Falafel’s, Lower Parel

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.” –  Julia Child   LOCATION & CONCEPT:   Located right beside Krispy Kreme on level 1 in phoenix mall, Lower Parel, a bright green and yellow logo is sure to catch your eye. To judge this place based on it’s… Continue reading Falafel’s, Lower Parel

1441 Pizzeria, Fort

“I love pizza. I want to marry it, but it would just be to eat her family at the wedding.” –  Mike Birbiglia   Nothing! Absolutely nothing fascinates me as much as a DIY (do it yourself) pizzeria housing a wood fired oven does! It’s definitely not a surprise anymore that I simply love Italian… Continue reading 1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” – Julia Child   Located in Kamla mills compound, this newest baby of Massive restaurants by the pioneers of food and hospitality in India – the Kalras, has already become the talk of the town and how! Farzi… Continue reading Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

Mibonasa, Sanpada

“A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music. He understands how things go together. For a chef, once you have that basis, that’s when a cuisine is truly exciting.” – Charlie Trotter   Mibonasa which derives it’s name from the initial sounds of the first names of all the four family members,… Continue reading Mibonasa, Sanpada

The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.” – Amit Ray   Wondering why the name “daily” bar & kitchen? The word daily emphasizes… Continue reading The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra