90 Ft Above, Borivali (W)

Birthdays have always been so special and so memorable for me with the midnight surprises and all the love and pampering from friends and family. This year was no exception to that either. What made my day even more memorable was the yummilicious food served in this restaurant located on the rooftop of a building so tall, accompanied with a view of the city that could never fail to mesmerize even the acrophobiacs or the ones having a head for the heights!




Located on the rooftop of a building, this restaurant is divided into open air dining area and an air-conditioned inside dining area with wall decor on one side and glass panes on the other providing you a wonderful panoramic view of the city. The gracefully done interiors, comfortable couches and chairs, dim lightings and the clean wooden tables, all ensure you a wonderful ambiance and a one of a kind dining experience indeed!




The restaurant boasts a limited but remarkable non-alcoholic bar menu consisting of some brilliant mocktails.


Cranberry Mojito


A brilliant mixture of mint, lime and cranberries in soda, this was a soo refreshing to taste!


Burnt Curry Leaf Martini


Yet again a refreshing and mildly spiced mocktail made of curry leaves. Uniquely flavourful!


Kiwi Cooler


Crafted by combining crushed kiwis, lime juice and club soda, this one tasted good but was too sweet for my liking.


Peru Chilli


This one was arguably the best amongst the lot! An absolutely spicy Peru drink served in salt and spice rimmed glass to add that extra zing and spice to each sip! WOW!




This one was such a beautiful blend of pineapple and coconut milk. Well done!


FOOD: 4/5


Pani Puri Shots


Three varieties of flavours of the pani, namely the pineapple, regular mint and pomegranate were served in lengthy shot glasses resembling test tubes, along with the masala puris on top. The pineapple and pomegranate flavours of pani were indeed a good innovation. But, an avid pani-Puri lover that I am, the regular spicy and tangy pani is just unbeatable and irreplaceable for me!


Dal Makhani Fondue


An absolutely cheesy and soo buttery dal makhani done perfectly into the right fondue consistency served with croutons and bread sticks. A brilliant entry into the fondue family, this one, after the rather popular cheese and pav bhaji fondues.




An indo-chinese preparation comprising of Multi grain chappsdeliciously cooked in schezuan sauce and garnished with julienned bell peppers. The chapps were perfectly soft and not even a tad bit chewy. Brilliantly done!


Celery Bhajia


Bhajias crispy on the outside and melting in the mouth as we took a bite, were pierced into toothpicks and served piping hot to us! These unprecedented cheesy bhajias were nothing less than magic!


Achari Paneer Tikka


Soft and melting in the mouth paneer marinated in a spicy Indian masala and cooked to perfection. WOW! They were a complete treat to our taste buds.


Shakarkand Bhel


Shredded and crispy fried sweet potatoes, dressed in a yummilicious mixture of the green chutney and sweet chutney to give it a slightly spicy, slightly tangy and at times sweet taste. Brilliantly done yet again with a perfect amalgamation of spice, tang and sweetness – the qualities of a perfectly done chaat!


Ravioli Arabiatta


Raviolis stuffed with spinach, pumpkin and ricotta cheese and served in a tangy, tasty and perfectly done tomato gravy. Yummm!


Usal Paprika


This dish, a result of an unbelievable combination of the traditional Maharashtrian Usal preparation and the Hungarian paprika sauce preparation, tasted perfect in the paprika aspect, but somehow missed the spiciness of the usal cooked in Maharashtrian style. Overall, a good dish which still had plenty of scope for improvement.


Paneer Lababdar


Paneer cooked in an absolutely yummilicious and mildly spiced gravy; this dish was indeed a super hit! The soft, cushiony and melting in the mouth paneer totally escalated the deliciousness of this dish! A MUST have indeed!


Saag Dhabewala


Vegetables cooked brilliantly in a buttery delicious spinach based gravy. So very well done! Tasted superb!


Zataar Naan


A Lebanese variety of naan sprinkled with plenty of oregano and chilli flakes. Amongst all the breads that we tasted, we loved this one the most!


Pudina Paratha


A paratha which was kinda too thick and doughy for my liking, and garnished with plenty of pudina instead of being stuffed with it. This one was a let down.


Butter Missi Roti


This one was well done again. Though a little low on salt, it didn’t disappoint me taste wise.


Kofta Biryani


Vegetable koftas + Biryani = a mind bogglingly delicious combination indeed! This rice preparation comprised of well cooked koftas in a mildly spiced gravy sandwiched between layers of perfectly cooked rice. Superbly done! Yet another MUST have!

Raita served with the Kofta Biryani

Baghara Chaas


This mildly spiced and refreshing buttermilk preparation which according to them is a favourite amongst most of their guests, tasted good but plenty of oil was used in the garnish which was a let down.




Paan Panacotta


The Panacotta wobbled graciously alongside the scoop of subtly flavoured paan ice cream when it arrived on the table. Both, the panacotta and the ice cream were garnished with a mixture of Gulkand, Mukhwas and tiny bits of paan, I.e. the betel leaf. Though the panacotta didn’t quite seem to have a peculiar taste, it was perfectly done consistency wise and the garnish did wonders in enhancing the ‘paan’ flavour along with the ice cream and escalating the taste of the dessert as a whole.


Gulab Jamun Lasagne


What looked like a thick and delish Rabdi served in a cocktail glass as it arrived in the table, revealed such a marvellous surprise comprising of the layers of boondi and sliced Gulab jamuns underneath as we dug into it! I was completely smitten by this dish! WOW!


Sundae Everyday


This one was so not like the sundaes you get in most of the places. If I were to define this dessert aptly in a phrase, I would call ita glass full of sinful goodness. We were so damn full after having all the food that we couldn’t do complete justice to this delicious dessert.




The service and hospitality was very warm, welcoming, kind, attentive and prompt; not only when this place was a kinda empty a little earlier than the usual dinner time, but also after the crowd gradually started filling in. Our attendant for the evening gave us good food suggestions and also answered all our queries regarding any of the dishes. As Mr. Sunny Rachwani, the CEO joined us at our table during the end of our meal, his passion for food, his kind hospitality and his willingness to take feedback and improve, clearly showed his dedication and willingness to take 90 Ft above to yet another level of culinary excellence.




Mocktails – 4/5


Food quality – 4/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambiance – 4/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – NA (This meal was courtesy an invitation by the restaurant to sample their menu).

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