Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” – Julia Child


Located in Kamla mills compound, this newest baby of Massive restaurants by the pioneers of food and hospitality in India – the Kalras, has already become the talk of the town and how! Farzi which basically means ‘fake’ in Urdu is all about serving you all the food that one has grown up eating but with a wonderful and interestingly modern twist served with varied combinations and innovations which is sure to make you fall in love with Indian food all over again!





The ambience lies somewhere in between fine dining and a casual lounge while striking a good balance between both, ensuring you an absolutely soothing dining experience. The music is just amazingly upbeat adding life to the ambience which is well complemented by the lighting that change patterns and speed in synchronization with the tempo of the musical tracks.




We tried a variety of cocktails amongst which Vodka Curry Mango Chutney Foam comprising of Vodka blended with curry leaf, lime, sugar and topped with a mango chutney foam; a milder and less potent vodka based Farzi Tina which comprised of grape fruits, kaffir lime leaf, lime juice and homemade soda; another vodka based Farzi Apple Foamintini comprising of green apple, lime juice and elder flower syrup served with a homemade mint foam and mint mist and finally a tequila based Chuski Margarita consisting of raw mango reduction and lime juice were an instant hit! Another gin based cocktail that we liked was called Bottle Ka Gin and it comprised of Smoked gin, vanilla syrup, lime juice and ginger beer served in a bottle shaped like the Eiffel tower.


On the other hand, the ones that didn’t quite impress me were a coconut and pineapple juice based one served in a light bulb like glass called Farzi Idea; another Bacardi, smoked coriander and watermelon based one that came in an interesting lady-shaped bottle called My Girlfriend and finally their version of the Long Island Iced Tea containing smoked dry ice and spiced with fennel seeds which was too bitter for my liking.





Mishti Doi Spheres



These were served to us right before we began with our appetizers. Soft melting in the mouth spheres of Mishti doi (I.e. Sweet yoghurt) which were solidifiedby adding sodium alginate and letting it react with the calcium in the yoghurt and each were placed in a pool of strawberry syrup. The sweetness of the yoghurt followed by the sharpness of the strawberry syrup was mind-bogglingly brilliant!


Khandvi Sorbet



Another palate cleanser that was served to us right before serving us the main course; this one comprised of Khandvi served in the form of solid spherical lollipops and topped with a droplet of jaggery glaze that we so delightfully chewed onto.




Tempura Fried Prawn



Tempura Fried Prawns tossed in a homemade spicy sriracha mayo with a crispy exterior and succulent and juicy meat within was served with Nimboo Mirch Air which was basically a citrusy and mildly spicy lemon and chilli foam created using soya lecithin by a process called Emulsification.


Dal Chawal Aranchini



When a traditional Indian recipe meets an Italian recipe, the resultant is this yummicilious dish! This consisted of small aranchini balls made with dal and Chawal (rice) coated with papad crumbs and deep fried to give them a crispy and crunchy exterior. They were arranged linearly above some tangy tomato chutney smeared onto the serving plate and served along with a spicy achari coulee, I.e. a pickled mayo made in the house drizzled on top along with crispy papad rolls.


Palak Paneer Quesadillas



Deliciously done Palak Paneer comprising of soft and cushiony paneer and fresh green spinach were sandwiched between circular totillas made of Malabari bread and served with a water chestnuts and Cucumber Salsa. The thickness of the bread overpowered the filling, making this dish quite an average one.


Delhi Belly Tikka



Succulent, juicy and lip smacking-ly spicy pork belly cooked by marinating with a plenty of Indian spices, honey and anardana powder (which is basically a powder made from sun dried and ground pomegranate seeds) that imparted a slight tanginess to the meat and then roasting them in a tandoor.


Chilli Pork Ribs Kashmiri Rista



Yet another brilliantly done pan fried pork preparation comprising of spicy and tender Pork Ribs that easily separated from the bone tossed in chilli sauce and served with a classic kashmiri spicy reduction consisting of Naga chillies, green chillies, etc.


Smoked Patthar Ke Kebab



I honestly have no idea why they were called Smoked ‘Patthar’ (meaning – stone) ke Kebab since the thin slices of buffalo meat (known to be notoriously tougher than most other meats) were absolutely tender and totally melted in our mouths, but I’m assuming that’s because they were served on a ‘patthar’ or slab. They were topped with small dollops of a uniquely spicy chutney made of wasabi (which itself explains the measly quantity) and walnuts which again tasted superb!


