Ruka, Juhu

Named after a bright blue flower called as Ru-Ka where ‘Ru’ stands for ‘Lapis Lazuli’ (meaning: a bright blue stone) and ‘Ka’ stands for ‘flower’ in the Japanese language; this restaurant serving contemporary Japanese and Cantonese cuisine located in Juhu is just 2-3 months old!




The restaurant is spread across a vast area, divided into three sections, namely the lounge, the dining area and the sushi bar and is sure to allure you with it’s soigné spacious interiors. As the automatic glass doors opened into the lounge, the scenic appearance of the place imparted by the bright lazurite blue interiors, cosy seating arrangements,the artificial water falls steadily flowing along the glass walls and gushing down the flooring and the beautiful large fish tank on the other end of the lounge totally marvelled us!





Mr. Sagar, an award winning mixologist and a very cheerful, lively and a talkative person that he was, his concoctions were simply wonderful and not anything less than magical!


Tokyo Fashion


A Gin based cocktail containing Shochu ( a distilled alcoholic beverage from Japan) infused with rosemary, lemon juice and lavender syrup.


Suimin O Kirimasu


This one was a Vodka based cocktail infused with Chamomile (a daisy-like plant having several medicinal properties) imparting a peculiar flavour and aroma to the drink, along with apricot brandy, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup and glair ( a preparation made from Egg whites).


White Elder Gin


A superb concoction yet again comprising of Gin, elder flower syrup (an aromatic syrup made from elderberry flowers and refined sugar in water), apple juice, glair and cucumber.


Konji Sasemasu



Another Vodka based poison consisting of citrus flavoured vodka, cinnamon and ginger infused liqueur, ginger syrup, fresh lime juice and peppermint caviar.


And finally, a Rum based cocktail that I don’t seem to remember the name of!





We also got to taste a few mocktails from the menu, courtesy our non-drinker friend!


Japanese mule


This one comprised offresh ginger, apple juice, orgeat syrup (a sweet syrup comprising of almonds, sugar and rose water) and yuzu juice (a variety of citrus fruit).


Berry iced tea


An iced tea made of Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, jasmine ice tea and lemongrass.


FOOD: 5/5


Rock Shrimp Tempura


Mini crispy fried shrimps served with a slice of lime enabling us to squeeze some extra zing as per our preferences and with a yummy chilly dip. WOW! The tempura coating on the shrimps was perfectly thin and light, sans much oil and oh-so delicious that we just went on and on only to realise that we finished all of it within minutes and needed to order yet another serving! A perfect finger food, I must say!


Tuna sushi


A superb combination of tuna and sticky rice served with pink ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Absolutely perfect and arguably the best sushi that I have ever tasted so far after the ones I had at Pa Pa Ya in Lower Parel! It’s needless to say that the ones served here definitely top my list of best sushis!


Salmon Sashimi


This one was such a perfect Sashimi consisting of perfectly thin slices of fresh and raw salmon fish meat. A perfect example of culinary brilliance and deliciousness imparted to a dish by the simplest form of it’s ingredients.


Edamame Beans


Edamame beans are actually immature soybeans in a pod. Though edamame beans are seldom used in Indian cuisine, they are extensively used in many other cuisines, especially Japanese. This one was a very common Japanese dish that consisted of boilededamame beans garnished with salt. Aperfect finger food for the fellow vegetarians. So simple, so light and so full of flavour!


Prawn Tempura Maki Rolls


Fresh prawns deep fried in tempura accompanied with a wonderful combination of prawns, avocados, cucumber in rice and garnished with crunchy Tenkasu, I.e., crunchy bits of deep fried tempura flour. Perfection personified!


Skewered Chicken and Scallions


Boneless chicken pieces and spring onion bulbs were alternatively pierced into skewers and marinated and glazed in yakitori sauce imparting it a wonderfully sweet and salty flavour. WOW again!


Crispy and Spicy Avocado Maki Rolls


An amazing combination ofavocados, cucumber and rice in the form ofmaki rolls again, garnished with ginger and chilli mayo. Superb!  Even a hardcore carnivore like me was absolutely smitten by this vegetarian dish!


Carrot and Daicon cake


An absolutely delish savoury cake made of carrots and radish with acrispy exterior and a well cooked soft filling within garnished with garlic, crispy fried spring onion greens and served with a chilli dip. Another vegetarian dish that tasted mind-bogglingly delicious!


Prawn and Black Bean Dumplings


Yummilicious prawn dumplings wrapped and rolled in spinach and served in black bean sauce. The freshness of the meat, the simple flavours of the spinach and the black bean sauce were simply wow!


Chicken and Prawns Dumplings


Yet again a marvellous dish! Fresh, succulent and well cooked chicken and prawnswrapped in thin yellow wanton skins. Well done!


Steamed Red snapper with Black Bean Sauce


Fresh and flavoursome red snapper fish cooked and dressed in the delicious black bean sauce. Wow again!


Vegetable Yaki Soba


Stir fried egg noodles served with assorted vegetables like onions, carrots, bell peppers, etc cooked in a unique moderately spiced and slightly tangy sauce.Yummm!


Barbecued tenderloin


A perfectly grilled buffalo loin meat with sesame, red chilli and sweet soy and garnished with some sesame seeds on top! Superb! This one had the perfectly mixed and balanced sweetness and spice!


Mixed Vegetables


The humble assorted seasonal vegetables served alongside were another simple dish perfectly giving out the unaltered taste and flavours!


Vegetable pot rice


Sticky rice cooked in miso butter and truffle oil and served with assorted cooked veggies in a pot. The dish was so buttery, smooth, rich and tasty!


Grilled Brined Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce


Deliciously cooked succulent chicken breasts grilled and served in teriyaki sauce with julienned vegetables like carrots, etc.Superb!




Chocolate and Hazelnut Fondant


Dark couverture chocolate,I.e., premium quality bitter chocolate containing more percentage of cocoa butter,served with vanilla rum ice cream and praline. WOW!


Omakase Dessert Platter


This compilation of the chef’s selection of desserts neatly arranged on a bed of ice perfectly represented the oriental tradition of having fresh fruits at the end of every meal.The platter consisted of coconut custard with papaya foam, freshly cut fruits, passion fruit sorbet, banana cake with toffee andchocolate fondant making it a perfect combination of the lightness of the fresh fruits and the sinful deliciousness of the desserts.




Another fine dining place that has absolutely carved a niche in terms of customer service and hospitality, quite contradictory to most other fine dining restaurants whose food and service do not justify the value for money quotient. The service is absolutely warm, welcoming, attentive and everything about their service is just perfect!The manager Mr. Naresh ensured time and again that we were having a wonderful time and the waiting staff is very cheerful and interactive.




Though this meal was courtesy an invitation by Ruka for sampling their menu, I must say that the pricing is slightly on the expensive side but totally worth the Japanese culinary extravaganza and the simplicity and quality of their authentic japanese and cantonese offerings. After all, good things do come at a price! You might leave this place with lighter wallets but definitely with hearts full of satisfaction!




Arguably, this one was a marvellously one-of-a-kind dining experience of a lifetime after a similar one that I had in Pa Pa Ya last year! It’s just needless to say at this point, that this place is sure to allure me and many other Japanese cuisine lovers in Mumbai back for more!


Food quality – 5/5


Food quantity – 4.5/5


Beverages – 5/5


Ambiance – 4/5


Service – 5/5

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