The Serial Griller, Andheri

“Grilling, Broiling, Barbecuing – whatever you call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.” – James Beard


It’s needless to say that grilling, which involves cooking food directly exposed to a high intensity heat source has been a revolutionary addition to healthy cooking culture. This technique undoubtedly saves cooking time and brings out a distinctive smoky richer, deeper flavour, a peculiar aroma and appearance to the charred and grilled foodstuffs while retaining their nutritive value and effectively cutting down the fat content as the grill locks in more moisture making the food naturally juicy without the need for much oil or butter. Grilling is an art clearly, as one needs to have thorough knowledge about the foods being grilled to prevent the foodstuffs grilled from drying out due to over-grilling and this art can surely be mastered with time and patience.




Located in 4 bungalows, Andheri West, The Serial Griller is a kitchen providing ONLY delivery and take away services in and around Andheri West. The owner’s vision of introducing people to the grilling concept kick-started this venture which specializes in a limited but delicious variety of burgers as of now, but is soon said to offer other grilled specialities too in the near future.




American Mafia



Generously buttered and lightly grilled cushiony soft burger buns were stuffed with juicy, succulent and tender chicken patty which was grilled to perfection while well retaining the moisture content. The patty rested on a bed of crunchy and fresh lettuce drizzled with oodles of mayo, and topped with hot and spicy jalapeños, crunchy onions imparting a basal sweetness and a mildly spicy tone and grilled carrots which had a mildly smoky flavor and retained some of it’s concentrated sweetness and it’s fresh snap. The oodles of thick, creamy and smooth mustard mayo with it’s uniquely sharp yet pleasant and not too overpowering taste, not only ensured that the burger was moist and juicy but also enhanced it’s flavour!


La Bestia



This one comprised of yet another succulent and juicy, adequately grilled chicken patty brushed with smoky barbecue sauce that imparted the patty a deliciously smoky, spicy and rich flavour and was spiced further with a lip smacking delicious blend of spices. The patty rested on a bed of crunchy and fresh lettuce along with fresh tomatoes imparting tangy and sweet flavours, grilled onions imparting sweetness, and oodles of creamy, mildly spicy and rich, hot chilli onion mayo that imparted a hint of pungent kick and a vivid aroma of onions.


Silence Of The Lamb



A juicy, flavourful and melting in the mouth mutton patty infused with local spices and herbs and well grilled meat cooked uniformly inside out, rested yet again on a crunchy, fresh and hearty bed of lettuce and was topped with crunchy fresh onions, crunchy and sweet beets, pickle made in the house imparting a spicy kick to the burger and a fairly thick, creamy, mildly citrusy, minty and aromatic garden mayo which released a gush of freshness in every bite.





A tender, moist, succulent and mildly spicy Beef patty infused with an array of amazing flavours was adequately grilled, placed atop a bed of crunchy and plush green lettuce, and also topped with grilled onions that imparted a hint of sweetness along with oodles of creamy, smooth, spicy and sweet barbecue mayo.


DIY Burger



Yet another succulent, juicy and moist Beef patty rested on a bed of crunchy lettuce drizzled with oodles of thick, creamy, smooth and sweet mayo, along with spicy, pickled jalapeños, tangy and sweet tomatoes, crunchy onions, two slices of well grilled chicken salami and was finished with a perfectly fried egg sunny side up on top! The oozing out egg yolk not only imparted a faint egg-y flavour in every bite but also played a vital role in accentuating the juiciness of the burger. Yes, we made it ourselves!


Jungle Bandit



Cushiony soft, smooth, roughly cut and well grilled cottage cheese dressed in a mildly spicy marinade, was as tender as possible yet well held it’s shape and form. It was placed atop crunchy lettuce and topped with smoky, charred fresh carrots that imparted sweetness and crunch, capsicum and onions chopped in rings, sliced tomatoes and a combination of roast garlic mayo with it’s well balanced delicate nutty flavour, mellowed down pungency and garden mayo with it’s fresh and flavourful tones. Though all the other elements were a hit, the paneer marinade was a LET DOWN for me! The fragrant and soulful yet extremely mild and subtle flavours of the spice mix let out a faint zesty kick at intervals BUT left a relatively sweeter aftertaste which failed to impart any uniqueness to the naturally sweet and nutty flavour of the paneer, resulting in DISAPPOINTMENT instead! Replacing the marinade with a rather spicier one would work wonders, in my opinion.



Safah Garbanzo



A thick, moist, soft and flavourful patty made of mashed chickpeas and a special blend of subtle yet smoky Arabic spices with a powerful aroma and complex, warm but not too spicy tones, was grilled to form a crispy fried golden brown exterior and placed on a buttered, toasted bun over a bed of crunchy lettuce along with oodles of roast garlic mayo which again imparted a subtle nutty flavour with a mellowed down pungency, crunchy onions lending some uniquely spicy flavour, tomatoes imparting some tanginess, spicy and hot Jalepenos and pickle made in the house.


Spicy fries



Crispy allumette cut french fries, fried to give a light golden brown exterior and a perfectly soft interior were tossed in an aromatic, immensely flavourful and lip smacking delicious spice mix made in the house exuding freshness, with appealingly sharp peppery tones slightly overpowering the spices.


Since, we decided to dig into their piping hot delicious offerings right there, I can’t comment on the PACKAGING AND DELIVERY of food. This meal was complimentary, courtesy an invitation by the kitchen to sample their offerings; but I must add, going through their menu I realised that the PRICING is apt for the portion sizes of the food served here and their burgers seem relatively economical as compared to other similar ventures specializing in delivering burgers alone.




Though the lightly grilled and generously buttered burger buns were a delight to taste, they need to work on uniformly grilling the buns, since one or two burger buns with an otherwise cushiony soft centre got overly crispy towards the edges. They may also consider including bacon in their burgers, some shakes to enjoy their burgers with and some desserts.




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – NA


Packaging & Delivery – NA




Will I order again?.. Hell yeah!
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