Braised Lamb Chops



Tender and so perfectly braised lamb meat literally falling off the bone was marinated with a spicy plum korma, maple syrup and soy sauce and served with a whiskey sour cream dip smeared onto the side. We didn’t care even a bit about getting our hands messy as we started devouring it ditching the knives and forks. Such a deliciously messy affair!


Braised Lamb Boti Tacos



Lamb meat was braised until tender in a rich and flavoursome, moderately spicy fried garlic and pepper cream gravy, topped with crispy papad crumbs and stuffed into mexican folded tortillas. Delicious and how! All those people who have always been of the opinion that lamb meat is too chewy to please their taste buds are sure to change their minds after tasting this one!


Goat Cheese Stuffed Tangri Kebab



Chicken drumsticks cooked being marinated with spices and then covered overall with oodles of melted goat cheese and cheddar, garnished with crushed black pepper and served with a roasted bell pepper Coulis by the side. The creamy cheese coating the spicy kebabs totally complemented the tender juiciness of the chicken within making them instantaneously melt in our mouths and effectively mellowed down the spiciness imparted by the marination.


Chorizo Paddu Yaki



Paddu Yaki was a very unique fusion of South Indian and Japanese food which comprised of small oven baked idlis studded with chorizo within and were served in a pool of a tangy sauce with some gun powder dusted by the side and garnished with a crunchy and slightly salty parmesan crisp. While the parmesan crisp was a delight to taste, the paddu yaki wasn’t as impressive as I expected it to be as I could barely appreciate any chorizo in it and it tasted no different from an idli, only less cushiony.


Galouti Burger


Soft and fluffy burger buns served in a cute little bright red box were stuffed with mouth watering, melting in the mouth Galouti kebabs made of minced lamb meat, moderately spiced Tawa boti roasted in ghee and green chutney. Superb indeed!


MAINS: 4.5/5


Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry with Malabari Paratha



This was their version of a delicacy originally from Kerala. Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry (Irachi meaning – meat) comprised of mutton shank cooked with a variety of southern spices and was served with a malabari paratha (also known as Kerala paratha) which is a variant of the North Indian lachcha paratha having a flaky and perfectly layered texture. The perfect blend of masalas in the mutton Irachi was an absolute delight to taste!


Chicken Tikka Masala


This one arrived on the table in a red UK telephone booth just to signify the fact that chicken tikka masala is regarded as a British national dish. The telephone booth was divided into two compartments within, one housing an yummilicious, creamy, smooth and spicy chicken tikka masala containing succulent and spicy chicken meat cooked in a delicious yoghurt and tomato based gravy and the other with some Cornish cruncher naan (a variety of cheesy naan) to go with it.




Bailey’s Lollipops



I have been a fan of these ever since I first had them at MasalaBar.  These dark chocolate coated lollipops were filled in with a creamy and sweet mixture of baileys liqueur and thick and flavourful milk Rabdi and were served to us in a tree like apparatus, just the way they had been at MasalaBar. We just could not get enough of them nevertheless!


Milky Way Big Bang


True to it’s name, this one aptly represented the Milky Way with it’svariably coloured and flavoured spherical dessert elements made of blueberry, milk rabdi, white chocolate, pistachios, cocoa powder and orange placed along orbits made of white chocolate, surrounded by dark chocolate mud with a orange ice cream in centre which was frozen till it turned brittle by pouring liquid nitrogen, broken down, followed by pouring plenty of rabdi all over the apparatus to make it resemble the big bang of the milky way. Not only was it interesting to watch, but also did it taste marvellous!


Parle G Cheesecake



Perfectly sweet, airy and cushiony smooth cheesecake sandwiched between two Parle- G biscuits were served in a pool of creamy and thick rabdi which was ornamented with sliced pistachios and chocolate gems of various colours. Such a yummilicious way to reminisce the good old childhood days!


SERVICE: 4.5/5


Kalras have always set a benchmark in terms of service and hospitality in the F&B industry and Farzi cafe is undoubtedly yet another one of their ventures that surely doesn’t disappoint you. The service is fairly prompt, attentive and extremely courteous. The entire team including the wait-staff, manager and the magicians behind the bar and the kitchen are all well groomed, confident, knowledgeable and very cheerful.




Though our meal here was complimentary, courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to experience their F&B and hospitality, I couldn’t help noticing that the pricing at Farzi cafe is absolutely reasonable as compared to most other restaurants with a similar concept and even all the other restaurants by the Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. that I have been to, till date!




Cocktails – 3.5/5


Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – 4/5
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