Falafel’s, Lower Parel

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.” –  Julia Child





Located right beside Krispy Kreme on level 1 in phoenix mall, Lower Parel, a bright green and yellow logo is sure to catch your eye. To judge this place based on it’s ambience would be unfair as this is a typical eatery with a QSR concept serving fuss free and hunger satisfying meals on the go at affordable prices, housing a few neat and clean wooden tables and chairs and a main counter where one can order their food. Falafel’s now boasts an extensive veg plus non-veg (chicken) lebanese food menu with an interesting variety of pita breads which include regular, whole wheat, honey oat and cumin cilantro as well as a special mango seasonal menu.




Mango Yoghurt Shake – 4.5/5



This one was an an absolutely thick, rich, creamy smooth and perfectly sweet mango flavoured smoothie that tasted quite similar to a mango lassi. What a delicious start to our meal! My suggestion is that they might as well consider adding a few chunks of sliced mangoes to garnish this one and make it even more scrumptious.


Firecracker Chicken Wrap – 4.5/5



This one comprised of spicy shredded pit roasted chicken marinated chicken, crunchy bell peppers, fiery smoked and creamy hummus; all wrapped into a regular pita roll along with a sweet and tangy sauce imparting a little heat called the fire cracker sauce.


Mango Chilli Chicken Wrap – 4.5/5



Regular pita roll was stuffed with juicy shredded grilled chicken along with a signature mango chilli sauce. The sweet fruitiness, sour tang and gentle spiciness of the sauce was very unique to taste and totally made this dish mind-bogglingly delicious!


Turkish Tostada – 4.5/5



This was their signature tostada comprising of a large crispy tortilla topped generously with hummus, perfectly cooked refried beans, tangy tomato salsa and oodles of cheddar cheese. It was served with chilli flakes and tomato ketchup and it’s needless to say that it tasted superb!


Hummus with Falafels – 4.5/5



Absolutely creamy hummus made of perfectly cooked mashed chickpeas with olive oil and some lemon-y sumac drizzled atop and crispy fried falafel bullets poured in,were served with lightly grilled regular pita bread quarters stacked on the side along pickled veggies like cabbage, bell peppers, etc and a middle eastern spicy sauce called the schug sauce (predominantly made of red hot peppers and some other condiments).


Spicy Shish Taouk Chicken Shawarma – 3.5/5



Soft Khubz bread (a flat bread similar to pita commonly used in making Shawarmas) filled in with plenty of creamy smooth hummus, some garlic sauce, plenty of crunchy lettuce, pickled veggies, schug sauce and chunks of chicken cooked in a similar fashion as that of the traditional spicy Turkish marinated, skewered and grilled shish taouk preparation; only wasn’t as spicy as we expected it to be, so was slightly disappointing.


Classic Chicken Shawarma – 4/5



Khubz bread once again stuffed with creamy hummus, some garlic sauce, plenty of crunchy lettuce, pickled veggies, spicy schug sauce and chunks of brilliantly grilled chicken.


Cheesy Zaatar Pita – 2.5/5



Pita bread was topped with a fragrant, zingy blend of spices and herbs and toasted sesame seeds with olive oil and copious amounts of cheese. Sadly, the pita dough was way too salty and the salt in the processed cheese added to the saltiness of the dish making it too astringent to consume.


Chicken Tostada – 3/5



Their signature large tortilla which unfortunately was cold and not as crispy as it was supposed to be; was topped with chunks of chicken, creamy and smooth hummus, refried beans, tangy salsa and oodles of cheddar cheese. This was again served with some tomato ketchup.


Cheesy Chicken Wrap – 4/5



Regular pita wrap was stuffed with shredded grilled chicken, plenty of sour cream, some sweet onion mayo, crunchy and fresh lettuce and oodles of cheddar cheese sauce, turning this one into an absolutely spice-less, cheesy and creamy delicacy.




Totally contradictory to our reasonably good F&B experience here, the service was absolutely poor and disappointing. To begin with, it was damn slow, definitely not living upto the expectations from a QSR concept. And to make it worse, the attendants werenegligent, disoriented, confused and not everyone was well informed about their menu. They seemed to lack communication skillsas well as proper co-ordination amongst themselves.




Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – NA


Service – 2/5


VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu.)
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