The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.” – Amit Ray


Wondering why the name “daily” bar & kitchen? The word daily emphasizes on the fact that this restaurant is based on the concept that gets it’s inspiration from newspapers and other periodicals.While the newspapers, media and even the people nowadays so generously spread negativity around them,the much needed dose of positivity that boosts the spirits and propels people into positive action is very much missing! That’s were places like The Daily Bar and Kitchen make a difference! This place gets it’s name from the daily news bulletins lined up from the ceiling and along the walls of the dining area the restrooms. What’s really unique about these news bulletins is that, they are all either positive news or humour. Their tie up with Google lets them provide you a dose of positivity or humour everyday that otherwise you wouldn’t have heard of. Much to our delight, we were invited by the restaurant on a hot sunday afternoon to try their newly introduced weekend brunch menu that’s available from noon to 5 pm every weekend.




The positive vibes begin right at the entrance with a public notice put up right outside the restaurant, followed by a wishing well in the outside dining area full of little notes with best wishes for the restaurant by former diners and finally the positive and humorous news bulletins put up inside. The restaurant is divided into two parts- the outside dining area with long, well cushioned and comfortable benches and wooden tables surrounded by greenery, followed by the inner air conditioned dimly lit dining area with chic wooden tables, tall bar stools and chairs and a long bar counter on one side. The decor is minimalistic, nothing flashy yet very alluring and charismatic. The music collection played here predominantly comprises of the old and evergreen pop hits that are sure to remind you of your good old school days. The music isn’t too loud though enabling you to have a peaceful conversation.




Gypsy Queen


A whisky based cocktail comprising of whisky shaken with peach, apple, spices like cinnamon and cloves and infused with wood smoke in a glass jar before serving it in a regular cocktail glass. Such an amazing blend!


Wrong Turn


This one comprised of dark rum shaken in a cocktail jar with some almond, pineapple juice, banana and mint and infused with pecan wood smoke. Superb again!




Yet another brilliant concoction containing white rum, cherry liqueur, cranberry infused tea and basil. This mixture was then infused with basil dry ice smoke not just for olfactory pleasure but also to enhance the flavour of the cocktail.


Muolin Rouge



A Vodka based concoction comprising of vodka infused with Apple flavour, passion fruit juice, basil and some cinnamon to add a little spice element, yet was slightly on the sweeter side. Tasted superb nevertheless!


La Bella




A cocktail consisting of white rum, apricot brandy, mint, and some apple infused tea. Very well done yet again!


The Contender



Yet another Vodka based cocktail comprising of, vodka, poire (french for pear), mint and some nutmeg sprinkled over the top of the mixture. WOW!


SALADS: 4.5/5


Poached Pear and Baby Arugula Salad



An absolutely yummilicious salad that totally impressed even a non-salad person like me! This one consisted of sliced pears poached in rum, crumbled feta cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes dressed deliciously in balsamic vinegar and red wine. Yummmm!


Three Melon Salad



Undoubtedly an absolutely refreshing salad to beat the Mumbai heat! This one consisted of scooped out balls of watermelons, musk melons and green melons with some crumbled feta cheese and pine nuts adding a slight crunch to it, all tossed in a delicious lemon mint dressing.




Champagne Mushroom Fricassee



Phyllo parcels stuffed with wild mushrooms sautéed in champagne vinegar (basically a vinegar made from champagne which has a pale colour and a delicate and sweeter flavour) along with parmesan cheese. I couldn’t help but stare in dismay at my pals gobbling it all up within seconds and raving about it, courtesy my allergy for mushrooms.


Devil Fries



Perfectly crispy and piping hot french fries were served to us topped with deliciously cooked minced chicken in mediterranean flavours and oodles of creamy cheese sauce. Yummm!


Beer Battered Prawns and Calamari



Crispy fried beer battered prawns and calamari rings, delicious yet not too oily, was served with perfectly done tartar sauce made in the house. Yummmazing! A perfect finger food to go with the drinks!


MAINS: 4.5/5


Smoked Scamorza Emmentel Stuffed Chicken



Smoked Chicken breast was stuffed with bacon, scamorza (an elastic and stringy variety of Italian cow’s milk cheese) and emmentel(a medium hard Swiss cheese with a milk taste) and drizzled with a delicious sauce made in the house. This was served with adeliciously creamy herbed and garlic potato mash. So delicious!


Four Cheese Pasta Penne with Chicken



Perfectly cooked penne pasta and small chunks of smoked boneless chicken in an absolutely creamy, cheesy and delicious sauce made of four varieties of cheese, namely, parmesan, mascarpone, mozzarella and cheddar. Superb again!


Coffee Spiked Spare Ribs



Slow cooked pork ribs with tender and juicy meat literally falling off the bone marinated with Moroccan spices, chicken stalk, barbecue rub, and dusted with coffee powder and black pepper was served with a creamy potato and caramelized onion mash. Brilliant!




Flourless Dark Chocolate



It is rightly said that chocolate never disappoints! This one was so deliciously done with a delicate and crumbled exterior dusted with icing sugar on top and a perfectly soft and gooey interior as we sliced through it. This was served along with a scoop of ice cream placed over a thin slice of dehydrated apple, significance of which is unknown, yet this dessert totally won our taste buds!




The waffles served here are definitely different from the ones I have had in most places in Mumbai. To begin with, the waffles are not just thinner and crispier but also darker in colour and more delicious all thanks to more amount of eggs in the batter. They were topped generously with fruits like kiwis, pears and black grapes, some whipped cream drizzled on top and served along with three different syrups, namely, maple syrup, honey and salted caramel. WOW!




The service and hospitality is very warm and welcoming. The waiting staff is not only well groomed but also well trained, efficient and professional. The manager who is seen moving in and around the premises ensures time and again that his guests are having a good time and also takes time to explain the elements of the various dishes brought on to the table.




Food quality – 4.5/5

Food quantity – 4/5

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Will I visit again?.. Hell yeah!

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