1441 Pizzeria, Fort

“I love pizza. I want to marry it, but it would just be to eat her family at the wedding.” –  Mike Birbiglia


Nothing! Absolutely nothing fascinates me as much as a DIY (do it yourself) pizzeria housing a wood fired oven does! It’s definitely not a surprise anymore that I simply love Italian cuisine, but my fondness for wood fired pizzas knows no bounds either! And why not! The lasting freshness and flavours of the ingredients that remain intact since the pizzas are baked in less than ninety seconds ruling out all the possibilities of over-cooking them and the deliciousness of the resultant pizzas from a wood fired oven will always remain unmatched to the ones from a conventional or microwave oven.




This pizzeria derives it’s name from the geographical co-ordinates of Naples in Italy (14 E, 41 N), which is regarded as the hometown of mouth-watering wood fired pizzas. A bright green door opens into a well illuminated and elegant yet quite a hole-in-the-wall type of an eatery housing a few wooden tables and chairs, followed by a kitchen counter displaying a variety of sauces like alfredo, barbecue, etc and a larger variety of toppings (including interestingly unusual ones like roasted pumpkins, etc) and some of them even seasoned with varied spices; allowing people to taste the toppings before deciding to incorporate them into their pizzas. The concept is elaborated on small blackboards put up right above the counter and the day’s specials (which are basically pre-set recommended combinations of pizza toppings for the day) along with the desserts of the day are chalked out on another one wall mounted on the extreme left. Their imported wood fired oven stands sturdy and tall in the clean and tidy kitchen.




Smoky Dough Balls – 4.5/5



These cushiony soft oven baked dough balls drizzled with plenty of olive oil and dusted with some chilli flakes to add a little spice element, tasted so delicious imparting a perfectly strong smoky flavour. The tangy and greasy tomato sauce served along with it was a perfect accompaniment too!


Bruschetta – 3.5/5



Thin and flat bread made in the house was topped so generously with finely diced tomatoes, few fresh basil leaves and seasoned with crushed black peppers. The saltiness of the dough was well balanced by the tangy and sweet diced tomatoes and the mild and not too overpowering peppery spiciness of the seasoning.  This dish with it’s ingredients in their simplest forms would have tasted better had it not been way too dry. Probably incorporation of some cheese might help in binding all the ingredients well and enhancing the taste even more.




Krish Pizza – 4.5/5



Pizza smeared with plenty of Mama’s sauce which was basically a tangy tomato sauce and topped with a variety of toppings namely, shredded and smoked mozzarella, garlic, Jalepenos, caramelized onions, sundries tomatoes and basil. The tanginess of the sauce, Jalepenos giving out a slightly spicy taste at intervals and the sweetness imparted by the sundries tomatoes and the onions, all together made this one taste absolutely yummilicious!


Alfredo Pizza – 4/5



This one comprised of an alfredo sauce, I.e., white sauce base topped with julienned red, yellow and green bell peppers, diced spicy potatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese along with some barbecue mutton as an add-on upon request, followed by drizzling some barbecue sauce on it and finishing with some fresh basil leaves atop the baked pizza. Impressive indeed, but a different variety of meat would have enhanced the taste of this one even more, I felt.




Nutella Pizza – 3/5



This signature dessert has been like the talk of the town since 1441 opened their first outlet in Mumbai and it’s needless to say that I have been too keen to try this one ever since! Pizza base was smeared with nutella throughout and so thoughtfully topped with few slices of banana, mango and some marshmallows followed by dusting castor sugar on top. Sadly, this one was too doughy and chewy for my liking, thus failing to please me.


Chocolate Dough Balls – 4.5/5


These cute little delectables comprised of warm, soft and salty dough rolls dusted again with castor sugar on top, enclosing cushiony soft marshmallows and sweet and warm melted chocolate within that overall resulted in a wonderfully balanced and sinfully delicious dessert! Yummmm!


Chocolate Mousse – 4.5/5



This dark chocolate flavoured mousse cake was perfectly creamy with a light and airy texture. I could not only visually appreciate the air bubbles as I dug into it with the help of a spoon, but also not get enough of the faintly bitter and creamy deliciousness!




The service is absolutely warm, welcoming, cheerful and fairly attentive, though a bit too slow. The fact that they kept their cool and catered to a huge crowd quite effectively on the preview night surely deserves a round of applause.




My only suggestion to the staff would be to try and provide suggestions for combinations of toppings that would complement each other well on a pizza, thereby preventing people from creating unpleasant combinations of pizza toppings that they would end up regretting.




Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – NA (Since, we were invited for the pre-launch, everything we had was complimentary.)
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