Serafina, Fort

An avid Italian food lover that I am, this restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine comprising of the best imported ingredients has been on my wish list since a long long time! An impromptu decision on a Sunday afternoon landed us here and I was so very excited to see what this place has in store for us!




The ambiance is very simple and minimalistic with nothing fancy or flashy about the decor, yet so very soothing and comforting with spacious, clean and adequately lit interiors with some really good music playing in the background. Some Italian buns were served to us right after we settled down on our seats to start our meal with.





Polpetti – 4/5



This dish comprised of succulent lamb meat balls stuffed with oodles of jalepeno cheese that amazingly oozed out as I cut through them, served in fresh, tasty and tangy pomodoro sauce. Yummm! A very good start to our Italian meal! (INR 495)


Salsiccia Di Pollo – 3/5




We decided upon a 12″ wheat thin crust pizza base. This one was topped with premium imported ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes which are basically thinner, longer and pointed ones with fewer seeds and sweeter flavour, Italian Mozzarella cheese and marinated chicken sausage which weren’t as spicy as I expected them to be. Although, a picture perfect dish that this was, it tasted quite average and didn’t quite please our taste buds. (INR 850)


Formaggi D’ Italia – 4.5/5



A four cheese pizza on a 12″ regular thin crust which turned out to be tastier and crunchier than the wheat crust which was topped with a variety of imported cheeses, namely, Fontina, Mozzarella, Parmigiano and Gorgonzola or the Italian blue cheese. The salty and pungent flavour of the Gorgonzola Piccante absolutely enhanced the taste of this one! This one was arguably one of the best four cheese pizzas I have tasted so far. Finally, much to our relief, a dish that was an absolute winner! (INR 1200)


Mashed Potato – 2/5



A restaurant can be best judged by whether they do justice to the simplest of the dishes they serve and i hate to say that this one was a huge disappointment! The mashed potato served here was beautifully presented but was far from being perfect taste wise also grossly missing out on the creamy consistency and was very lumpy instead! (INR 275)




The hospitality is very kind, warm and welcoming with very attentive staff who give you good suggestions; only the service is a tad bit slow.




The pricing is on the upscale as they import the best quality and authentic ingredients, but the food quantity and most importantly the taste didn’t quite do justice to the pricing. This place certainly didn’t meet my high expectations, bringing down the value for money quotient.




Food quality/quantity – 3.5/5


Ambiance – 3.5/5


Service – 3.5/5


VFM – 3/5
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