Made In Punjab, Malad

The fertile land of five rivers – ‘PUNJAB’ is not just known for it’s Bhangra, Gidda and rich flora and fauna but also for it’s diverse range of culinary treat! Owing to their culinary diversity, the fact that Punjab boasts the lowest level of hunger in India according to the India State Hunger Index is not at all surprising! Made In Punjab, another restaurant by the culinary pioneers Jiggs and Zorawar Kalra, located in Inorbit mall, Malad, beautifully exemplifies north Indian cuisine by treating your taste buds with an absolutely blissful north Indian culinary extravaganza!




The Glass doors open into a chic well furnished dining area consisting of clean wooden tables, comfy couches and chairs, adequate lighting and soothing music. Though the dining area is not amongst the largest that I have seen so far, it is well designed to host a reasonably large number of people comfortably; indeed an example of space management well done!




Sugarcane juice


Our welcome drink for the evening signifying the maximum cultivation of sugarcanes being done in Punjab in our country; this one was perfectly soothing and refreshing. A humble reminder of the plush green and tall ‘Ganne ke khet’ in Punjab bearing strong, sturdy and juicy sugarcanes.


Peru masti


This one comprised of guavas, orange juice, curry leaves adding that subtle spice and salt imparting an extra zing. Tasted superb!


Melon Twist


A delicious, mildly spiced and uniquely flavourful drink consisting of watermelon juice mixed with some basil along with sweet sour mix. WOW! I never thought of a melon juice with such a wonderfully spiced up twist!


Ginger Curry Leaf Martini


Yet another brilliantly done, spicy mocktail that I loved here. Superb!


Apple Fizz


Visually it resembled a sangria, but tasted much different with a subtle flavour of kaffir lime in it. Was too sweet for my liking though.


Guava Mary


Another brilliant mocktail that totally rejuvenated my senses as I took a sip. Superbly done! A little more spice element would have nailed it to perfection!


Orange Mojito


A refreshing and soothing citrusy mocktail; perfect to beat the Mumbai heat. But was again too sweet for my liking.




Aloo Bonda with Sweet Potato Salsa



This one was the typical Bonda comprising of a moderately spiced mashed potatoes mixture made in the form of balls dipped in ground flour and deep fried. Brilliantly done with a crispy exterior. The sweet potato salsa was a mixture of finely diced sweet potatoes tossed in a sweet and tangy chutney. Well done again!


Cheese Kurkuri



These were deep fried rolls stuffed with oodles of cheese and having a crispy and crunchy exterior, served in shot glasses with the other ends dipped into the sweet chilli garlic sauce served along with them. The amazing combination of the crispy and cheesy rolls and the spicy sauce ensured our taste buds a wonderful roller coaster ride indeed!


Paneer Tikka



Absolutely cushiony soft and melting in the mouth paneer with a mildly spiced marination slit partially in intervals to smear some mint chutney onto them, served with sliced onions dressed with circa. WOW!


Beetroot Tikki



This was arguably the best vegetarian dish of the evening. The name didn’t seem that promising as I’m someone who runs a mile away at the site of beetroots myself; but the moment I had a spoonful of this one with the raw mango chutney served along with it, I was completely marvelled by the dish! I honestly never imagined that beetroots can taste so splendid ever! Such a pleasant surprise!


Bhatti Da Murgh



Chicken leg marinated in Indian spices and grilled to perfection in a tandoor. The smoky flavour of the tandoor and the Indian spices totally enhanced the taste of the juicy chicken meat making it oh so smoky and spicy and the chat masala sprinkled over it just added to the charm!


Salmon Tikka



Yummilicious and juicy, perfectly cooked boneless Salmon fish meat served with a spoonful of aioli dressing on top spiked with dill leaves. Marvellous again!


Dahi Ke Kebab



Round,crispy on the exterior but melting in the mouth kebab as we took a bite.Tasted superb again!


Shahi Gilawat Kebab



Another melting in the mouth kebab made of minced mutton patty grilled to perfection to give it a crispy brown exterior. Served on a warqi paratha, this one was a complete delight to taste!


Veg Subz Gilawat



This vegetarian counterpart of the Shahi Gilawat kebab served over a triangular warqi paratha again, tasted strictly average and can be given a miss.


BREADS: 4.5/5


Butter Naan



Buttery soft, but not too thick or doughy, this one was done perfectly.


Laccha Paratha



Perfectly cooked whole wheat paratha which I could not only visually appreciate the layers of, but it also tasted like it should!


Makkai Ki Roti



Well cooked yet again and topped with sliced green and black olives. This one was served the traditional way with Gur-Makkhan, I.e., Jaggery and white butter for savouring along with the sarson da saag.


Kheema Kulcha



Kulcha stuffed with deliciously done minced braised mutton and cooked to perfection.


MAINS: 4/5


Dal Makhani



An absolutely buttery, creamy, rich, flavourful and lip smacking delicious dal containing black Lentils. Yummmm!


Paneer Tikka Lababdar



A thick, moderately spicy gravy consisting of veggies and cushiony soft cubes of paneer that tasted absolutely delicious!


Murgh Makhani



This was their version of the classic butter chicken, which ended up being a major disappointment. A restaurant specializing in Punjabi food is never expected to go wrong with a basic dish like this one. The gravy was sans the butter and also missed out on the colour, flavour and the buttery/creamy consistency.


Mutton Made In Punjab



This one was brilliantly done! A medium spicy yet super delicious gravy with a piece of mutton cooked to perfection. Well done!


Sarson Da Saag



Yet another dish that was perfectly done!An absolutely yummilicious gravy made of mustard leaves cooked in spices and ghee along with spinach that effectively enhanced the colour and the thickness of the gravy and undoubtedly the flavour too!




Crispy Jalebi, Lachcha Rabdi



A traditional dessert presented in a very unique way! This one comprised of crispy fried delicious Jalebis lined up as a long chain in a mocktail glass also containing rich, flavourful, thick and nutty Rabdi as a dip. The crispy Jalebis and the thick Rabdi was such a yummm-amazing combination!


Kesari Rasmalai



Extremely soft Rasgulla made in the house was dipped into absolutely aromatic and flavourful saffron milk loaded with roasted nuts. Superbly done indeed! But I would have loved it more had it been served cold.




The service and hospitality is very heart warming and kind with cheerful faces and greetings all around you as well as well trained and attentive; only a tad bit slow considering the fact that they took a considerably long time to get the dishes even when we were the only ones dining in.




Food quality – 4.5/5

Food quantity – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5

VFM – N.A. (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant for tasting their menu)

Will I visit again? Hell yeah!

P.S.: The pictures display tasting portions of the food served to us, not to be mistaken for the actual portion sizes of the dishes.

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