The Fusion Cuzine, Mira Road

One cannot master the various cuisines around the globe by knowing the recipes alone. There needs to be a deeper understanding about them followed by immense love and passion, only then can one dish out recipes that satisfy the soul. As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in fusion food and how! This place is just a few weeks old and going by the culinary excellence that they showcase, I foresee a very bright future ahead!




Located in an otherwise not-so-happening neighbourhood in Mira road, this small and humble restaurant is the only thing that brings this area to life! The decor is very simple, nothing fancy but the place is neatly done with comfortable seating arrangements and adequate lighting; perfect for a peaceful meal with friends or family.




Spicy Senorita



My top pick amongst the mocktails we tried is this one! An absolutely spicy concoction containing Tomato juice, orange juice, lemon juice, honey, salt, black pepper, green chillies and finallythe key ingredient tabasco sauce. Yummmmm!


Pineapple Mojito



Most places don’t get the flavour of the Mojitos right, making them too sweet almost forgetting about the slight tanginess necessary to nail it to perfection. Comprising of muddled pineapple, mint, lime, soda and crushed ice, this one was perfectly done.


Black Beauty



Another yummilicious mocktail comprising of Grape juice and blackcurrant crush along with some black salt, white and black pepper, lemon juice to give it a zesty  flavour!


Mashrab Al Zanjabeel



This was their version of the Palestinian ginger iced tea. This middle eastern refreshment was absolutely soothing and so damn refreshing, with the flavour of ginger exuding a little warmth as the concoctiontrickled down the throat.




Papas Ala Huancaina



Peruvian potato bites fried to get a crispy exterior covered entirely with plenty of moderately spicy yellow pepper creamy cheese sauce and then topped with boiled egg sliced into circles and garnished with olive rings on top. This dish was not only a visual delight but also a complete treat for our taste buds!





This was their vegetarian version of the famous appetizer from Libya. These were deep fried Potato sandwiches, that is, thick potato slices stuffed with mildly spicy filling of veggies and then batter fried to give a crispy exterior. Brilliantly done indeed, BUT personally I felt that more amount of the spicy veggies filling and thinner slices of potato would have enhanced the taste of this dish. This was served with a delicious and uniquely flavourful chilli garlic cilantro mayo.





This Balkan dish (a region in South eastern Europe) consisted of finger kebab rolls made of minced chicken and lamb meat mixed with cayenne pepper (a spicy variety of pepper; also known as bird pepper), fried garlic, onion, nutmeg and other spices. It was served with a uniquely flavourful Macedonian dip called Taratur made of yoghurt, cucumber and walnuts in a bowl carved out of a yellow bell pepper, a portion of crispy french fries, and some Shopska Salata (a Bulgarian salad dressed with olive oil) and garnished with parsley.


Chicken Roulade



Roulade (which means ‘to roll’ in French) is a traditional European dish comprising of filled rolled meat. This one consisted of baked rolled chicken breast stuffed with spinach, Jalepenos, cheese. Deliciously done! The spicy tomato pesto sauce served along with the dish was lip smacking delicious too and totally complimented the dish!


Cuban Spicy Fish cake



Crispy, delicious, crumb fried fish fillets flavoured with parsley, mint, cayenne pepper, chillies, black pepper and lime zest. Yummmazing! This was served with Mango jalepeno mayonnaise dip that took the taste factor of the dish to an altogether different level of awesomeness!


Greek Souvlaki




Souvlaki is a very well known Greek fast food consisting of grilled skewered veggies or meat. The one served here contained grilled assorted veggies like cottage cheese cubes, zucchinis, mushrooms (which I kept aside due to my allergy), bell peppers and olive rings after marinating them with olive oil, Greek herbs and spices, yoghurt and feta cheese. It was served with greens and a spicy dip made of yoghurt, finely diced cucumber and dill leaves. Well done, BUT the tough consistency of the cottage cheese totally spoiled the dish for me.


Jujeh Kebab




This Iranian starter consisted of juicy chicken kebabs marinated with saffron flavoured yoghurt, orange zest and juice, olive oil, Persian herbs and spices, and served along with roasted tomatoes and a ‘mast o Khair’ dip which was again another yoghurt and cucumber based dip served in a bowl carved out of a bell pepper. Superb!


MAINS: 4.5/5


Dawood Basha


Absolutely succulent and juicy lamb meatballs flavoured with a middle eastern spice mixture called Baharat, along with black pepper and parsley and cooked in a delicious and tangy tomato gravy. This was served with some more gravy to be added as per liking along with parsley rice and Salatah Arabieh (a refreshingly delicious middle eastern salad) that totally complemented the dish. This Syrian dish tasted absolutely marvellous!


Gallo Pinto


This was their version of the traditional Costa Rican dish of rice and beans. Simply delicious beans cooked with rice plated in the shape of a heart, was served along with perfectly grilled cushiony soft cottage cheese steak topped with red pepper sauce, some pineapple salsa, some dill yoghurt and some more red pepper sauce alongside, to add as per our liking. Very well done!


SERVICE: 4.5/5


The service is very warm, welcoming, cheerful and kind. I was absolutely marvelled at the swiftness of the service as the dishes kept arriving at our table one after the other within no time. The attendants are very well versed with their multifarious food menu. So, you won’t regret ordering food as per their suggestions. Although, they need to work on being more confident in interacting with the guests, I would cut ’em some slack as they are just less than a month old now.




Mocktails – 4.5/5


Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4.5/5


Ambiance – 3.5/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – 4/5


Will I visit again? Hell yeah!

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