Desi Deli, Bandra

Desi Deli is an adorable cafe which somehow gets hidden amongst the innumerable huge diners, cafes, etc spread across Bandra reclamation area. As the name clearly suggests, this place is all about serving deli food with a desi twist! This deli is an outcome of the owner Mrs. Lolita’s undying love for food and travel. An actor and a production house owner by profession, she came up with the idea of starting a decent hot dog serving place in Mumbai after she fell in love with the ones she had inone of her trips to Berlin.





The decor is very simple yet enticing. Thebright and colourful seating arrangements, the black and white flooring and the pretty flower arrangements on each table top give this cafe a very charming appearance.


FOOD: 4/5


The Sonoran Desi

A yummilicious chicken sausage stuffed into oh-so light, fluffy and fresh hotdog buns and topped with mayonnaise, beans, green salsa, queso fresca, tomatoes, papaya relish and sour cream. Simply WOW! The lettuce and sliced almonds salad served along with this one was a superb accompaniment that we gobbled up within minutes!


Jungli Dog


Hot dog buns filled with perfectly cooked succulent marinated mutton sausage (lamb meat), and topped with julienned red bell peppers, caramelized onions and mint. YUMMMM! I totally loved the taste of this one! Was served yet again with a salad to make it a wholesome meal; very thoughtful indeed.


Tangy Chic Burger

This was their version of the very commonly known appetizer – Chicken 65! A delicious burger filled with not-so-spicy but tangy chunks of chicken with oodles of green mayonnaise; I.e. a mayo spiked with parsley, coriander and green chillies to add a little more spice element. Was delicious indeed but not as spicy as I expected it to be!  Interestingly, this one was served with Salli potato wafers, instead of the usual fries or chips served in most burger serving places.




The interesting name caught my eye and I’m so glad I spotted this one! Baby potatoes (with skin) were wrapped by crispy and crunchy bacon and served with a sour cream sauce spiked with dill leaves. Superb!


The Great Greek


An absolutely marvellous dish, this one! It comprised of rice tossed with lemon scented greens like spinach, etc., garnished with corianderandTopliNaPaneer (a parsi variety of Paneer) that wobbled on top of the rice as the dish was brought to our table and was served with a secret relish to go with it. Yummmm-azing!


Desi Veggie Shtoo


The only dish that i couldn’t try since I’m allergic to mushrooms. But my fellow blogger friend who tasted this, totally loved it!




Desi Crème Brulee


A crème brulee served in a desi style! WOW! Innovation and experimentation meets a classic dessert and the outcome is this epitome of deliciousness! This crème brulee was simply perfect with a crispy crust that we cracked open to dig into a superbly smooth consistency of the dessert within with the perfect flavour of rose essence and plenty of finely chopped pistachios. I still can’t get over it!


Trucker Tycoon


A piping hot buttery tawa toast oozing with melted mascapone cheese and chocolate. So heavenly!The tanginess of the Plum sauce served along with the sweet toasts took the deliciousness of this dessert to yet another level ensuring a roller-coaster ride for our taste buds! Brilliant!




The service is very warm, welcoming, kind and attentive. The owner is such a wonderful host! Her food suggestions and hospitality is just heart warming indeed! She doesn’t refrain from going over to every table to interact with all her guests just to ensure that they are all having a good time, which alone shows her dedication and passion for her venture.




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambiance – 3.5/5


Service – 5/5
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