Chef Sisters – The Fresh-taurant, Borivali West

Chef Sisters is a casual dining restaurant located in Borivali West that serves multi-cuisine vegetarian food with a brilliant Indian touch. Wondering why the name? The owners Hasti and Hiloni Goradia are cousin sisters who teamed up to start this venture eight months ago. While Hasti specializes in baking, Hiloni specializes in multi-cuisine food and together they make an outstanding pair who do not fear carrying out any culinary experiments to Indianize the varied cuisines that they offer in a way that it caters to the taste buds of the locality and how! This place has already become the localities’ (youth and oldies) favourite hangout place!

We were a group of six bloggers who were invited for lunch on a particular lazy Sunday afternoon.



A cute, colourful and bright place with a small air conditioned dining section and a larger outdoor dining section that totally wins you over with it’s simplistic and minimalistic decor. The open kitchen which is seperated from the a/c section by a glass pane ensures you a clear look at your food while it is in the making. The walls are coloured bright with food related puns and witty quotations and a good music collection playing in the background simply adds to the energy of the place.




We tried a good variety of their beverages and I must add that none of them disappointed us even a tad bit! Each one was absolutely refreshing and tasted perfect!


Oreo Milkshake – YUMM!


WP_20160131_14_50_21_Pro crop.jpg


Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea – WOW!


Passion Fruit Iced Tea – VERY GOOD!


Blueberry Mojito – WOW!

WP_20160131_14_42_11_Pro crop.jpg

Strawberry juice – YUMM!


Mint Mojito – VERY GOOD!


Shikanji Soda – YUMM!


Kitkat Milkshake- VERY GOOD!


P.S.: sorry for some of the half filled beverage clicks, we just couldn’t resist sipping into them before clicking their pics. 😛




Paneer Schezuan – 4/5



Simply awesome! The paneer was marinated to perfection, mildly spiced and perfectly soft to cut through and served with julienned veggies. The schezuan sauce that the paneer was cooked in, was neither too much like most retaurants do killing the essence of the paneer dish, nor too less. Superb! This one is a must have!


Masala CheeseGarlic Bread – 4/5



Amazing again! Another dish that you must not miss when you are here. This one is soo not the regular cheese garlic bread that you get every where, but an awesomely customized and indianized spicier version of the same! Garlic bread with a ‘masaledaar’ twist, wow!


Big nachos – 3/5



Chef Sisters’ version of Nachos that consisted of crispy nacho chips topped generously with oodles of cheese, olives, jalepenos, shredded lettuce and julienned bell peppers. This one tasted fine but can be missed.


Cheese fondue – 4/5



Herbed melted cheese served with crispy and well done potato wedges, well seasoned and sautéed veggies like Broccoli, etc. and crunchy garlic bread loaves. Delicious indeed! The consistency of the fondue was simply perfect, neither too runny nor too thick. Well done!


Fusili Tomato Arabiatta – 3.5/5



Fusili pasta cooked in arabiatta sauce with an indian twist which consisted of tomatoes, corn, spices and condiments that imparted a unique taste to it; a taste that somehow resembled that of a ‘masala maggi’. Tasted yummy indeed. We also suggested that they rename the dish as Maggi pasta as it’s sure to interest some avid Maggi lovers in the city.


Penne Carbonara – 4/5



Penne pasta perfectly cooked in a white sauce gravy with a hint of white wine vinegar. Superbly done! The cheese used in the dish deserves a special mention as it totally enhanced the taste and consistency factor of the dish.


Spaghetti Aglo Olio – 4/5



Spaghetti cooked to perfection with herbs and garlic in olive oil. The pasta was perfectly done (in most places it’s overcooked and the dish totally loses it’s charm) and the herbs and garlic imparted the mild and much needed spice to it. This is yet another place that gets added to my ‘well done Spaghetti’ list.


Pesto Magherita Pizza – 4/5



Magherita pizza with a slight spicy twist! This one had a layer of Pesto sauce smeared onto the base right below the cheesy layer topped with tomatoes. Though this one wasn’t gourmet, I totally loved the taste of this one!


Barbeque Pizza – 3/5



A well baked pizza topped generously with oodles of barbeque sauce, cheese, bell peppers, onions and super-soft, delicious Paneer. Though some of us loved it, it had a peculiar sweet taste to it (probably imparted by the onions) which didn’t quite go well with my taste preferences.


Malaysian Flat Noodles with Exotic Veg. – 4/5



Flat noodles cooked to perfection with a slight and not too overpowering flavour of lemongrass, (that’s exactly how I like it) turmeric, coconut and veggies. Yummm! Yet another must have!


Three Way Medley with Exotic Veg. Noodles and Rice – 4/5

Photo Courtesy: Monali Shah

An amazing ‘jugalbandi’ of noodles and rice cooked in three different varieties of sauces, i.e., Chopsuey, Hunan and Schezuan sauces. Slightly sweet but oh-so wow!


Mushroom lovers panini –



The only dish that I didn’t try since I’m allergic to mushrooms. Mushrooms and caramelized onions stuffed into Panini bread loaves; everyone seemed to absolutely love this one!




Special Rabdi Cake with Dry Fruits – 4.5/5



This one is their special dessert, their priced possession you can say, and so wow! Innovation meets a conventional indian dessert recipe and the outcome is this superbly delish Rabdi cake! The layers of the cake along with cream are plated over a pool of Rabdi rich in dry fruits, after soaking thoroughly in Basundi. Brilliance indeed!


Devil’s Cake with Ice Cream – 4.5/5



Chocolate lovers in the city just cannot afford to miss this one! A warm, soft and creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake served with cream garnished with chocolate sauce. Food-gasmic indeed!


Tiramisu – 4/5


Delicious again, even if not the best, with a good balance between coffee and chocolate! Loved it!


Strawberry Cream – 4/5



Absolutely fresh cream with freshly cut pieces of strawberries! No complaints at all; superbly done! This one was seasonal. You can ask for the season’s specials available in creams whenever you decide to dine here.




The service is absolutely warm, welcoming, kind, attentive and quick. They gave good food suggestions, answered all our queries very patiently and ensured that we are comfortable and having a good time!




Their culinary excellence in serving Global cuisines with an indianized touch to cater the needs of the localities without compromising on the taste factor and the fearlessness in experimenting and doing so is simply brilliant and surely deserves a try! Don’t be here with the expectations of having authentic global cuisines but with the desire to experience those cuisines made and served with a difference, which surely is good!

Food quality – 4/5

Food quantity – 4/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – 4/5
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