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Micro-breweries, a relatively new concept in the F&B industry have revolutionized the beer world by coming up with a variety of freshly brewed craft beers to cater the varied needs of all the beer lovers worldwide. India’s first microbrewery, Doolally, opened in Pune in 2009. In 2011, the passionate brewers and founders of the Gateway Brewing Company, gave up their attempt of starting a microbrewery, and started a production brewery instead. Their creations were then made available in many restaurants and PYOB (Pour your own beer) chains like The Beer Cafe, etc. The last two years have turned out to be the answer to a million beer-loving Mumbaikars’ prayers as micro-breweries gradually started budding in Mumbai, starting with The Barking Deer in Lower Parel, Doolally and finally BrewBot in Andheri.




This brewery and eatery is spread across a vast area, right beside Boveda, in a quiet by-lane bang opposite Infiniti mall. The restaurant is so beautifully styled and established around it’s micro-brewery and it’s huge, gleaming silver equipments that I was absolutely amazed! The outdoor seating area is very spacious with beautiful lighting, while the indoor dining area is divided into upper and lower sections. The upper floor houses a variety of events like flea markets, DJ nights, stand up comedy shows, rock shows, etc, while the ground floor is for people dining in for some booze, food and quality leisure time. The partially plastered walls give this place a very unfinished and rugged look, totally contrasting the chic appearance imparted by the classy wooden tables and comfortable couches. The dining area is very spacious with ample space around the tables to move around. Games like Jenga, Scrabble, Uno, etc. are also available while you laze around enjoying your beer peacefully.


BEERS: 5/5


BrewBot’s passion for craft beers is evident in the fact that their brews are made by importing the best possible ingredients like malt, yeast, hops, etc. Also, their brews do not contain any other additives, preservatives or flavoring agents other than the hops. They boast 5 such varieties of freshly brewed beers!


Black mamba



A British stout that gets it’s colour from roasted barley and oatmeal. This one had a flavour of chocolate and coffee. What’s even more amazing is that fact that the flavours are a result of their brewing technique alone and not due to addition of any external coffee or chocolate flavours. Brilliant indeed! Loved this one the most of all!


Floating head



Amber Hefe-Weizen (meaning: Wheat + Yeast) from Germany which contains wheat and yeast in a precise concentration that the resulting brew has a banana and clove aftertaste. The aftertaste is yet again purely the outcome of the brewing technique alone without the addition of any external additional flavours.


Belgian Wit Beer



The newest addition to their existing brews, this one is a Belgian style Ale with a Orange and Coriander aftertaste.


Sky Walker



This one is a brown ale from Germany made from barley and yeast. This one is a lighter brew with a crisp  and nutty aftertaste and bubbly trail.


Mojo rising



This one is a kolsch with a floral aroma and a bubble gum hoppy flavour; slightly more bitter than my taste preferences.


My top picks amongst the beers are Black Mamba and Floating Head.




Whiskey sour



A classic drink comprising of Whiskey and a sweet and sour mix; the one served here tasted good but the strength of the whiskey seemed a little bit mellowed down. I would have preferred a stronger version!





The one that everyone of us absolutely loved! This one was a perfect concoction comprising of Vodka, mint leaves, lime wedges and sugar. Perfect!


Sour Apple Martini



Simple yet superb! An absolutely refreshing mixture of Vodka, apple flavour, cointreau and lime juice.


FOOD: 3.5/5


(Non-vegetarian: 4/5, Vegetarian: 3/5)


House Special Calamari



Fresh calamari cooked in an absolutely tasty, spicy and tangy tomato gravy with white wine, lemon juice, cilantro, chilli flakes, garlic, shallots and served with crunchy toasted bread loaves and lime wedges allowing you to squeeze in some extra zing as per your liking. Yummmmm! Mind-bogglingly delicious! This one was undoubtedly the star of our meal. A MUST HAVE!


Chicken Rotollino



Flattened and rolled Chicken breast pieces with mozzarella cheese, chicken ham, basil, roasted pepper sauce, pine nuts. Not spicy at all but imparted the individual flavours of the ingredients well. Superb!


Pulled Chipotle Chicken Sliders



Sliders stuffed with pulled chicken cooked in Chipotle dressing, grilled onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and veggies. Absolutely mind blowing, spicy and lip smacking delicious! Chipotle sauce had never disappointed me so far and sure did complete justice to this dish as well! Yet another MUST HAVE over here!


Chicken ravioli



Raviolis made in the house with BrewBot’s secret chicken blend, roasted and finely diced shiitake mushrooms in garlic butter and parmesan cheese. Absolutely creamy, buttery and perfectly cooked and tender chicken. I had to carefully separate the finely diced mushrooms on my plate before savouring this one (too bad, I’m allergic to mushrooms), but all the efforts were totally worth it! Simply superb!


Vegetable Phyllo Parcels



Fried phyllo parcels were stuffed with oven roasted, julienned vegetables and garnished with balsamic vinegar. Tasted just fine but failed to surprise my taste buds.


Cottage Cheese Phyllo Rolls



Phyllo rolls filled with Cottage cheese and served with sriracha aioli. This one again didn’t quite please me.


Vegetarian Paprikash



The only vegetarian main course dish that we absolutely loved! This one consisted of lemon cilantro rice served with Sautéed vegetables and  spinach cooked in paprika sauce. Brilliant!


Penne Arrabiata



The penne pasta was slightly undone, otherwise this dish would have been bang on!


Mushroom Risotto



A blend of a variety of sautéed mushrooms made in the house along with perfectly cooked arborio rice in garlic butter garnished with parmesan shavings. Just WOW!! I absolutely enjoyed the perfectly cooked risotto by carefully separating all the mushrooms.


Coming to the food that I didn’t taste, but my fellow blogger friends did:


Broccoli Stuffed Mushrooms



The only vegetarian appetizer that was simply bang on, and I felt so terrible about my allergy for mushrooms while everyone was singing praises about this dish! It just goes unsaid that all the mushroom lovers in the city have to taste this plate full of awesomeness!


Farmhouse pizza



This one was a thin crust pizza with a pesto base, roasted pumpkins, mushrooms, marinated ricotta, charred bell peppers, pine nuts and  cheese.


Potato Corn And Jalepeno sliders



This one consisted of burger buns stuffed with a potato and corn patty, spicy jalepeno jam and veggies.




Their delish dessert offerings totally made up for the slightly disheartening vegetarian food offerings. They were not just a visual delight, but also tasted absolutely yummilicious!


Chocolate and Peanut butter Parfait



A soft and oh-so creamy Chocolate mousse cake with peanut butter and chocolate sauce revealing a slightly salty crunch at the beginning of every bite. Superb!


House Special Cheese Cake



A simple but delicious lemon cheese cake baked in the house and served with lemon curd. The cheese cake had the perfect consistency as well as the perfectly mild taste! Clearly a winner amongst all the desserts we had!


Chocolate fondant



Hot chocolate fondant oozing out oh-so delish and hot chocolate sauce from within! Wow! This one was also served with vanilla ice cream, like they serve in most other places. The only disappointment was that the crust of the fondant was slightly overdone, while everything else about this dish was perfect!




The service is very warm and welcoming with well trained and knowledgeable staff who are always up for answering all your queries regarding their beers or their food preparations. But I must add that it’s also very, very SLOW. Chef Anand, the co-owner and the head chef, a wonderful person and so full of energy, ensured that we were having a good time and so did our PR Salony.




Beers – 5/5


Other beverages – 4/5


Food quality/quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 4.5/5


Service – 3.5/5
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