Moving Meals – Heat 2 Eat

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” – Luciano Pavarotti

As the daily grind is wrecking the human race and people are getting busier and busier chasing their dreams and learning to survive in this hectic life they seldom find time to enjoy a peaceful meal. While the nine-to-five routine gets stretched beyond limits for most of the working class men and women buying them no time to cook elaborate meals at home, the worst affected are the ones who travel often or stay alone and away from home for work or study purpose.

Yes, there are a plenty of restaurants budding in and around the city nowadays providing us all a plenty of authentic indian and multi-cuisine options to choose from, but no restaurant can replicate the Maa-ke-haath-ka-khana cooked with so much love, ever! Moving Meals – Heat 2 Eat has stepped in as a superhero with a solution to these new age troubles faced by the human race!

Moving meals is an interesting concept that uses a special dehydration technology to supply home cooked vegetarian meals to office goers, frequent travellers, students and people staying away from home for work, in and around the city of Mumbai. The food is vacuum packed to keep the nutritional value, freshness and the flavour of the meals intact allowing you to store them for almost 6 months but most importantly, without any preservatives. All you have to do is add some water to the food to rehydrate it and cook for a few minutes (as per the instructions on the meal packets), and voila! your meal is ready! Brilliant, right?

I received a trial kit at home from them one fine day which included one portion of Pav Bhaji, Poha, Gujarati Dal and Moong Dal Sheera, each. An important point to be noted here is that, one has to strictly follow the instructions mentioned on the meal packs to get the dishes right. Coming to the food:

Pav Bhaji – 4/5


I liked this one the most amongst all the dishes. Moderately but rightly spiced and flavoured Pav bhaji that I totally enjoyed with some butter toasted Pavs. Well done!


Poha – 3/5


Well done again but they turned out to be slightly soggy and tasted kinda bland. But a little bit of additional spicing with some dry spice mix or chutney would fix the spice requirement.


Gujarati Dal – 4/5


Yet another dish that tasted delicious. The aroma from the dal while in the making was absolutely mesmerizing and the end product had the perfect balance of flavours in it with sweetness slightly overpowering the rest, just as a home made Gujarati dal happens to be.


Moong Dal Sheera – 2.5/5


This one, sadly, was a little bit of a disappointment to taste. The flavour of the dal in the thoroughly cooked and ready to eat Sheera turned out to be quite unpleasant as the dal gave out a very uncooked or raw taste which spoiled the dish for me. I think roasting the dal well enough before dehydrating and packing them would fix the issue.




With an even score of hits and misses, I conclude that Moving Meals is indeed a great initiative and a saviour for the ones craving for simple, homely, hunger satisfying meals almost as good as a fresh home cooked meal. They have a wide array of dehydrated meals to offer you which also include indian breads, dals, sabzis and sweet dishes which look very promising.

To know more about them, do check their website –


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