Frisbees, Carter Road, Bandra West

The era of the 1800s turned out to be a blessing to mankind with the origin of the Hamburgers – the very first variety of burgers stuffed with beef patties.They got the name from Germany’s second largest city – Hamburg. As years went by, the burger preparations saw a lot of variations like the usage of patties made of other varieties of meat and even the non-meat containing ones. Gradually, few more years down the line, sliders came into existence which were smaller varieties of burgers with an attempt to make burgers less messy for some people who were quite finicky about having huge burgers and also to cater the needs of people with lesser appetites. In this manner, burgers have been evolving according to the needs of the mankind over the years, truly making it’s mark in the culinary world as a blessing indeed!


Frisbees, yet another place serving humongous burgers in Andheri, recently started another outlet in Bandra. Though all my favourite burger serving places are so very far from home, my love for burgers never keeps me from travelling long distances to visit them! So, when some of my pals were making plans to visit the Bandra outlet on a weekday for dinner, there was no way that I could restrain myself from being there!




Though this is not exactly located at Carter road as Zomato says, Frisbees in Bandra is very near to St. Andrews church and easier to locate as compared to their outlet in Andheri. The outlet is more spacious with slightly increased seating capacity as compared to just a plastic table and a few chairs in the Andheri one.  The air conditioned and brightly lit indoors with simplistic interiors is quite comfortable and doesn’t disappoint you.




Crunchy Chicken Burger – 4.5/5


WP_20160209_22_06_44_Pro crop.jpg

This had been my favourite here ever since I tasted it in their Andheri outlet. Fresh, soft and fluffy burger buns made in the house are stuffed with huge, well cooked chicken fillets that are crunchy on the outside with juicy meat within, generous portions of lettuce, tomatoes and onions and oodles of pickled beetroot mayo making it oh-so huge, messy and irresistible. It was served with a good portion of crispy salted fries cooked again to perfection! The beetroot mayo has always been the star of this dish for me!


Mexican Lamb Mince Burger- 4.5/5


WP_20160209_22_08_18_Pro crop.jpg

Soft and fluffy burger buns filled with minced lamb patty with a Mexican seasoning, guacamole, onions, tomatoes and topped with a b-e-a-utiful looking egg cooked sunny side up! Wow! This one was undoubtedly the messiest of all the burgers we had that evening and oh-so tasty!


Korean Beef Burger – 4.5/5


WP_20160209_22_13_41_Pro crop.jpg

Fresh and soft burger buns stuffed with minced buffalo meat patty, grilled onions, tomatoes, shredded water chestnuts and bamboo shoots in the mixture of  barbeque sauce, sriracha sauce and kimchi resting on a bed of crunchy iceberg lettuce. The sauces effectively overpowered the mild and slightly nutty flavour of the water chestnuts and the sweetness of the bamboo shoots and grilled onions, yet the burger was not too spicy at all. I would have liked a spicier version of this one. The herbed fries served along with this one tasted superb too!


Frisbees’ Original Chicken – 4/5


WP_20160209_22_14_36_Pro crop.jpg

This one is one of their very basic burgers with a delicious crumb fried chicken patty sandwiched between the soft and fluffy burger buns with oodles of onion jam, lime chilli mayonaisse and cheese sauce. Superb!


Jamaican Chicken


WP_20160209_22_07_13_Pro crop.jpg

One of the two burgers that I couldn’t try because of my mushroom allergy. Sigh! Burger buns filled with grilled jerk chicken patty, pickled mushrooms,onions and tomatoes along with jalepenos and orange chipotle mayo giving it a spice element. My friends absolutely loved it, while I was left staring in dismay at one of the pickled mushroom slices (the culprit) that fell off the burger, while it was doing rounds on the table as everyone took a bite into it turn by turn.


Original Beef Burger


WP_20160209_22_09_01_Pro crop.jpg

Yet another burger that I couldn’t try because of being allergic to mushrooms. Burger buns filled with a herbed beef patty,pickled mushrooms and honey mustard mayo resting on iceberg lettuce with a layer of mashed potatoes on top! My beef eating pals loved it; they especially loved the idea of incorporating mashed potatoes to the filling, that sure did enhance the taste of the burger.




Cheese Poppers – 4/5


WP_20160209_21_38_05_Pro crop.jpg

Yummilicious and piping hot, crispy poppers that oozed out warm melted cheese as we took a bite. Loved it! I so wished that the portion size was more.


Fish Fingers- 4.5/5


WP_20160209_21_39_51_Pro crop.jpg

Crispy and piping hot, perfectly fried fingers with well cooked and tender basa fish meat within. I personally loved this one the most amongst all the sides we had.


Chicken poppers – 4/5


WP_20160209_21_41_03_Pro crop.jpg

These were delicious again! Absolutely juicy, hot chicken with a crispy crust. Well done! I would again suggest them to slightly increase the portion size of this dish as well.




Marshmallow shake – 4/5


WP_20160209_21_53_59_Pro crop.jpg

A strawberry milkshake with plenty of marshmallows and just the right amount of sweetness. Frisbees is one of the very few places where I like the strawberry flavoured shake, other wise in most other places, be it strawberry flavoured ice creams, milkshakes or juices, they have a peculiar taste similar to those of antacids which prevents me from ordering them in most places.


Brownie shake – 4.5/5


WP_20160209_21_59_19_Pro crop.jpg

Absolutely delish shake, this one! A thick, creamy and oh-so flavourful chocolate milkshake with crumbled brownie bits. WOW! A paradise for a chocolate lover like me indeed!




Brownie – 3.5/5


WP_20160209_22_29_55_Pro crop.jpg

We were so damn full after having so many burgers, that it really did seem impossible for us to try any of the desserts. But the foodie in us couldn’t resist ordering this one, especially after falling in love with the crumbled brownies in the milkshake. A sudden and unexpected electricity cut in the locality left the restaurant with no choice but to serve us the brownie without warming it up. It still tasted delicious but slightly firmer in consistency, only to prove that brownies always taste best when warm.




The service is very kind, warm, welcoming and quick, given the fact that they make their burgers from scratch and even the burger buns are made in the house. Once your order is placed, your food takes merely 10-15 minutes to arrive on the table.




Pricing is totally in par with other places serving humongous burgers. For such huge, messy and delicious burgers and a generous helping of fries along with it; the kind hospitality and a much better ambience as compared to their Andheri outlet, the value for the buck quotient is not just perfect but also a steal!




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4.5/5


VFM – 4/5


P.S. – Frisbees, please open an outlet near my home!… Pleeeeaase!!!!
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