Goila Butter Chicken, Andheri

“Gourmandise is an impassioned, rational and habitual preference for all objects that flatter the sense of taste.” – Brillat-Savarin


The brainchild of the brilliant chef Kundan Lal Gujral of Moti Mahal Delux in New Delhi, the ‘Butter Chicken’, is an absolutely heavy, rich, creamy and a notoriously high calorie recipe that he crafted utilizing the leftovers from the large orders of tandoori chicken that the restaurant would get throughout the day and it’s needless to say that this dish has gained soaring popularity ever since! We all have come across varied preparations of this dish in and around Mumbai; some sweet and creamy ones while some slightly spicier versions. Recently, I tasted a HEALTHIER version of this sinfully delicious dish. Yes, you read it right!




This is a kitchen located near D N Nagar metro station (Exit gate 6) in Andheri, providing takeaway and delivery services only. A well lit up sign board bearing the name ‘Goila Butter Chicken’ bold and bright in gleaming orange very easily catches the eye. A bright orange coloured wood panelled take away counter with cartoon doodles and scribbles painted all over, stands tall in front of the clean and tidy kitchen located within. The menu precisely has just 16 dishes (both veg and non-veg) that are crafted by Chef Saransh Goila himself with a healthy twist, while maintaining the essence of those dishes without affecting their taste or their authenticity!




VISIT  1 –


Goila Butter Chicken



This was a perfectly sweet, thick, flavourful, creamy smooth and rich tomato based gravy with a mesmerizing aroma imparted by the subtlety of the minimal spices used, containing deliciously tender, moist, juicy and well marinated chicken shreds. The fact that it contained ZERO CREAM and RELATIVELY LESS amount of BUTTER, say just about 30 grams per serving, was an absolute shocker! The creamy smooth and thick consistency of the dish and it’s unique taste was very well retained nevertheless, courtesy the cashew paste that was also used in crafting this delicious goodness. (INR 275)


Roomali Roti



A large, fresh, soft, thin, almost translucent and supple roomali roti was served to us well folded typically like a handkerchief. The fact that it was served piping hot and could be easily manipulated and torn into bite sized morsels made it a perfect accompaniment for the butter chicken. (INR 35 x 3)


Big Butter Chicken Roll



A large and supple roomali roti was stuffed with a very mildly spiced and optimally sweet butter chicken gravy consisting of succulent and tender shreds of chicken along with some chopped onions that not only imparted a basal sweetness followed by a peculiar spicy or pungent tone, but also imparted some crunch to each and every bite. (INR 225)


24/7 Dal Makhani



The small portion of this one that we tasted upon insistence by Chef Saransh, was just right with optimally cooked black gram in a smooth textured and buttery gravy with an amazing flavor and a large dollop of butter in the centre; yet incomparable to the deliciousness of the butter chicken, we thought. (complimentary)


Baked Mango Rasgullas



A uniquely flavourful twist was given to the traditional Bengali sugary-sweet dumplings with the perfectly soft, spongy and juicy texture and the sweet flavour of mango, which were again dunked in sweet, thick and rich mango flavoured saffron milk loaded with sliced almonds. The most fascinating fact about this dessert was that these Rasgullas were baked! Baking not only made them healthier but also imparted an appealing burnt flavour to the dessert making them even more delectable.(complimentary)


We took away Butter Chicken Biryani (INR 250) along with another Big Butter Chicken Roll (INR 225) for our friend, who thoroughly enjoyed having them both!


VISIT  2 –


Chicken Kadhi Chawal



This very well known yoghurt based curry was served with a non-vegetarian twist by replacing the soggy, crispy fried pakodas that normally go into the making of the dish with tender and juicy chicken chunks, alongside long grained steamed rice. While the spices imparted a breath-taking aroma and the chickpea flour imparted the right amount of tang,  the yoghurt was a tad bit more sour, escalating the sharpness of the flavours of the kadhi in an unpleasant manner.


Sindhi Style Mutton



This was a mildly spicy, aromatic and flavourful gravy with mutton cooked optimally till tender and juicy and was garnished with fresh coriander. The aroma was absolutely inviting to begin with and the mutton almost melted in the mouth.





These cushiony soft, fluffy, light and not too doughy kulchas were easy to manipulate into bite sized morsels and very well complimented the Sindhi style mutton curry.


Mumbai Anda Ghotala



This dish perfectly captured the essence of a chaat, something that all Mumbaikars are in love with! It comprised of the scrambled eggs tossed in lip smacking delicious pav bhaji masala, topped with a fried egg followed by an egg cooked sunny side up on top sprinkled with some red chilli powder and garnished with fresh coriander. The perfect way of consuming it is to scoop out all the layers at once with a spoon. The oozing out yolk from the topmost layer brilliantly aided in imparting some more moisture to the dish.


Garlic Roomali



A wonderfully garlic-y twist given to the large, fresh, soft, thin, supple and piping hot Roomali roti. The resultant roti had a mesmerizingly light aroma and a mildly spicy flavour of garlic with a characteristic mellowed down pungency. A MUST have!


Kheema Tikki Chaat



A flavourful and moist Kheema or minced mutton was topped with a fresh and spicy green chutney, relatively sweeter tamarind chutney, some yoghurt sprinkled with some chaat masala and red chilli powder and finished with plenty of crispy salli wafers along with sweet, tart and juicy pomegranate seeds and some coriander. The dish missed out on the characteristic ‘chatpata’  flavour of a chaat though as sweetness overpowered all the other flavours in it. Adding more green chutney and lesser amount of tamarind chutney would probably have done the trick!


Naan Bombs



Small portions of Naan dough were stuffed with tender and well cooked chicken meat and rolled into balls. Even the fact that these naan bombs were not too oily or greasy deserves a mention. While these meat stuffed balls might seem a tad bit dry to consume on their own, they are sure to be a delicious treat when served dunked in the thick and creamy smooth butter chicken gravy.


Butter Chicken Biryani



This one comprised of a layer of sweet, thick, flavourful, creamy smooth and rich butter chicken gravy with juicy and tender chicken chunks imparting wonderfully smoky notes followed by the layer of rice. The wafting aroma of the subtle spices promising an array of delicate yet amazing flavours coupled by the mildly sweet notes of the caramelized onions and the cashews clearly won our taste buds and this was definitely not one of those greasy and fiery hot biryanis doused with too many spices.


Chocolate Golgappas



Pani puris coated all over in chocolate and decorated with colourful sprinkles were served with some caramelized nuts in them along with cold coffee liquid. The combination of the crispy, crunchy and sweet puris, the crunchy, sweet and salty nuts and the milky, bitter and sugary sweet cold coffee was definitely a hit for a chocolate and coffee lover like me!





The packaging of food is neatly done with accompaniments like chopped onion rings and the chutneys very thoughtfully packed neatly into small plastic containers. Disposable forks and spoons were provided with the food, which is indeed hassle free and so convenient even for the ones ordering in their office. While we decided to dig into the piping hot food right there, during our first visit we also took away some food from here on our way back and the packaging ensured that there was no spillage of food either.




During our first visit, our total bill amount for 2 humongous rolls, a biryani, a butter chicken and 3 roomali rotis came upto 1080 INR (The dessert and the tasting portion of the Dal were given complimentary). The pricing is reasonable and in par with the other take-away ventures serving similar cuisine and their delish offerings are absolutely worth every penny. Our second visit here was courtesy an invitation by the kitchen to sample their menu.




Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4.5/5


Ambience – NA


Packaging – 4/5


Delivery – NA


VFM – 4/5

And finally, a SELFIE with Chef Saransh Goila !! #sadakchef

Goila Butter Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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