit with some classic musical hits playing in the background.




The Welcome drink served to us, comprised of a Kokam sherbet spiced with jaljeera to impart a tart and peppery spicy taste, along with some chia seeds. It was undoubtedly refreshing to taste! The Power Shot was a thick, deliciously sweet, fruity and nutty blend of bananas, musk melon, dates, almonds and honey in milk.




Meat Lovers Salad


Juicy stir fried prawns, bacon with it’s wonderfully smoky notes and chicken liver meat with it’s uniquely strong flavours and spongy texture were tossed with faintly sweet shallots having an appealing pungency, crunchy and sweet onion greens, halved cherry tomatoes imparting some tang, mushrooms and some fresh and crunchy lettuce.


Turkish Punjabi (non veg)


Just as the name suggests, this one was their version of the traditional Turkish pastry dish called Gözleme served to us with an amazingly Indian twist. The crispy and crunchy exterior of the flat bread was divided into rectangular stripes forming pockets enclosing spicy, moist and flavourful kheema.


Foodgasm Wings


Tender, juicy, succulent and well marinated chicken wings with a crispy crust formed by their signature barbeque sauce that they were tossed in, were piping hot, spicy, sweet and faintly sour with subtle smoky notes; a delish treat for the taste buds indeed!


Quinoa Biryani (chicken)

The evergreen chicken biryani was served with a brilliantly healthy yet delicious twist where the rice was replaced by tiny brownish beads of quinoa having a very faint and appealing bitter flavour and firm texture, infused with plenty of Indian spices and layered alternatively with tender, moist and juicy chunks of boneless chicken tikka along with caramelized onions and veggies like carrots that not only imparted a borderline sweetness but also a slight crunch to every bite.


Grilled Tenderloin


A medium done beef steak with a beautifully rosy pink, buttery and tender meat and a charred brown exterior was served with a smooth and creamy green peas mash that imparted sweetness, freshness and slightly zingy notes and baked potato wedges with subtle garlic-y notes.


Following are the recommendations by my fellow vegetarian blogger pals- From upper left to lower left (clockwise from the left) :

Lush Green Kebab, Turkish Punjabi (veg), Bhajjis, Quinoa Batata Croquettes, Shakahari Kheema Pav and Baked Pumpkin and Feta Fuseli.




Bugs Bunny Cake


This was their special carrot cake with a soft, dense and fluffy texture and the peculiar sweetness of the soft carrot shreds studded within; served with an ice cream atop that imparted a little bit of moisture to the otherwise relatively dry texture of the cake, thereby well complementing it.


Dimag Ki Dahi


This signature yoghurt based baked dessert comprised of creamy smooth, sweet and sour yoghurt topped with sweet, mildly tangy and pulpy mango fruit compote. The combination of these rather simple elements turned out to be a massive hit and it’s needless to say that we wiped off this one in few seconds!


Raspberry Rhubarb Split


This dessert comprised of alternating layers of Baked vanilla short crust crumble having a crisp and crumbly texture, perfumed aroma and a sweet taste; and a pulpy, thick, smooth and melting in the mouth raspberry and rhubarb compote having sweet, tart and citrus-like notes with a sharp flowery aftertaste. It was served with a large dollop of sour cream and the compote on top.




The hospitality and service is absolutely warm and welcoming. Given the fact that this small restaurant gets full quite easily, the attendants efficiently manage all the crowd pouring in nevertheless.




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – NA (our meal here was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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