Cafe Niche, Dahisar East

“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.” – Jay Abraham


Located in a quiet bylane of Dahisar east, this restaurant standing right above Classic Veg restaurant is just another venture by the management of the latter itself. Beginning with a vision of serving vegetarian food with a difference to the residents of Dahisar (courtesy their interesting multi-cuisine menu), it would be apt to say that Cafe Niche is surely trying to carve out a niche and be the best in the locality.




The ambiance is very simple yet classy with minimalistic decor, large windows letting in enough light, marbled table tops, comfortable seating arrangements and spacious interiors making it a perfect family dining place. The music collection though is sure to allure even the youth alike!




Fruit Punch



This one was an absolutely refreshing mocktail with strawberry flavour slightly overpowering the rest. Yet, delicious!




Assorted Breads



Next, we were served a basket of assorted breads along with some butter and tomato salsa made in the house that we all gobbled up within minutes.


Cheese Platter



This one was a platter comprising of a variety of fresh cheeses that the restaurant uses in a variety of their dishes; namely,Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan and Emmental. It was  served with some lavash bread alongside. Yummy!


Goat Cheese and Spinach Patata Gnocchi



Perfectly thick, soft, melting in the mouth and so cheesy a gnocchi this was, made from goat cheese, potato mash and spinach imparting the flavour. Since, this is a pure vegetarian restaurant, I’m sure they didn’t include eggs in the recipe; which if true, I bow down to the chef for nailing the consistency and the flavours of the dish to such perfection, nevertheless!


Firehouse Chilli Nachos



Crispy tortilla chips were topped with moderately spiced mexican refried beans, mexican salsa, sour cream and oodles of cheese sauce along with sliced black olives and jalepenos to add some extra spice to it. Superbly done!


Tex Mex Wedges



Crispy fried and delicious potato wedges were served along with four varieties of dipping sauces all made in the house. Superb! The sauces were brilliantly done and totally complemented the dish.


Mezze Platter



This Lebanese platter comprised of crispy and tasty falafel and grilled pita pockets served along with deliciously done hummus garnished with an olive ring on top,some freshly made Tabbouleh which is basically a simple Lebanese salad made from fresh veggies which tasted quite average, some Labneh which is basically a fresh and easy to make middle eastern cheese from yoghurt again tasting okayish, and Harrissa (a spicy Tunisian chilli pepper paste) which tasted delicious and lastly some olive rings seasoned with plenty of olive oil.


Bean Tacos



Crispy taco shells were filled with kidney beans, moderately spiced mexican refried beans, mexican salsa, sour cream and oodles of cheese sauce along with sliced black olives, onions and bell peppers. The filling being somewhat similar to that of the toppings on the nachos, failed to surprise our taste buds but was yummilicious indeed!


MAINS: 4/5


Mexican Brown Rice



Brown rice cooked with a mexican touch with some chipotle and chilli bean sauce imparting it a little spicy flavour along with some exotic veggies and tossed with some thick refried kidney beans curry. Well done!





Grilled Polenta was topped with vegetable ratatouille, i.e., stir fried exotic veggies like bell peppers, zucchinis, tomatoes, etc in a red sauce made in the house and thinly sliced bocconcini. I would give it a miss, as the polenta didn’t taste like it should and spoiled the dish for me.


Spaghetti Aglo Olio



Perfectly cooked, light and flavourful spaghetti pasta with mixed Italian herbs, olives and chilli flakes. Another dish that was nailed to perfection! Well done!





This was one of their signature pizzas baked in a traditional wood fired brick oven. A pesto based pizza topped with cherry tomatoes and bocconcini cheese, this one totally won our buds with the simplicity of it’s flavours and it’s authenticity. WOW!




Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mud Pie



Though this one was generously filled with chocolate and very well done, the peanut butter over dominated the dessert making it taste a tad bit more salty than my liking.


Baked Philadelphia Cheese Cake



A cheese cake so well done with a perfectly smooth consistency served along with some blueberry compote, had a lot of potential to become one of the best cheesecakes in town had there been a tad bit more sweetness to it.


Grandma’s Apple Crumble Pie



The dessert that undoubtedly won our taste buds was this one! Everything about this dessert was simply perfect. Right from the crispy exterior to the stewed apples and the orange sauce to go with it. Awesome!


Lemon Cheese Cake



This one was a perfectly baked lemon cheese cake with the right consistency but tasted average. So, definitely this still had plenty of scope for improvement.


SERVICE: 4.5/5


The hospitality is very kind, warm, welcoming, cheerful, interactive as well as attentive. The attendants and the head Chef Abhishek ensured that we had a wonderful dining experience and sure did answer all our queries. They were also up for any suggestions and feedback.




Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambiance – 3.5/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – 3.8/5
Niche Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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